Overwatch 2 Randomly Freezes during Gameplay

Doesn’t seem to fix anything for me as well.


Have the same issue and it says “rendering device lost”


Same problem - OW2 freezes randomly, can only be closed with Task Manager. What’s funny is that I can still hear voicechat when it happens, so I know I’m still in the match.
Browsing russian forums, people came to a conclusion that this problem occurs to people with 2core CPUs. Do you people have 2core CPUs aswell?


Yeah, I do. And on other posts most people have as well.


So, 2core4thread CPU with small amount of L3 memory cash (mine’s 3MB) seems to be the problem. I guess, we just have to either sit this through (even though I had this exact problem since beta, and it has not been addressed), or just buy new PCs.

unfortunately you are not the only one with this problem
Game Freezing everytime - Technical Support - Overwatch Forums (blizzard.com)

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a little idiotic is that the game behaves like this because we have 2 core, if it is really because of this


Yep. I3-7100 here.
Also turning Dynamic Render Scale did not work.


Update: apparently, turning off Hyperthreading helps the issue, but has a side-effect of significantly dropping down your ingame FPS.


thank u this really helps… however the frame rate would just become so unstable but it’s the only way i could play ow2 on my pc so i might just accept it :frowning:

I have the same problem and I have 4 cores 8 threads (i3 12100F), so it’s not only 2 core problem.


Same here currently i have overwatch in a window so i could use task manager without need to restart my pc. I don’t have a great pc but i have 30-60 fps on low settings and same was for overwatch 1 but here the only issue is an random freez.

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the same thing happens on my account
DxDiag: ------------------System Information------------------ Time of this r - Pastebin.com

I have the same problem. Can Blizzard finały fix it?

It seems like Blizzard aknowledged our problem in this post:

Now, we have to wait till they fix it.

It’s getting seriously awful.

Blizzard needs to fix this issue. I am tired of this and getting frozen in the training tool or quick matches. I waited 3 hours for this bug to get fixed but NO. They said they were going to fix PC crashes and this was not in the patch maitenence.

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A lot of people have this problem but idk what are blizzard doing to fix it… It’s just like they ate ignoring it

Since all the blizzard employees are totally incompetent, i have managed to find a fix for this issue, it has nothing to do with cpu. The reason is just within audio devices. If i use headphones, my game will crash all the time, when i m using speakers, it never occurs. hope it helps fellaz and you Bobby, i hope karma will get you for running the company like this.

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I mentioned audio issues to probably 20 people, but they all said it wasn’t that. Maybe this is the reason after all… ?

I don’t work at Blizzard.

Update: Did not make a difference for anyone I suggested it to.