The game freezes all the time. Overwatch 2

UPDATE: Described fix didn’t solve the problem completely. It’s still freezes, but after a lot longer time, 30-60 minutes minimum. That’s all the info I have. I’ve already deleted the game for another reason and won’t respond to this topic.

UPDATE - FIX: Refresh rate of my display is 59.790 Hz. Setting maximum frame rate in game settings to 59 fixed my problem. Then I’ve set it back to 600, and after some time game froze.
Dynamic render scale is off. Render scale is set to 100%.

Out of all issues right now this is the most annoying for me. I can only play for some time, from 5 to 10 minutes usually, then it freezes. Application not responding.

  • Intel Core i5 650 3.2 GHz
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
  • 8 GB of RAM

Latest version of NVIDIA drivers installed.
I only suspect it has something to do with memory, because when it freezes, memory and CPU are at 80-100% percent in usage.
FPS is usually fine, around 50 when a lot of stuff on screen, may even reach 100 sometimes.
Usually this happens during gameplay.


Yeah. I have the same problem. I have updated all the drivers and have closed the antivirus.

Intel(R) Core™ i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz 3.90 GHz
(RAM) 8.00 GB

Hey. Check the update I wrote. Maybe it’ll work for you too. Working so far for me.

yeah me too i suspected its the 8gb machines. going to try on mu igpu ultra low settings on a 32gb desktop just waiting for game to update on that computer. will set ultra low resolution

but we got in game, but now after 7 disconnects/application not responding in a row i earned the -75% xp penality for 12 games. you got that one yet?

I typed a longer post in another thread.

The same is happening to me and a friend. In the beta we managed to played

lol matrix defense is going to have a field day analysisng my last 50 games, LEAVER

So, did you run in fullscreen or window?

This is exactly the same issue I’m experiencing. I tried what you did and it sadly didn’t work, my game froze after like 3 mins. I tried fullscreen and Windowed, Windowed takes a little longer to freeze.

Intel® Pentium® Processor G4560
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti
Crucial MX500 SSD

Fullscreen. It doesn’t seem to matter. It was freezing either way.

I haven’t received any penalties.

The game still freezes, but after hours of playing. So that didn’t fix it completely even for me. At least playable.

I adjusted the settings like the way you did. It still happens time to time. I think it is a problem of probability. Anyway, thank you guys.

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At the end this is Blizzard’s problem. Several people had discovered this happens with processors that have 2 cores, there are some posts talking about the same issue, there’s a lot of players having this issue too. Nothing we can do, just wait for them to fix it zzz.

This one is one of the biggest ones right now.

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I think with the game iffy servers and rubberbanding the closer you are to the minimium spec because this game needs alot more than ow1 does then the less overhead you have to power through the problem.

your best chance is running IMHO is running reduced graphical setting and avoiding high dive characters especially in very compressed high density teamfights, especially given that the game moves twice as fast as ow1.
so slow moving distance characters may reduce the problabilty.

the most suceptible machines seem to be core duo’s cpu with 8gb memory. I wouldnt comp on those at moment i doubt you could anyway without it freezing.
But i dont think its exclusive to them the processor/gpu error out i think is happening on higher end to but less often I think until they find the isssue on banding and catchup between the gpu/cpu on recovery then the graphical settings downgrade temporary may aid in the system recovery without erroring out in the gpu/cpu

glad you getting a bit of time. even for a little bit