Game Completly Freeze 2 second after opening

So after the Season 2 Competitive Update, I tried to open the game, but it just start to freeze 2 sec after the game opened. It freeze at “connecting” while the logo doesn’t move at all. I can’t do anything but to restart the laptop. I can’t end task with task manager because the game was freeze in fullscreen mode.
I have tried to :
-scan & repair
-check updates
-complete reinstall
-uninstalling geforce experience
-restore gefore 3d setting
-uninstall recent windows update
-update windows to the latest
and many more but none of those works.

I searched for similar topic which have been closed ([Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs - #6 by DarkWolfie-21885) and found out about a temporary fix which i have to create new local windows account, and play the game from there. And it works.
But it’s so annoying to do that just everytime i want to play the game.
Do we have a complete fix for this problem ? or should i just quit the game completly ?

Device :
Legion 5 pro
r7 5800h
rtx 3060

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