Crashing problems

Hello…I’m here to tell you about a big problem I have with ow…when I played ow 1 I didn’t have the problem of the game freezing in the middle of the game…the funny thing is that… The game freezes so I lowered all the graphics (despite meeting the requirements) and the game only crashes…because everything else works perfectly…I can listen to my friends on discord without problems but it forces me to reboot my pc because it won’t even let me press “tab” when the image freezes…I’ve already tried everything…and I haven’t been able to solve the problem…I can only think that someone Comment what solution you can try so that you can play ow 2… I’m afraid of not being able to complete my battle pass because of this problem

Do you have a Dxdiag you can post?
It will help us get some info on your setup.

Are you referring to the issue of the game like freeze framing after like 5 minutes of gameplay or even like on your second and third match. The game fully locks up with audio looping while keeping you stuck in the window.

If that’s the problem then you’re not alone [Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

We have figured out a work around that fix for a handful of people but it costs some preformance and isn’t ideal. Blizzard is aware of our issue so we just have to wait

I just hope they give a solution soon… and it doesn’t take long

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