Overwatch 2 Crash, Freeze or Black Screen

Ye I have the same issue. The game freezes and I have to restart my PC. Played 6 games ok then it crashed in POTG lol. Using an Ultimate and it crashed. standing in Practice range and it crashed. I’ve tried re-installing bnet/ow2, have up to date drivers and windows, lowered all settings and turned off everything else and it still crashes. My Pc meets the specs easily have no idea anymore how to fix other than reinstalling windows lol. Maybe I’m just cursed.


Same problem here. The problem is more frequent when I play on low graphics 30 fps than when I play on high 120fps. I write a ticket and I dont have any reply

I also have the same problem, here are the requested links.
DxDiag: dxdiag - Pastebin.com
MSInfo: https://pastebin.com/UzCKdzYs

Same problem here
Randomly game stuck in a black screen.

DxDiag: Pastebin link
MsInfo: i cant upload in pastebin because his ‘smart’ filter detected offinsive words in a windows log file

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Your GPU does not meet the system requirements, so any fixes from Blizzard are unlikely to make the game start working for you. The requirements increased from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2, which is normal as games/tech continue to elevate.

You’ll want to chime in on the thread for 2-core processors:

Its normal that the requirements increased from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2 but this is not normal. I can handle overwatch 2 on high and 120fps and the game freezes randomly. I have a 1050Ti 16gb ram and intel i3 7gen with 2 cores. I play games with more requirements than this game and better grapichs and density with 0 problems. Im reading the thread you share about dual core CPUs but Im not seeing the solution

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As someone who does not work at Blizzard, you’ll learn the solution at the same time I do. They have not shared one yet, but it won’t be in this thread.

Edit: This was a response to another player, who since deleted their reply.

same here mid specs to high specs but facing mid game crash and freeze to the point my mates lost interest on playing i hope it will be resolved asap since they were eager to buy battlepass too.

i don’t get it i have high end pc and facing this problem and my friends got mid to low specs and playing without any issues why

Crashing even at 30fps when entering push maps. Also crashing periodically at 60fps regardless of map, though it remains otherwise stable on all low graphics. Error message refers to issue with graphics driver, which should be up to date.

My GPU is compatible right? AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series.


The HD 5700 falls below the requirements. Here’s a comparison to the minimum spec cards you can use for Overwatch 2: GeForce GTX 660 vs Radeon HD 7290 vs Radeon HD 5750 [videocardbenchmark.net] by PassMark Software

same problem here im playing for like 5 minutes and game just freeze and i can close it only with task manager even alt+f4 dont work btw i have 1070ti

Unfortunate. Thx for the tip

I also have the same problem, here are the requested links.
DxDiag: overwatch 2 DxDiag - Pastebin.com
pls help me

same here bro waiting for a fix

That system doesn’t have a standalone GPU, so it doesn’t meet the requirements for Overwatch 2.

The game runs fine for 2-3 minutes, but the screen just freezes after a while at random times and the audio is stuck in a loop. Sometimes I can go a whole match without it crashing, but today its been much more frequent, and crashes during the match.

PS I’ve tried everything listed in the FAQ