Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

I still can´t log in in my ps4, I get the error lc-208, 2 days have passed and they still do not solve it

Im on ps5 too, trying to play since day one. Eventually yesterday, i got diconnected while in game, and it asked me if i wanted to merge when i got back in. I’m in a merge cue since then. Couldn’t log in and play for 4 hours after i merge btw.

Don’t worry you’ll get your items back

I’m missing 4K currency in overwatch I feel we should all get 2,000 coins free as compensation after everything’s been fixed because this half as isn’t acceptable anymore haven’t you learned after cyberpunk


i downloaded it on pc aswell see if i can log in there and get the merge going i doubt it though but ill try anything at this point funny thing is i put my pc in queue then ps5 pc queue was 500 ps4 queue was 499 lol

Yep same, it happened after i merge accounts. Hero challenges are gone too

I’m an Overwatch 1 player and I can’t play Overwatch 2, my game freezes after 5 min of play. This didn’t happen to me in Overwatch 1, right now I can’t play either 1 or 2. There is no way to play 1 again and that bothers me.

I am not the only person to whom it happens, we are several with this same problem. I paid for a product that I can’t play. I meet the minimum requirements

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They can’t do anything about it, it’s the same deal with EA/ Apex and one of my friends purchase currency worth 50 bucks and hasn’t received it. When they asked for the currency back they said “no we cant do anything about it”. So i doubt that Blizzard will compensate you.

exactly whats happened to me!!

I tried the pc version it gives me different errors that basically the server isnt working

It’s because of an incomplete merge. You can merge on the OW2 main menu. It’s very buggy but at some point it will work

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Account merge queue is still broken for me, I can at least see that I’m in queue now but it’s still not working. I reach the end of the queue and it tells me to close the game, it should take less than a minute, and I get back on, wait in a 20 minute- 1 hour queue to log back in, and it’s till not merged. I’ve tried this at least 6 times. Bugs are understandable. But I’m sick of wasting my time because you guys aren’t competent enough to run your own game. Why does your account merge queue lie to me? How does that even happen?

How can i get to the main menu if i cant even log in because of pc console merge issues?


give us a choice between OWL points or coins id prefer OWL points but im assuming one of if not the only person that would want that

Thank you. Was anyone reading this able to get connected on PS5/PS4 if you merged your account before oct 4th? Literally can’t even connect to main menu on PC or PS5.

The only thing you can do is keep trying. Sadly a lot of people are having that issue

im 150000th in the merge queue haha

hoping the merged ps4/5 account issue gets resolved soon. have been really wanting to play but consistently getting booted w the same unexpected server error. very disappointing.


At least you can log in… Being in queue forever just to get booted from it and starting over is beyond frustrating.


This is probably know to youbguys by now but there is an issue with the battle pass thinking you dont gave the battle pass if you bought it kiriko, junker queen, and soujoun are all locked to me even thogh i have play time with them all. Good luck fixing everything

I’m currently experiencing an unexpected server issue problem every time I try and login into the game. My friends who were having the same problems are able to connect today. I’m just wondering why it’s taking so long for my account to get fixed.

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