⚠️ Disabled Competive


What’s happened? They’ve disabled comp so they must have messed up bad


They accidentally did a MMR reset. It was complete chaos, OWL players playing against bronzes.


Needless to say they messed up horrifically.


:crab::crab::crab::crab::crab::crab::crab: MMR :crab: is :crab: :crab:no more :crab::crab::crab::crab::crab: :crab:

(Bill Warnecke) #5

Hey everyone, we’re looking into a bug with competitive matchmaking. We’ve temporarily disabled competitive play while we dig into the issue.

Why are Top 500s getting Bronzes in their games
My 4400 friend got placed 2356 (gold)
Restart the season. Now
Why is competitive play now locked?
SR placement not working
MMR reset YES! Thank god
Just got masters horray, now im gold =)
Placed as gold LOOL ?!
I was 4200 and i placed gold? jeff?
Warning don't place just yet
From mid diamond to gold?
Ranked is broken
Did 5 total placements now comp is locked
Game placed me 700sr below my actual rating
Comp broken because im gold i used to to be diamond
What is going on
Comp currently unavailable?
Communicate with us
Can anyone confirm this?
Role Queue Placements
Cool new Season Feature
Unstable Ranking System
Everyone placed gold!?!?!?!?
So confused about my placement
Season 19 sr loss
Diamond rank all my life, suddenly i'm GOLD
Am I banned from comp or?
Can we just get an ETA on Rank being back up?
Competitive Mode Temporarily Disabled
Comp broken because im gold i used to to be diamond
Comp broken because im gold i used to to be diamond
Uh Oh Spaghetti-Ohs :)
Disconnected at beginning of match
Matchmaking sr bug
Competitive is bugged?
Why did my competitive playlist go back to role Q beta?
Competitive Game is not available in PS4

Yikes guys! What the heck happened? :no_mouth:

Month long beta then release T500’s getting matched with silver? Ouch…


Massive bug, I’m GM with sym on 3 accounts (prior to her being meta) and got placed gold.


shambles, mate


Thank god. I was worried it was a hard MMR reset when XqC placed low gold


OWL players placing gold bronze players in Top500 games



Yes, I more meant how could they let this happen after having a month long beta? Someone seriously messed up. :disappointed_relieved:


i have no idea how they could f up so bad


I have to imagine they’ll do a reset of the placements after they fix it. I hope so because I’m not f-ing climbing out of gold again, especially when it’s full of even more 3500+ players that aren’t smurfs.


The two games I played were hilariously uneven stomps one way or the other. Got creamed game 1 and creamed the enemy game 2.

I wonder if current placements will be undone.




Can you also delete the stats that people may have gained from doing placements? Seeing as how the results are really wrong and I am sure that the top players do not want to grind out of gold.


holy crap and overwatch dev!

QUICK JANIS GET THE SHACKLES!!! I’ll tackle him at the ankles and you all pin him down. This is our one chance to catch him before he vanishes away for a year!


same. 3 games we got steam rolled and the last two we steam rolled them. Very uneven.


Comp as broken as ever


Is there an ETA on when it’ll be back up