Stuck on Duels Rewards Screen

We’re aware that some players are stuck on the Duels rewards screen after a Heroic run. We’ve identified both the cause of the issue and a solution to the problem, which will be included in our next major patch (22.4). We’ve also identified a workaround that can be used to circumvent the issue in the meantime:

  • Log into Hearthstone on a mobile device.
  • Navigate to the Duels mode.
  • Tap on the part of the screen where the button to collect rewards would normally be if it weren’t missing (the handle of the Duels wins lockbox). This will allow you to collect your rewards and start a new run.

To avoid this issue going forward, do not close your Hearthstone client during the last game of a Heroic Duels run. Either use the in-game concede function or allow the game to reach its conclusion, and then collect your rewards for that run, before closing the Hearthstone client.


I have this issue and I’ve tried the proposed workaround but it didn’t work. I’ve tried on a mobile device and on two PCs without success. The only hidden button I’ve found was the one to show the deck, completely empty apart from the hero power and number of victories.
About how to avoid this issue, would be easier if the connection with mobile devices were better managed, which is the main problem that makes hearthstone closing during the game.
I tried reinstalling the game on PC without success.


Lol, you are only going to fix this in the new big patch? This is a huge problem, why not fix this asap.


I agree…what a disapointment ??? What would happen if the bug was on Battleground ? Duel Mode is a great part of HS now !!! Don’t let the players down :frowning:


Do you know (around 3 out of 20 times) after finishing a duel game( not a complete run) the game just shuts down on itself? you have to launch the game again from client.So even if you are not closing the game it closes itself on its own and which is what happened to me and I am now stuck on duel rewards screen .


In the duel, two of the three treasures that were always activated were bronze seals.

Also, when you close the app and try to duel, press the resume the game button to freeze. I couldn’t duel even after restarting. The model is iPhone 12 mini.

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Also tried this temp solution and still have the issue.


This not being a hotfix is really disappointing. Especially since the Hearthstone client crashes sometimes after completing a Duels game.
What about people who don’t have a appropriate mobile device?


The workaround does not work for everyone. You are waiting for the next big patch to fix this??? Unacceptable.


Concordo con l’estrema DELUSIONE degli altri che hanno il mio stesso problema. Ho provato la soluzione proposta ma non funziona. Trovo assurda la risposta di aspettare il 22/04!!! Cioè, fosse tra una settimana uno ci sta pure ma qui si tratta di aspettare mesi! Gioco ad Heartstone da quando è uscita la Beta. Dovete trattarci meglio per la fiducia ed i soldi che ci spendiamo. Per favore, intervenite subito. Fate una Pacht prima.

22.4 è la versione ( prossima patch) non la data.

Sames though. Workaround doesn’t work. Please fix before next content patch. I spend my breaks at work playing a round or two of Duels and now have nothing to do…

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The workaround worked around. Thanks. :+1:

It worked thank you!

What I have isn’t the same thing. This is before resuming a game.


Workaround worked thanks for the info

The workaround doesn’t work.
I can only click resume and then the game crashes.
When can we expect this to be fixed?
Ok it worked now… you have to press resume and after that hammer the alterac picture in the middle ( you dont see anything while hammering but then the rewards appear)


I can’t play on mobile too. They are both stuck.

Having to wait a new patch to fix something this big really sucks, this completely locks an entire gamemode meaning that we won’t be able to enjoy a gamemode we like and most importantly in my opinion it locks ALL PROGRESSION of the new heroes, so we will be way behind other players that don’t have the issue, hell I only managed to play one run with Vanndar and zero with Drek’Thar.
I think that the issue needs to be fix asap or give affected players some form of compensation (Not a card pack please) or way to catch up easily with unaffected players.

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