29.6 Known Issues

Patch 29.6 is here, including the returns of Genn and Baku in Standard, and Buddies in Battlegrounds, plus your first taste of Hearthstone’s next expansion: Perils in Paradise!

Here are some of the known issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Harth Stonebrew has gotten his iconic hands confused—the team is looking into it.
  • [Battlegrounds] The Buddy Button can’t be pinged. The team is targeting fixing this in the next major patch.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] Fairy Gillmother can generate herself. She’s supposed to let you wish for more fishes, not more wishes.
  • [Battlegrounds] Planar Telescope gives nothing if your most common type is not one of the minion types in the game and you’re not at Tier 6 (where there is an “All” type minion).
  • [Resolved] [Arena] Players can be offered the same card multiple times in the same draft pick. This is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming hotfix soon.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The Boulderfist Ogre Warrior Hero Skin doesn’t work with Baku and Genn, which is terrible for cost.
  • [Added 6/18] [Shop] The team is investigating shop closures for players on EU.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] Magnetic Zilliax that is Goldenized in the shop can’t be Magnetized. The team is searching for the disconnect.
  • [Added 6/18] [Solo Content] Most decks can’t be used in Dalaran Heist and Tombs of Terror.
  • [Added 6/18] [General] The team is investigating reports that playing on fullscreen mode with a Mac Desktop client, and then switching windows, causes freeze. Based on reports so far, it appears this issue is avoided if you play on windowed mode.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The new Diamond Illidan skin has issues after transforming if you have a Health modifying enchantment (like Prince Renathal).
  • [Added 6/21] [General] The team is investigating reports of some players being prompted to repeatedly download an update each time they open the client. In the meantime, it appears that a full reinstall should resolve the issue.
  • [Added 6/27] [Battlegrounds] The Spanish (Spain) version of Onyxia’s hero power has a text-only bug where the Avenge number was not updated.
  • [Mitigated] [Twist] There is a bug where Thorim’s Hero Power sometimes get stuck on enhanced after you’re no longer Overloaded. The team is exploring options. In the meantime, his Health was adjusted to reflect his current power level.
  • [Resolved] [Twist] The team is investigating reports that some heroes sometimes have the wrong Health.
  • [Added 7/3] [Battlegrounds] Giving a Magnetic mech in the shop Taunt, and then Magnetizing it, the Taunt won’t apply to Polarizing Beatboxer.

Battlegrounds Pool Updates:

  • [Added 7/9] Queen Azshara and Aranna Starseeker have been temporarily removed from the Duos Hero Pool due to a bug causing crashes.
  • [Added 7/15] Alexstrasza, Queen Azshara, Millhouse Manastorm, and Cap’n Hoggarr have been temporarily removed from the Hero Pool for balance reasons.
  • [Added 7/15] Madam Goya and Sylvanas Windrunner have been temporarily removed from the Duos Hero Pool for balance reasons.

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The Battlegrounds collection bug is still not fixed.

It shows a “red 1” which indicates that there is a new board in my collection but there is none. This is happening for many months now.


EDIT: Solved 24h after it first occured (for me at least).

My in-game shop closed after I purchased the Mega Bundle and the Diamond Illidan bundle.
After several client restarts it’s still closed, both on PC and Android.

Order of events:

  1. I purchased the Mega Bundle
  2. I purchased the Illidan Diamond bundle…
  3. but I didn’t get visual confirmation for that second purchase
  4. finally got it upon client restart
  5. shop closed, and remains being closed

Can someone please look into this for me?


I’m having a lot of issues with the iOS game since the update right before the 29.6

  1. I can’t download solo adventures / High quality mode / Mercenaries / Battlegrounds. Even tho I restart the game, pause, cancel the downloads nothings happens. High quality mode stays at 0.0B/3.1GB. I don’t know what to do but that’s really bothering me.
  2. I can’t chat with my friends on iOS. If someone send me a message and I click on it or if I decide to send a message to my friend the iOS keyboard will appear and complety lock the screen. I can’t send a message, and can’t close the keyboard or go back to the main game. I have to close the app and restart the game.

Please help the fellow mobile players. Thanks!


Hello, I have another problem. I can’t login to the game. Welcome screen showns up for about 2 minutes, then, game crashes with critical error, unable to connect. Maybe latest event did this bug? I wasn’t had any quests for it, so, maybe it’s it/


Baku didn’t upgrade Boulderfist’s the Ogre Hero Power even though deck has only odd cards.

Sr tomb diver removes zillion:defense module’s shield.

My in-game shop isn’t working too on PC and on Android.


Last night 6/16, during the battle.net crash, my hearthstone closed and I could not open client. I was mid arena match and lost the game by the time the servers were up. Is there a way we can be refunded a ticket for this?


Do you read the forum? The store did not work and does not work


Hi there

The only current issue i have is that my shop is closed everything else works fine im busy uninstalling and reinstalling to see if it helps.

I play on pc i reinstalled it unfortunatly it still is closed i play on eu.


Магазин закрыт. Арену нельзя купить.


yes i have that same problem i can’t plai nin EU region


Storefront on MAC does not work. However works on IOS, but everything there is a bit more expensive.

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Arena is not allowed after update. Shop is closed too. When it will be fixed?


The death rattle of leeroy didn’t copy on the N’zoth fish

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Hey ran into a issue on battlegrounds where golden geomancer roogug was only sending blood gems fo one allied unit and sending the other beam of red off the screen to the top right corner?
I recorded a video of it but this is the first time ive used the forums and cant find anywhere to send it.
End of the day still won the game but just wanted to report its not working as intended?

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Blizzard did u fix the onyxia puzzle 6/8 bug?

  • [Added 5/20] [General] The team is investigating reports that some players can’t use the chat function on mobile devices.

This issue remains unfixed in new patch.

NEW Issue: Everytime I enter HS, it downloads the patch and packages AGAIN, every time.
Reinstalled the app to no avail.