29.6.2 Hotfix Patch

Today we will be rolling out a small server-side hotfix patch with a couple bans and a couple bug fixes:

  • [Hearthstone] Splish-Splash Whelp is banned in Standard.
    o Dev Comment: Since our last balance patch, Druid has emerged as a warping force in the meta, and both a power and play experience outlier. We’re banning Splish-Splash Whelp as one of the class’s strongest cards for accelerating them to their early power plays. This is a temporary emergency action that we’re taking until we’re able to re-evaluate and adjust in our next planned balance pass (after the launch of Perils in Paradise). Any cards that are weakened at that time will get our usual dust refund treatment.
  • [Twist] Thorim, Stormlord has been temporarily removed due to a bug. He is expected to be returned to the Hero Pool with Patch 30.0.
  • [Twist] Fixed a bug where some Heroes sometimes had the wrong Health.
  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause crashes.

Im feeling the agency !! Next should be Zilliax since its a wild style design.


buddha bless this hotfix

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One more lane! One more lane!


Well, glad we cleared that up.

Still doesn’t stop all those gibberish names from getting 2 thousand armor but it’s a start

Ban Arfus :man_facepalming:t2: pls is very power

In Wild, the Warlock Demon Seed should be banned again. This quest is totally toxic, especially with the recent cards that were added.


They still can be discovered so need another quick fix if you really want this banned… but should ban Doomkin instead in my opinion. (Cactus Construct for example)


Don’t forget about weirdos like shifter Zerus, he can still transform into him

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Well, what can I say… The supposedly ‘brilliant’ plan to ‘fix’ or at least spice up the abhorrent meta didn’t work in the end, did it? Who would have thought… :smirk: Thus these emergency measures, I suppose? Good, good… Now, if you’d also ‘fix’ those, ahem, anomalies, Standard might be worth a try again, if you ask me.

It’s disputable whether banning the card in question is a good decision, as this article [1] argues, or it’d be better to address the root of the problem, which’d be Doomkin, if you ask me, but I guess it’d do for now as a ‘temporary emergency action’.

[1] https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/29-6-2-hotfix-patch/

Show me even one single game that you lost because a warlock cast Doomkin.

I was on board until you said “instead”

How about “as well?” Ban them both.

But if it must be one or the other, they made the correct choice.

:grinning: It’s not a spell, so ‘played’ would be a better word than ‘cast’. But apart from that, it wasn’t a bad card at all in Warlock when that Wheel was a thing: it saw play and made a big impact in a right situation.

Oh, and one more thing, to point out the flaw in your logic: just because Warlocks didn’t run the Virus Module of Zilliax, for example, especially the old one with stealth, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t problematic. :wink:

waiting for the shop fix :slight_smile:

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So druid is dead and we play rogue and paladin with some warriors again, great.

Yea it’s 10 patches in and they aren’t even looking into the US server mobile users. When will we be addressed?