19.0 Patch – Known Issues

Hey all! We added a LOT of new things to Hearthstone today. As expected with a major update such as this, there are a few bugs and other issues on our radar that we’ll be investigating. If you encounter a bug with this patch, let us know in this thread. You can find the issues we’re currently tracking below, pardon our dust!

  • We’re aware of and working on a fix for Duels matches not rewarding XP.
  • We’re aware of and working on a fix for Madness of the Darkmoon Faire cards not showing up in Duels loot buckets. This can cause empty loot buckets to show up as well.
  • We’re aware of a bug where some actions, such as editing or deleting existing decks, are being incorrectly tied to unlocking the Demon Hunter. We’re planning to address this in a future patch. The current workaround is to play through the Demon Hunter Prologue and unlock the class.
  • We’re aware of several older pack reward pop ups being displayed on login related to Duels and Master of Everything.
  • We’re aware of and tracking several visual bugs introduced with this patch.
  • We’re investigating a bug where the Samsung Galaxy card back is missing from accounts that have earned it.
  • We’re investigating an issue which may impact minimum spec mobile devices (those with fewer than 2GB of memory) on this patch which may result in degraded performance. This behavior may be triggered by accessing the new in-game Journal. We’re advising players to exit and relaunch Hearthstone if they encounter these issues.
  • We’re aware of and investigating incorrect progress being shown for Solo Adventure Achievements.
  • There is a known issue that sometimes causes Collection Achievements to appear to have incorrect progress—this will be fixed in an upcoming patch. When that happens, Collection Achievements will update to the correct progress, but no Achievements will be taken away.
  • The descriptions for the following Achievements around controlling minions meeting certain criteria are rather unclear. Specifically, these Achievements check that you are meeting their criteria at the end of your turn. These descriptions will be updated in a future patch (For example, “Control a minion 20/20 or larger" will be updated to something along the lines of “End your turn with a minion 20/20 or larger in play.”):
    • An Even Larger Man
    • Unique, Just Like Everyone Else
    • Not So Lonely
    • Ride Together, Die Together
    • Hall of Mirrors
    • Coulrophobia
    • My Shiny Fangs and Me

Also says we get XP from adventures but I didn’t see how much each win gets me if at all? I think a dungeon run would count

  • Pure Paladin still on ladder

You forgot one.


Tavern brawl games no longer gives credit for daily/weekly quests, I assume it’s the same issue as listed above with Duel not rewarding xp ?


All four daily quest appear to be competed for me, but I didn’t get any reward.


I have a series of bugs with this new patch:

  • The “Master of All” and “Draw!” quests show up under my Daily quests (not just login pop-up), even though I completed them already in the past. The progress of the quests says “4/2” and “12/10”. I can’t trigger / progress them, and they prevent me from getting actual daily quests.

  • The new “Duels” quest does not update after winning a duel.

  • I have no weekly quests, while a friend of mine started with 3!

  • After playing “Shan’do Wildclaw”, the achievement “Unique, Just Like Everyone Else” shows as being completed (pop-up in the lower left of the screen) 5 times. It does not update in the achievement tracker.

  • Other achievements I got also don’t update in the achievement tracker.


log out and back in, then go to track and click each part to receive.

Buying the Tavern Pass did not award me any of the heroes.

You don’t get the heroes right away, you have to hit certain progression levels to unlock them. You can see which heroes you’ll unlock by looking at the reward track.


I just won a 800 xp qust and leveled up to 6 but the reward track says I’m rank 2?

EDIT: Ah seems I had to relog still

It is bugged. Happens to me each time. Reboot and it will show properly. It’s updating server side, but not in the ui.

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Doesnt work, reinstalling also didnt work

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So if you don’t hit it do you not get them? Or do they award at the end of the season no matter what?

Dunno, but I imagine you don’t get them if you don’t reach the specific level required. But it doesn’t seem like getting to 50 will be that difficult, since you have the whole expansion to do so.

For the first ten levels, I get no reward unless I visit the path and click the reward, and you would need to reach that point to earn it. They don’t give you the rewards for purchase, they give them for progress it seems.

Gives players “Access” to rewards.

The page in the shop explicitly says “unlockable* rewards” and “*All items only unlockable until the next card expansion launch” which clearly says you are paying for the opportunity, that the items.

I have the Battle Pass, and I pre-purchased the next expansion. I’d like to know why I can’t select the Battle Pass rewards…

I got quests that I literally cannot complete as my weekly.

I cannot play 1 Old God from the new expansion 10 times within the next week for obvious reasons…come on.

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I was able to refresh one quest as I too had a Darkmoone Fair Weekly. So if you wait a little bit, it should let you do so.

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I also have found that the Achievement for winning with full health doesn’t work. I won 3 games without taking any damage and nothing (to be clear all of them were in wild casual).

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I rerolled a weekly quest and got: “Play an Old God Legendary from the Darkmoon Faire 10 times” which is impossible to complete prior to the weekly quest rotation…

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