Wild Card Collection showing No Results

When trying to access wild cards the collection manager just shows no results. Trying to switch between all cards and specific wild expansions does nothing as well. I have decks that contain the wild cards yet I can’t see them nor can I use them in the new Duels.

I have the exact same problem.

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For me the issue was solved by unlocking the Demon Hunter hero. Didn’t have him before and that prevented me from deleting and creating decks and also hid all Wild cards. So if you don’t have Demon Hunter yet, that might be the bug.

Unlocking Demon Hunter if not already done could indeed help:

Same issue here. I would hope this is something Blizzard would see as a tier-1 issue, considering how many customers have spent lots of money on their collections, only to have them become suddenly unavailable due to a glitch? Oops!