Samsung Galaxy card back removed

Patch removed my card back.


Same here…any idea if they’re going to fix it?

Same here…my card back missing to

Same issue …(((((((

same. and i’m actually playing on a samsung galaxy device

Same issue. Playing on Note 9. Have had this card back since release, but now it is gone.

same here playing on pc

Yup, gone. :frowning:

After the latest patch to support Madness at the Darkmoon Fair I’ve lost access to a card back in Hearthstone that I’ve already unlocked previously. The card back in question is the “Samsung Galaxy” card back. Please help!

Same issue as mentioned here, earned Samsung cardiac when it was out, but after the patch it is gone. What even worse tried to earn the cardback again with a Samsung Galaxy 10+ borrowed from a friend, but it’s not unlocking it. What’s going on?

Known Issue:

My Samsung Galaxy card back is missing also.

Same issue… Galaxy Card Back was removed.

yeah also missing mine…

Me tenth (or whatever). LOL