"Master of All" Reward Bug

When I logged in yesterday after the big update, it was shown “Master of all: Play 2 games in Play Mode”. The Reward should be 3 Classic Packs and one Random Legendary Card. So I made several games in Play Mode, but I didn’t get a Reward. I don’t see this quest anywhere. Did anyone else have the problem?

Yup. Plus a whole host of similar bugs. Patch 19 has broken the game for me.

Yes, here the same, also my quest progression isn’t working anymore

I was thinking that the rewards works on weekly period start from monday. Maybe the system went tilt until next monday. This is only a stupid hypothesis

Yah same here. Can we confirm that since Activision took over, everything has been going downhill?

this is a bug report forum, for conspircay theories you must head over to your peers in the multiplayer and community forums

I know it’s already been more than a month, but do you guys already received the rewards for this quest because I still haven’t yet.