Set the Standard achivement not progressing

I reached Bronze rank 5 and it has the full blue bar, but won’t let me progress the achievement by clicking it in the journal.

Please fix lol

Same here !

Currently Silver 2 I have the “reach silver 10” and “reach silver 5” results marked as complete but I cannot get the reward by clicking on them. Oh and “reach bronze 5” didn’t even go off.

In addition, the achievement “Win N Ranked Matches in a Row” does not trigger despite a streak of 5 consecutive wins!

Voilà! Hope this helps to solve the problems. good luck to the development team with their fixes!

if progression dotn update properly its generally solved by simply restarting the client

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Another player here. It’s 1/18/21 and I, too have the same issue. Any content or patch notes? I’m not fond of the ever-present achievement marker if it’s just something I can click a million times with no effect (like most setting border effects).
Please give a timeline for a fix.