Zul'Jin Missing

I am sorry if I missed something, but I am missing my Zul’Jin in my collection.
I bouth him in the crafting many months ago and was my main card.
So, 2 days ago I was in my collection and my Zul’jin was on the right side in my deck. I accidentali mouse clicked on him and he go away from my deck. And now I cant find him. I am sirious. I cant find him. I dont even see him in the crafting. So doyou know guys what is happening? I checked my hunter and also Neutral cards and he vanished.

*I have WILD cards ON
*I have selected ALL CARDS
*I have selected ALL MANA

Thank you for explaining to me where he is.

Can you share a screenshot?

Yes please
It says I cant put links to my post so put www there

This photo is my hunter highest cards in my collection

This photo is in crafting mode highest cards

And there is no wasy he was uncraft because like I said … I had him in my deck on the right. He was there, I was thinking how to change my deck and I accidentali clicked on him and he automatically go away. And now He is lost.

Just follow my link to see how you could add links

(Highest hunter cards) https://paste.pics/0684ad3daef1bd542bad5b217e9d09e7
(Highest hunter cards in craft mode) https://paste.pics/39102f55abe61450bc9283fee32daa7b

AND … I have my Sabretooth Stalker in my deck on the right. But I cant find him in the NEUTRAL collection now. So if I will throw him away … I will not find him again i think.

(6 mana cards in neutral page1) https://paste.pics/d9eaf647ee0084871fb70ac1f24634dd

(6 mana cards in neutral page2) https://paste.pics/104db8de2a8e21f02739ae04c18eaff9

Tha same for VOLCANOSAUR … shoud be 7 mana neutral minion, I have him in my deck … but he is missing in the collection, so once I will throw him away, he is gone

Also … I have 5 LOCKED Decks. I cant open it or create new decks. (Unlock this deck by defeating other heroes in any mode)
I am playing this account for really looong time (years with pausesa) and I had 10 decks for sure.
I though maybe some update did this to me?

Are you sure that these links are available in public? I just get redirected to the mainpage every time.

Ah, I uploaded it somewhere else and changed the links, please try now.

Have you fully unlocked Demon Hunter class by completing the Demon Hunter Prologue (Ashes of Outland)?

No I didnt.
But I played for Zuljin and other cards I have in my deck for many months.
How could they just dissapear from collection?


Thank you very very much.
It worked. After finishing Demon Hunter story, all my cards are back and no more issues :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thank you

we can only guess just as you. the devs have however stated

so its worth a try to complete the prologue and see if that solves it. as for how that can happend the answer is simply that with enough long lines of codes there will be errors that the programmer have no idea how they have occured or why they are tied. (you have mayby heard stories about random things being placed out of bounds in games that has no reason to exist other than that the code for some reason dont work when you remove it)