50 Corrupt Card Quest

Has this been fixed yet so that it does not require you to play the uncorrupted version of the cards? Most of them are very weak cards until they’ve been corrupted (and some are still so-so after that point), so needing to play 50 of them suboptimally is not a good thing.

Just a tip in case you wanna do the quest quickly
-> play against a friend
-> make a deck with many corrupt cards and Sonya Shadowdancer
-> play the corrupt cards on curve and make sure you don’t get the “corrupted” effect
-> when you draw Sonya, trade your minions in your opponents ones or let him kill yours (except Sonya)
-> play 6 1-mana corrupt minions that are now in your hand
-> repeat the last 2 steps for 7 more turns

note that there is a difference between ‘corrupt’ and ‘corrupted’, which n’zoth confirms by only adding ‘corrupted’ cards. so if the quest asks you to play ‘corrupt’ cards then it counts ‘corrupt’ cards

Almost nothing has been fixed yet. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a ‘Known Bugs List’ since mid August, either. Or any updates about the various bugs. So no knowing if they know about it or when it will be fixed.

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there has been multiple posts made by them, all available under the blizz tracker that lists all blue posts posted in the forums


Thank you very much for the correction. I will update a post I made complaining about this, and a now clearly incorrect comment I made on reddit about it.

Also glad to see this.

I understand that that’s how it’s currently functioning. I don’t believe that that is the intent of the quest, or if it is the intended behavior, it’s a badly designed quest. Asking players to intentionally play suboptimally for quest exp is not a good thing.