19.0 Patch – Known Issues

I did that and it refreshed into another quest I can’t complete.

I don’t think I’m getting xp for winning in solo

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Im not getting any progress towards weekly quests i.e. play battle cry minions, do a match and it still says 0/50

and daily quests are completely broken for for example ‘destroy 15 minions’ to get 100 gold , 19/15 minions destroyed XP

and i can’t reroll anything


Got to level 12 of my pass (327/1500 exp) but the lv 12 card pack stays unobtainable, even after restarting the game.

I can’t include links so can’t put a screenshot hosted on imgur.

Missing the Samsung Galaxy Cardback. I acquired the cardback when it released.

I just played a six or seven minute win against a DH with my Paladin and got 31xp for winning the game.

I have 44/45 on the explorators league HF, missing the naga sorceress, even if I have complete all the missions.
I check in my cards list, naga sorceress is missing.

Performance in Battlegrounds is bad and hitting someones face may lead to a 0 draw. m(

I had the issues of a Duels match I played (and won, mind you) not tracking in quest completion.

That may be an old bug, or feature? I never got updates on exp or hero levels after each adventure before the new patch. I’m pretty sure it would happen because I’d find new gold cards in my collection after some of my adventure runs.

ALL of my wild cards are missing and I am unable to build any new ones/even tab over to any wild expansion.


Hey there! I’m stuck on the match paused screen. There’s nothing I can do to get out of it. It’s been on for over 25 minutes. No matter if I log on desktop or mobile its there. It happened after I played a wild game with a friend. Please help.

and I cannot build any new decks, says I have to beat other classes to unlock them.
I only play wild and I have zero wild cards to play with.
ALL OF MY WILD CARDS ARE GONE, golden ones too…

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Have you fully unlocked Demon Hunter class by completing the Demon Hunter Prologue (Ashes of Outland)?

No, I have not but if that fixes my problem I shall try.

Can’t play any matches, when looking for opponents says there’s been an error try again later

Playing Tavern Brawl and using Battlecry minions is not counting for the quest “Play X Battlecry Minions”.

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at duel,always disconnnected when matchmaking.

Same here something worked for you ?

No its a known issue i think though