'My Priest' deck is missing in 'My decks'

I play with the same ‘My Priest’ deck all the time (contains all cards, not only standard cards). If I want to modify it, the deck is not anymore available. In ‘My decks’ I can only select the ‘Basic Priest’ deck, but not the ‘My Priest’ deck. But I still find it to play with. Why? How can I modify it again?

Have you fully unlocked Demon Hunter class by completing the Demon Hunter Prologue (Ashes of Outland)?

I have completed everything except the challenges portion of that quest line. Is that required?

No, just the Demon Hunter Prologue is required.

So this isnt even fixd yet ? LOL

Just come back from long break

Mid march 2021 I was wondering why I dont see my priest deck in my collection …