Achievements - Game modes - Battlegrounds

After opening my diary for the first time, on my Android mobile, I’ve found in Game modes - Battlegrounds that I had 74 first places, but no hero with a first place recorded.

Same issue. All of the “Finish in 1st place as xxxxxxx” are all on 3/3 progress (with the prior 2 showing a completion date of today), but not actually completed for the finish as 1st place, even though currently have one in my last 5 warbands. Is this not retroactive, even though other progress is?

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Battleground achievements are not awarded retro-actively. You just see what you have done in the past in your profile.

What do you know ? don’t you see the inconsistency here ?

I was only stating how it works, not how it’s supposed to work. That is up to Blizzard to confirm and fix, and indeed they already have confirmed that they will fix this:

Yah, would love to see these retro counted, have over 100 top 1 and no achievement accounted for… and man it’s tough to get those 1st… :frowning:

I have the same issue as indicated above.

The good news is that after taking 1st place tonight with a hero I had previously taken 1st place with, I did not receive the +20 Achievement Points. This is good news because it implies that our total achievement points have in fact granted us credit for prior 1st place finishes. The downside is that unless you take 1st place again with heroes you have previously taken 1st place with, your achievement tracker will show 2/3 or 3/3 (incomplete) progress.

By taking 1st place again with any of those heroes, your progress will update to 3/3 (completed), but you won’t gain any achievement points as they are already counted in your grand total.

Apologies if this explanation is a bit confusing. There’s still a cosmetic display bug occurring, but at least we do have credit (point wise) for prior accomplishments in this area.