Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy?

I put in a ticket and was denied, my appeal was denied, the basis of the denial was that i have played time on the subscription. Nothing is taken into account that the game ToS had a DRASTIC change and that i havent played since the ToS change and that my subs have less then 5 hours play time in the entire monthly sub.


This is Customer Support, not Customer Service. This is a player helping player forum. Coming in here raging and with a massive chip on your shoulder gets you nowhere, not when there are neither GMs or Devs here. Only SFAs who have no sway or ability to wave their hands and grant your wish. File a ticket and go from there. That is all you can do.


The Customer Support forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, discuss in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives.

The representatives who staff this forum are dedicated to providing our players with the information and resources necessary to help ensure in-game experiences are as [EPIC] as possible.

are you giving bad information or am i reading this incorrectly

I’ve also received help here in the past. Good help.

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There are no GMs and there are no devs that look at this particular forum. The only blues here are the SFAs. They can look up things, they can clarify policiy and help to answer questions and offer insight. This has been stated hundreds of times over in so many threads.

I will apologize for my snippish responses. I’m certainly not perfect and I do admit my fault in that. You do get what you give and coming into this forum making demands and venting your irritation doesn’t end well. Even with my own unnecessary attitude, I speak with what I have seen stated by the Blues and the MVPs and regular posters who’ve been around far longer than me. Those of us who haunt this forum do so because we like being able to help folks when and where we can. There is no reason for myself or any poster here to lie and steer people wrong. If we did, you can rest assured that the post would be deleted and someone would gladly chime in with correct and proper information.


On various discussion forums im seeing numerous refunds being given on both game licences and in some instances gametime. So make sure your being to the point with what your asking for and why

if Blizzard changed the ToS right now to say “you must multibox or you will be banned” I’m positive most players would be upset and want refunded.

Try to be nonbias, it’s a drastic change. When something so drastic gets changed, players should be given enough time to adjust before they decide to pay for something drastically different.


i would post the ticket details but im not sure that’s allowed.

There are probably so many refund requests that blizzard is stopping them and i’ve seen their ToS wording change twice overnight. Why is this fair at all?

I think honestly they are getting slammed right now and some may be getting caught in template responses. And you’l find as they get a gauge of the actual impact they will form an actual policy. You should still be able to auto refund Shadowlands, it will just lock the character boost if its been used. Game time is a little harder and will likely depend on the method of purchase. with gold via a token purchase, your probably out of luck. pre buying a signifigant chunk with real life monies, they can probably do something about. But it will be time sensitive like always and gametime is considered spent once purchased

I honestly don’t care if people multibox or not, so it’s not a bias. I do have an issue when anyone comes storming in and lashing out at people who are trying to help, be they other players or the Blues. We are not here to argue policy or debate with you to nitpick what variation of the ToS you agreed to or not. I can respect your irritation, it’s a new thing and all of the multiboxers are completely up in arms about it. But whether it was this new policy or an incorrect ban or a forced name change - this forum isn’t the place to argue and make your case.

Your ticket has been put in. There is some delay in response times so if it’s not answered within a day or so, please don’t fret. It’s in queue, it will be dealt with in the order it was received. I would imagine (pure conjecture on my part) that the improving queue times are going to skyrocket again with this change up and they’re going to be flooded with requests.

Which contained the fact that Blizzard like every other retained the right to “game changes without notice!”.
Every new TOS you agreed to when you logged onto the game after a change to the TOS.

Grow up! Don’t like it you can try going to Court if you can find a lawyer who doesn’t laugh your butt out of their office or is planning to drain your wallet.


No, that’s a warning that the ToS is subject to change, but you have to agree to the new one to keep playing. That’s why it pops up for you to agree to when major changes occur. I havent agreed to or played during the new ToS.

It’s Bait-and-switch to not refund customers when you promote something and then suddenly disallow it. If i used even 10% of my monthly sub i would let it go, but i’m nowhere near it so i feel robbed. A warning of the change should have been given so players could adjust.

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“We will soon begin issuing warnings to all players who are detected using input broadcasting software…”

There is a grace period. They’re not going to go kicking in the door and banning people outright. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not something laden with ulterior motives. It is exactly what they laid out in their announcement. They had not put their foot down about the software until now because now it’s more troublesome than it’s worth with the rampant botting and abuse. Unfortunately that means that the people who are NOT using to cheat are caught in the middle.


Bravado (Ironic name, considering), for all of your posturing, you represent what I am sure is the minority. The majority of players are happy with this change.
You can scream and yell about the TOS all you want (Which, there isn’t a TOS, just a EULA that covers all Blizzard games Blizzard Legal Docs ), but it was made clear that this change will be met with warnings first, then account actions. So it is not exactly an abrupt change.

And to be clear, multiboxing has been TOLERATED, not supported. Section C:, lines 2 and 4 of the Blizzard EULA specifically states that botting or software that allows automated control of a character, as well as any code and/or software that changes and/or facilitates gameplay is actionable.

It also specifically states that you only have 14 days after purchase of a game to inquire about a refund if you reject the terms.

Although I realize you are upset with a change that affects how YOU specifically play. Do not start throwing out accusations like you were “robbed”, and “Bait and switch” and claim people will start unsubbing.

You aren’t just wrong, you are proving the point of why a change like this is a good thing.

Good luck to you,


Once again!v Grow up!
It isn’t bait and switch and you agree to it every time you log into the game.
As I said go to lawyer. He/she will enjoy the laugh they get listening to you.


stuff like this isn’t helpful to the op at all.
if you need to goad people, you’d be better off doing it in GD.
this isn’t the place for it.


This is devolving. Quickly.

All you can do is put in a ticket and ask. Nothing can be done here in the CS forum as has been explained. There are no GMs here. The SFAs here are not GMs. While they can oft times help with issues, this would be something outside of their purview.

A ticket is the proper path. Whether a refund is possible or not would be determined by internal policy, once again something not set or influenced by this forum.

Not singling you out here, just the most recent version I have seen contributing to the devolvement of the thread. This was absolutely unneeded and does not help in any way shape or form. Let us please try to keep things civil.

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Do you even read anything before replying? I’m okay with the change, i’m not arguing the change.

The only way to request a refund is via a ticket. If you’ve been told that they’re not going to provide a refund (which is standard when the game time has been played), then that’s your answer.

The EULA (or TOS as you put it) has not changed. Most of their policies are not spelled out in the EULA, they’re provided via support articles etc. In this case, they made an announcement regarding their change in policy. Previously, they did not support software that allowed multiboxing. Now, they are no longer allowing it.


Perl is correct - nothing can be done through the forums, but it sounds like you already put in a ticket.

Just to be clear we have never SUPPORTED multi-boxing, but it was allowed - still is matter of fact, just not in the way you may have been doing it. You can still have as many licenses as you like online at a time, you just need to control them individually now.