Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

Just so you know what he’s talking about, the software allows you to launch multiple copies or simply rename the window title “World of Warcraft” to something like WoW1, WoW2, ect. It’s very helpful to have that on the taskbar so you know what window is what account.

Alt-tabbing is allowed… software that allows multiple characters to all to work in unison is not. Scripting is not.

Shrug. Different strokes for different folks.

I prefer my SSD to be Bluzzard-free.


I would have no intention of playing wow if it were to become a tiny hardcore game full of angry antisocial epeen-waving control freaks.


I know what it does. Hotkeynet can be used to open multiple instances and rename them in one operation. That’s probably too convenient if they want to ban people for renaming windows now. Enjoy your increasing restrictions, all.

World of Restrictions and Inescapable Consequences. Sounds like fun…Not.

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Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy? 2021 IS SAVED BOYS. MULTIBOTTERS ON UNSUBWATCH. :pray: :pray: :ok_hand: :rofl: :joy:

I have never botted. I have never used key cloning. I have never sold herbs that you would have picked yourself if you weren’t so lazy. If you support mass false reporting of multiboxing, you probably do bot.

The game is shrinking. There is less content all the time, and if you think fewer players will be better, you’d probably be happiest playing a single player game.


The anger and emotion in here is peaked, this change probably messed with alot of people’s RL money. They will find ways around it. But Will have HUGE targets on there backs. Also all these remedies that rely on software, i don’t think they will make it past warden. Maybe for a bit, but not long before they are recognized.

Even the hardware side seems like it will get expensive, if you can find a plex that doesn’t have a switch and can function both mouse and keyboard. I guess, having multiple pcs if that’s your thing, going to cut into the cost though. The ones who are doing it for fun should be unaffected the ones who do it for money or greed will prolly be annoyed and frustrated, not to mention the constant reports and appeals.


You know what’s the most frustrating about this, is that we get no communication past some questionable post that doesn’t outline what is or isn’t allowed. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, could you imagine overnight something that has been allowed for over 10 years becomes illegal? Then after it becomes illegal we aren’t taught how to not break the law, just told OH YOU KNOW, or GO AS THE DEVS. As if the devs are going to come talk to us and let us know.


Sorry, “important” = “critical”. That was stupid wording on my part and a good catch for clarification.
The relevance to the botting relationship in the policy post is probably that broadcasting makes it easy for anyone to create an effective botting operation. Without broadcasting, multiboxed bots can and will exist, but a much much smaller pool of players will be able to pull it off, thus reducing the negative impact on the game immediately. Similarly, easily created “razer-macro” bots will exist for farming, but they’ll be doing it with a single character which reduces the compounded scaling of both kill rate and spawn rate with a multibox operation => wayyyyyyyyy less effective/impactful.

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You can have up to 8 WoW licenses per Battle.net account, and the number of Battle.net accounts is only limited by the number of email addresses a person has.

Wow. I remember reading somewhere in their terms we were only permitted 3 battlenet accounts, but now it reads that we are only permitted 3 with a battlenet balance. I wonder if I misread it the first time or if they changed it.

You must have misread it. There is no practical way they could limit it.

It doesn’t matter which features of the software you do or do not use. If it is on the watchlist of input-broadcasting software, and you are running it while logged into WoW, you will be flagged.


Especially on the raid heavy servers who don’t have the farmers to support that activity. Those servers have been service by bots for years.

I got my druids back up and running last night too. It’s real clunky collecting herbs and ore now, but still pretty efficient.

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Boxers that are in denail: Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy? <- Please read.

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Strange way to boycott with your presence on the forums.

I got a refund for my 4 extra licenses and Blizzard even transferred the remaining time on those license to my main account.

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Individually controlled via hardware :slight_smile:

That’s pretty sweet :+1: