Keycloning software clarification

This sounds like something that would take place at a new gaming company made 45 minutes ago :rofl:

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yeah but do so at your own risk people will be reporting you super fast and your account will still be actioned whether you are using “software” or not

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Suuure. Why dont you try it and well see how it goes

That’s wishful thinking on your part.

The software to control them all at once is now banned. So that means you have them up. You just can’t control them all at once.

Replying to myself just to give an update on my previous comment…
This blue post indeed seems to kill even hardware multiboxers, effectively gutting multiboxing as we know it. My take from that post is just plain old alt tabbing and controlling one window at a time is all that they will allow. In any case with the software option gone from the original announcement, multiboxing is dead.
Controlling them “individually”, to me means not even hardware splitting would be allowed, since sending that mouse/keyboard to 2 or more clients violates the blue statement here.

Technically 0 as you can keybind interact at mouse cursor to a key so you can have

Press key 1 interact, alt tab, press key 1 interact etc then 2 to start mounting and 3 to follow with 4 as a ground targeted spamable aoe to clear mobs if needed.

Your post makes no sense, what is allowed and not allowed can be changed as easily as changing the terms of service. You then can choose to abide by the new terms of service and use the software or decline and cease playing the game.

The use of hardware keystroke replication or software replication is irrelevant, it is the playstyle that is harmful to the game and should be ended. One keystroke equals one action on one character - anything else is botting. Basically, you are playing one character and the rest are just bots.

With software, but you can with hardware :wink:

Sigh… loopholes. At least less people will be inclined to use it. I do hope they update their policy to include hardware.

I still can’t figure out how they’d do that. They’d have to forbid multiboxing altogether wouldn’t they?

Not necesarrily. I can have two of the clients up. One on horde and one on alliance. I don’t control them at the same time. What’s disruptive is controlling them at the same time at the press of a button. The change was put in due to community feedback and the health of the game, the rationale was given. The behaviour of controlling many characters with the click of a button is frowned upon. Not the having all those characters at the same time. The power that comes from one simple mouseclick is pay to win.


I don’t feel like getting into the “there’s nothing to win” argument right now. I’ve only been awake a few hours, maybe around midnight

I like the cheap prices they bring. I hate that my time is less worth grinding stuff that they grind. I hate fighting them in bgs/ashran when they are all boomkins/ranged characters. I more dislike them then like them tbh.

Thats just running multiple clients but thats not what the problem is.

People are creating multiple actions with a single keypress. How they are doing it is irrelevant. The result is the same. Its keystroke duplication.

I only started boxxing in June been playing since BC rarely ran across them so my experience leads me to not have any bad feelings towards the practice :man_shrugging:

Yes we’ll you benefitted from it I guess? I too would like to pwn noobs with 5 characters at the press of one button, but is it fun for the other guy?

It means you need to manually tab between all clients without a software.

I don’t MB pvp
I don’t gold farm as a multiboxer

I only started multiboxing because Blizz won’t raise the character cap past 50. If there was a higher character cap, say 75 I would have never started. I had no interest in it but I had to make another account since I wanted more characters :man_shrugging:

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I do have another account. I find having two accounts is fun because there is so much downtime when soloing old stuff. like 90 second dialogues before getting to a boss fight. I just don’t use software to control both characters at once.

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