Multiboxing ban and gathering professions

I think the problem with this, is the definition of legitimate. I think the normal Multiboxers are okay and great people, but I also think Blizzard is promoting to report the people that managed to work around the software key-cloning ban. But as I said, I don’t really know if it even does anything, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

They aren’t ‘promoting’ anything. They just have made the change that allows them to action those using the software they banned.

Reporting helps them BUT you’ll rarely come into contact of actionable offenses’ done by said Multi Boxer.

The problem is how do we know?

I’m not trying to sound rude here, but I think anyone with a brain should be able to notice. Alt-tabbing with macros while killing things, or gathering is a lot slower then everything being done in a synced timely fashion.

I think it depends on how much we can pay attention to their antics, where it’s at, if they’re just passing by quickly, etc.

If we have the time to watch, sure, we might be able to. But keep in mind that there’s more than alt tabbing. Someone.posted a video the other day showing a guy with something like 20 screens and none of what he was doing was alt tabbing or using the software.

For me, I’m not going to waste my time unless it’s absolutely blatant right from the start. Blizzard will get them eventually. With or without me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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here is why i said its borderline promoted by blizzard. Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy? they specifically talk about having the need to control characters individually now, yet work arounds are so openly talked about on the forum from this community.

It always has me scratching my head when multi-boxers suggest they’re operating their “squad” individually.
lol Ok Vishnu, you’re quite clearly not.

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Individually via hardware :slight_smile:

I don’t alt-tab, I play on two PCs at once, with side-by-side trackballs and numpads, and Blizzard’s in-game macros along with keybinds for the numpad.

Since I often play two hunters at once, you’ll see my first three or so shots will almost always be perfectly synced, simply because I can press the buttons on both numpads at the same time. As the fight advances, abilities fall out of sync with certain ones depending on the GCD and others being specific to being triggered by other abilities.

So, would you have to report me after seeing me lob my 1st arrows? my first two? Would you stick around long enough to realize that my toons are no longer in sync?

There’s no ban on multiboxers :slight_smile:

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probably depends on the day. but no offense or anything, the delusional boxers on this forum have me leaning towards the report on sight side of things. however, i respect you as a individual and will not report you personally on sight. blizzard can solve out false reportings on their own.

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Admitting to false reporting will certainly result in someone being banned that’s for sure :rofl:

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Its not admitting anything if i am unaware if its a unfair boxer or not. mistakes happen :3.


I’m going to report on sight as well.

I don’t have the means to differentiate someone using software vs using hardware to box.

Let Blizzard sort them out.

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It feels good to be a Paladin. Fair and just is all that matters, am I right? The cheaters shall be punished.

Canonically, my character is supposedly good.

But in my head-canon, he is, the most evil prelate you’ll ever have the misfortune to encounter.

So it is NOT a ban on Multi boxers, good glad we cleared that up

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Its a ban on multibotters, which like 80% of this community was. happy?

They didnt ban boxing.
I just fired up a couple accounts…the way I used to box Im not affected at all (in game macros and manually controlling each farming action).

What this DID do, however, is make it so those boxers with $20,000 rigs will be the only ones who can keep box farming like they were…ie the 1% wins big time.

Eeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Rahk is back! :grinning: