Multibotters please read

Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy? LMAOOO. B-B-UT MY WORK AROUNDS!!! Biden and a clean WoW in 2021 :v: :v: :partying_face: :partying_face: :sob: :sob:

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Okay, but really: Why’re political andies being taken down for off topic, but threads like “seduce the person above you” or “What’s the best keyboard” aren’t despite being off topic? Let justice be fair and not selective


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This is it right here, MULTIBOTTERS.

yes multiboxers are annoying too, BUT Multibotters, those are the worst and what this whole thing was aimed at.

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There is a way to request a refund and it’s not on the forums. That’s what this basically says.

I was here when WoW was saved. Have you read their delusions and mental gymnastics on the forums? So in-denial it hurts.

Low effort, not even worth rating

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Your input is much appreciated. cheers.

Anyone botting doesn’t care about policy changes

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