New multi-boxing restrictions don't go far enough

Remember this is a software ban, not a playstyle ban. Get it through your itty bitty bigot committee that multiboxing isn’t banned.


Don’t worry you’ll get your way.

And the history proves it regardless of how much people cry about multiboxing. Bluzzard has been dancing around the issue for years cutting into it one way or another. If we had any sense we would have stopped buying expansions and services back in 2013.

Anyway most of us are clued in now.

PS: That TOS for scanning your memory (not just in their installation) was an eye opener.

This is why Warden is a thing, because without a warden flag you wont get banned.

Hence why botters are still running around with undetected software and why this software is being added to warden detection.

Unless users find a way to play wow and prevent warden from even going in. Gurantee this will be a thing someday. Or at least preventing warden from being able to scan anything period.

i just read the news. multiboxing is now finally a bannable offense? im so excited. are they being banned on the spot or do they have a shot at being legitimate players? crazy great wonderful change by blizzard overall though. i will make sure to tell all my friends to report the left over cheaters in game.

Close thread.

Is that clear enough for you. "YOU NEED TO PLAY THEM INDIVIDUALLY NOW!

I mean in not saying that support agent is wrong, but…

I’d be more apt to trust their word, if it wasn’t so clearly biased and blatantly wrong.

To clarify, Blizzard has always supported multiboxing, they did not support the tools to do so.

Multiboxing is not just the act of having multiple game windows open.

Multi-boxing or multiboxing refers to playing as multiple separate characters concurrently in an MMORPG.

Wikipedia, but honestly that’s the definition.

Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our End User License Agreement.

Support article definition.


Except its neither?

This was more recent, apparently sharing your opinion is a no no for the customer support staff. Surprisingly the Customer service staff (the lowest authority in Blizzard) don’t make the rules and are not allowed to clarify them.

Exactly, and no one in the community has complained about the REAL definition of MultiBoxxing. IE running more than one account at the same time.

The issue arises with players, from the action of pressing 1 button and having all the accounts do the same thing at the same time.

To Clarify, as someone in another thread showed us.

This descision also isnt only a Blizzard move. Seems to be there is a Industry wave, going around banning this behavior, seems the terms blizzard used “Information Broadcasting Software” wasnt made up by them, rather by Eve, and Blizzard is one of many in a string of MMO companies to ban this in the last several months, following Eve, who was the first to do it.

“Multiboxing” as the community considers it, IE using multiple accounts and having 1 key press affect them all, is done in the MMO genre, not just WOW.

That is also relvant as I stated earlier, because they did this longer ago, and have fleshed out the meaning better. They have stated, even if you think your using hardware your still using software.

1 Key press controlling multiple Accounts, is over in the Genre, not just in WOW.

Its always been a iffy thing, and not supported but not actioned either type deal. A not talked about, not just in WOW, in all MMOs.

Recently, in all games, alot more light has been shined on it mostly because its become alot more common. As more people are beginning to do it, and more are starting to take notice, and complain, especially big streamers/youtubers, its that, that brings change.

Well thats really irelvant, because like he said

“if the program you are referring to is considered that, then this likely applies”

Thats a made up term. So what is considered that exactly? Whatever the CS you deal with wants it to mean…

Also the CS team maybe cant clarify the rules, they are however the ones that ban you and Interpret the meaning to do so.

The Community Manager, or whoever else making these rules is not the one day to day banning you. Those guys are.

I honestly don’t have the willpower or patience to keep going over every little thing wrong with what you post.

You never evolve, your argument just gets worse and worse. It’s like you just mash the keyboard and hope whoever you are talking to gives up.

Well congrats, I give up. I mean I feel embarrassed for you, but I give up.
Everything you have said, I’ve already answered multiple times over. You are either a troll or worse you believe the trash you are saying.

Hope you find peace in whatever you enjoy, and I thank god I don’t know you in real life. Laterz



Enjoy your ban for cheating.

Might wanna read it again champ. Try reading slower this time.


You can get wireless keyboards/mice that will switch between different PC’s in less than a second.With this you can continually switch PC’s while spamming your casts or macros.

I think they’ll still ban people for using hardware that replicates the behavior of IBS, but it would be really funny if they added that into the ToS just so I could laugh at the people who keep pretending like they can get away with skirting outside the rules.

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But…multiboxing is ALLOWED. Blizzard repeated that recently. Botting is not allowed. RMT is not allowed. Multiboxing is allowed.

Blizzard is NOT going to ban multiboxing because YOU dislike it. Blizzard likes multiboxing. I like multiboxing. I don’t do it. I don’t want to do it. But I like cheap mats on the AH, which is the result of multiboxing farmers. Hurray for multiboxing!

Blizz should limit how many people can follow a single character. Make it as hard as possible to even try to do what they are doing.

I guess that you could call it “sheltered”, as it’s an RP server.