Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy?

I have 5 subscriptions paid on this Bnet just a few days ago with less then 5 hours played on each and i’m being refused refunds even after i’m unable to play them as i was when i paid for them. It’s not a small change. When i paid for them it was with complete understanding that blizzard was supporting multiboxing.

They’ve suddenly, and with no warning, changed policy and i’m okay with that, but there was no grace period for us to adjust, so i’m baffled as to why i’m being denied refunds. I was sold a product, and now i’m not receiving what i paid for. This is not a minor change.


You agreed to Blizzard’s license terms when you started playing the game and they have the right to make changes to the game.


Blizzard has never supported multiboxing, while they tolerate them, they have never supported them in any way shape or form in over 15 years.


Blizzard never said they was supporting multiboxing, they said they don’t mind it, but won’t support it. Along with that, they can change their terms as they see fit at any time. They’d be under no obligation to keep it around if they don’t want to.





If they dont want to keep it around, that’s fine, but they gave us no grace period to decide if we want to continue paying.


Coming the CS forum won’t magically change anything. If you want to get a refund or whatever, file a ticket. Jack would come from posting on the forums.

They’re under no obligation to do such. It’s their game, their rules. They’re not going to bend over to make it easier for a given person because they felt they should have time to think it over.


As for the ToS, I have not agreed to the new ToS, so it does not apply to me. The ToS that applies to me is the one that i last logged on to play with.


Dude that forum thing was from 2008. Times change and so do their policies. You agreed to their terms and conditions, one of them being that you accept that said terms and conditions are subject to change.

This has already been addressed in another now locked thread because childish tantrums are absolutely unconstructive.

You agreed when you paid for your subscription. They’ve already said there will be a grace period with warnings given rather than bans. If you’re playing with appropriate software and methods, you have nothing to fear.


Take it up to the courts than. Nothing will come from posting on the forums.

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They have supported multiboxing in all forms until now, and have consistently deemed it within the ToS, so to say they never supported it was false.

Again I’m fine if they change their mind, but i’m not fine with being given zero warning to subscribers in the middle of a pre paid subscription. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.

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They have NOT supported it. In fact it’s reinforced time and time again that while it’s allowed, it is not supported.


Wrong. I agreed to the previous ToS when i paid, i have not logged in since the change and have not agreed to the new ToS.

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You keep saying “I didn’t agree!”, I don’t think you fully understand. You not agreeing doesn’t change their ToS is now. You not agreeing doesn’t change the fact it’s their stands now and not agreeing with it doesn’t make the old form of it useful anymore.

BTW, even in their older form of the ToS, they pretty much said they can change its ToS at any time with or without any warning, too.


This is already devolving into something that it doesn’t need to. And no amount of fighting with the OP is going to change anything.

Bravado, even though this is the Customer Support Forum, they aren’t really going to be able to do anything other than direct you to putting in a ticket to request a refund.

There’s a chance that your Shadowlands purchases can be refunded, since they seem to be allowing those due to the delay. Subscription time purchases are exceedingly rare to have refunded, so that’s likely a lost cause.

Your best bet, if you want to see changes made on anything regarding this new policy, is to post in the main thread in GD.


Also, because I’m not going to bicker with you over what you’re trying to armchair-lawyer your way through, but here. From a few months ago rather than 12 years ago. Have fun.


i dont think you understand, i’m not trying to change their ToS or even argue it.

I’m saying I paid for several subscriptions and played under a ToS that i agreed to for 5 hours and the policy changed drastically with no warning leaving me with several accounts that i’m unable to use without breaking the new ToS.

Just refund them and I’ll decide if i want to agree to the new ToS or play something else.


I put in a ticket and was denied, my appeal was denied, the basis of the denial was that i have played time on the subscription. Nothing is taken into account that the game ToS had a DRASTIC change and that i havent played since the ToS change and that my subs have less then 5 hours play time in the entire monthly sub.


This is Customer Support, not Customer Service. This is a player helping player forum. Coming in here raging and with a massive chip on your shoulder gets you nowhere, not when there are neither GMs or Devs here. Only SFAs who have no sway or ability to wave their hands and grant your wish. File a ticket and go from there. That is all you can do.


The Customer Support forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, discuss in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives.

The representatives who staff this forum are dedicated to providing our players with the information and resources necessary to help ensure in-game experiences are as [EPIC] as possible.

are you giving bad information or am i reading this incorrectly

I’ve also received help here in the past. Good help.

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