Multiboxing ban and gathering professions

Boxing is still allowed guy…youre going to see as many boxers as you have been…they’ll just have to do it without the 3 party keyclone crap.
Easy enough to do.

Get a squad of robots or YouTube followers to do your farming for you. That’s the only permissible way to multibox. (I get you can play two screens, but I mean with any sort of decent efficiency gains on more than 2 boxes.)

No, we quite literally wont see the same amount of boxers. This makes absolutely 0 sense.

No it’s NOT a ban on multi boxers. Please go read for yourself. It is a ban on SOFTWARE.

if it was literally worth it…and it isnt…Id offer up three words…‘class…action…suit’.

Sorry read again, I said multibotters(The cheating community of multiboxers) Also please read this Why are refunds NOT being given after an abrupt change in policy? your hardware work arounds will indeed be targeted.

You sound like a person who is unsophisticated and incurious. You yourself told us you know nothing whatever about professions despite many years of play.

“Alt-tabbing” involves cycling through open applications on your screen. Randomly alt-tabbing through full-screen applications to control character A, then character B, etc, would indeed be inconvenient. That’s why nobody does that.

With 2 monitors a player can keep open at all times 5 instances of the game and seamlessly move from one to another without any awkward alt-tabbing. Character A moves to the node with 4 on /follow, then Character A/B/C/D/E harvest the node. Character A moves to the next node.

It will add a second or two to a node. It’s not in the least awkward or inconvenient.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
youre joke assumption is that boxers are ONLY boxing because the keyclone software made them do it LOL.
They enjoy the play style guy…they WiLL keep boxing until THAT is made against the rules

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just look up mining leveling guide bfa/wraith/BC etc.

same with engineering.

this webite series has stayed up to date for a long time at least since cataclysm and has never failed me. use it for all my professions.

since expansions are segmented off you will need a new guide for each expansion but they are all on the same site.


i accidentally made up some lies in the OP. happens. its heavily implied and stated im referring to the cloners, but whatever.

You get’em Krutz lol

of course, but your logic is just naturally flawed. absolutely we will still see normal boxxers, and i applaud them for being legitimate players. but this ban happened for a reason(many multiboxers abusing keycloning) thus, we will see a lot less as its no longer convenient for them. but im well aware of boxers loving to start sht on the forum and do their mental gymnastics to troll.

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“Alternative set of facts.”

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Probably goes both ways since that’s a human thing

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ugh :roll_eyes:
you all seriously need to stop pretending …kwim?

yes…you will… no one is going to stop boxing because of this change…sorry.
They ENJOY boxing and will continue to do it…end of story.

Most profitable professions in SL will most likely be herbing with either inscription or alchemy. I don’t think you should focus on mining/engineering if you’re doing this the first time.


thanks man, i just asked some simple questions. no idea how this thread turned out the way it did. cheers.

I have a leader and 4 on /follow. When one of the followers needs to do something I move the mouse to their screen and do it. Not hard at all. Most of the non-group content in the game can be soloed.

They can, and if you appear to be consistently filing false reports, you can receive punishment yourself.

And then on the other hand, people who say they are going to falsely report every multiboxer are probably botters trying to draw investigative resources away from dealing with bots.

Falsely reporting someone is actually cheating.

It’s not even that. Bots do not necessarily work in packs, nor do they use key-cloning, which requires keyboard input. And sure, the trolls like you are happy.

Agreed 100% as far as profitability is concerned.

Herbalists will be able to print money from the Scribes and Alchemists in Shadowlands.

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Just to be clear we have never SUPPORTED multi-boxing, but it was allowed - still is matter of fact, just not in the way you may have been doing it. You can still have as many licenses as you like online at a time, you just need to control them individually now.

please quit ignoring this. this is not targeted at just botting, this was specifically targeted at a group of multiboxers as well. cheers.

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