Weekend morning Raiding

Hey every one Thanks for Stoping in!!

        <Critically Dumb> 

We are a Guild from legion that is Newly Reformed we are an AOTC focused Guild on Zul’jin US Horde we have all Returned to the game for the long awaited Shadowlands Expansion.

We are looking for like minded player all classes and specs welcome. We want to push hard in Shadowlands, in just three weeks into the reform in BFA we managed to Full clear Normal and 12/12 heroic.

We are on a one day Raiding schedule. Saturday mornings at 9am EST to 1pm EST.

Yes we know this is early but We are Adults who enjoy getting the job done with out losing to much valuable family and day time so come raid time we expect a solid Get sh** done attitude Although we can be very immature and goofy at times we do respect every one in guild with no toxicity. We very much enjoy laughing and joking When we just hanging out in disc and runing mythic +.

So if this sounds like it could fit your lifestyle and your interested in joining the team hit me up or leave a message on this post or message any other officer in game My battle tag is Mako#1649 or message me on Discord at Sig#9905

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What we lack in basic sentence structure and grammar, we make up for with fat loot and good times. Come give us a look.

Lawls! What can I say I’m critically Dumb

Come one come all and beat down some pixels with the best Group of crazies this side of the nut house

Shockers up people

Be like uncle Roger and join us HiYA!!!

Seems quite a little two quite

We need ranged dps and casters come one come all

I always feel like I’m talking to my self. I need friends!


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Maintenance zzzzzzzz

Bumpity bump


This city must be purged!

Shame you guys are Horde. I work midnights and this would of been perfect.

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Well it’s a shame your filthy alliance but we can change that! Come join the greatest bunch of Degenerates this side of the Nit house!

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I’ve been Alli ever since I started, might be willing to switch tho. Added you on discord.

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Iv been known to convert people

Is herpes really THAT bad tho?

Only if you don’t spread them to stop your own outbreaks