To the Newly Transferred: Welcome!


Thought I’d make a thread for everyone taking advantage of the services sale going on right now. If you didn’t know, Blizzard has a 30% off sale on all transfers, faction changes, and race changes until the 31st of this month.

Whether you’re Horde or Alliance, we’re glad to have you! Jumping into a roleplay scene is always hard when new, so here are a few friendly tips:

While this does not represent everyone, a good portion of the server utilizes Tumblr to advertise and network with other roleplayers. Some of the more notable blogs come in the form of “newspapers” or “event blogs” that put the word out about story lines, guilds, special events, and more.

For example:

And a lot more! Even if you don’t enjoy using Tumblr personally, consider checking these blogs to get a good idea of what’s going on.

Discord has almost overwhelmingly replaced old guild sites like Shivtr (not that there’s anything wrong with using that, however)! Wyrmrest is especially active across Discord servers and it’s worth jumping in to get an idea of what community groups there are.

For Example:
The following links contain information about various active Discord servers.

Rather than bombard you with more links, please feel free to use this thread if you’re curious about finding any specific type of guild. I personally do not know the extensive list of guilds available on the realm, but I can assure you that if you’re looking for one, you will probably be in luck.

And if you prefer to go guildless, that’s okay, too! I went guildless for the first six months of BFA and had no shortage of RP.


This is very good information, thank you for creating this, Cesare! As someone who plays guildless and does a lot of walk-ups (RP where someone randomly engages with you), I’d like to add a few spots where people commonly go to find RP. Downloading a role play addon is not required but it is extremely helpful to let others know you’re interested in contact. Plus it’s fun to fill out.

For Horde

  • Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honor, where the Mag’har hang out, is very popular. People hang out inside and outside Wyvern’s Tail all the time. I RP late at night and I can still find someone at those times.
  • Silvermoon City is also a common place to go for RP, though it is more spread out so harder to find a good concentration of people. Murder Row and the Royal Exchange are the most popular places to gather, though sometimes people congregate at the inns.

For Alliance

  • Stormwind’s districts outside of Trade District all see a bit of action, mostly centered around taverns. The most popular district is Mage Quarter at the Blue Recluse and the Slaughtered Lamb. It it a lot like Valley of Honor where there are a lot of people out and about in the area. Cathedral Square used to have a lot of people but it’s sort of died down.

These are where people go if they are actively looking for contact. It’s a great way to make friends and start adventures from there. Also keep your eyes peeled for people how have marked in their profiles that they’re interested in open world RP. This means if you’re both out and about doing quests they are happy to start some RP.

My last bit of advice is to be brave! Everyone in an RP hub wants to RP. No one will judge you for walking up to say “hi”. In fact, their hearts will do little somersaults of excitement. Don’t be intimidated!


Don’t forget the guild directories! Good points otherwise!


If you’re a new transfer who’s never tried RP before - the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was to download an RP addon! There’s three that I know of - TRP, XRP, and MRP.

These allow you to change your character name, write descriptions about their appearance and history, and indicate whether or not you are In Character or Out of Character. They’re really useful to have when breaking into the RP scene!

TRP is the most popular of these, as it’s the most detailed. I myself am an XRP user though - I simply prefer the interface. I’d recommend trying all of them out, and seeing which one you prefer!

To all new transfers, welcome to WRA! I hope you have fun here, and enjoy the server as much as I do!


Thanks for this tip! I updated the OP with the Horde guild directory, but I don’t see an updated / current Alliance one. Just the one from the old forums. If anyone has a new link, please hit me up!

Weirdly generous to have this sale right before a new allied race comes out isn’t it?

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It’s almost like Blizzard is a business and trying to capitalize off everyone’s excitement. :open_mouth:

Love the list of helpful info here! Thanks for the reminder that I need to bump the Horde Guild Directory!

Also, the thread you have in your OP is the original Horde Guild Directory. The one below is the new, updated version for our new forums! It has more guilds and more are being added all the time!

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Gonna throw our Discord up too, for anyone wanting to make friends!

Updated. Sorry about the link confusion there, Shaysinn!


No worries! Love what you’re doing here! :slight_smile:

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We also have this resource as well:

I haven’t updated it in a couple months but it has some good stuff in there for newcomers.


Are there any Dwarven RP resources/links? I’ve recently transferred from a less active server and I was wondering what the interest was in the RP community.


Best I can offer is invoking Bathildis’ name and hoping they see it. I haven’t kept in touch with the Dwarven community in a hot minute due to how wild the year(s) have been. If you dig through the forums you can find the links to their guilds and communities but I can’t find it off the top of my head. I’ll come back with an edit and a link if I do!

Edit: that didn’t take very long for me but would have taken a lot of time to someone who transferred. Here you go:

Bathildis and many others regularly keep the dwarven community stimulated with their rigorous server events from time to time. They even garnered attention from Gamemasters just a year or two ago to get the pub that they use named in-game!


I may just go ahead and start an updated Alliance Guilds thread, since it seems like the old one will not be dusted off.


I’m almost certain there’s a Dwarven in-game community channel. I don’t know off the top of my head, but I’ll ask around and see what I can dig up.

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I think you’re thinking of the Mead Hall?


You’re a saint. Thank you, I’ll add it to the OP.

Thank you for welcoming those of us who are on the fence (battlements?) in such a positive light. I’ve considered transferring a lower level toon here to immerse myself in it while I level her up. Looks like I’ll have something to look forward to this weekend :slight_smile:

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Aye! Feel free to reach out in game, or on here with any questions! The Mead Hall is awesome! :wink: