🍻[A] <Battlestein Company> Dwarven RP Guild

The Battlestein Company is looking to expand our ranks with quality players! We are a welcoming group of colorful characters who are looking to roleplay, and make some new friends along the way.

Interested in joining? Please fill out an application on our website! https://www.battlesteincompany.shivtr

Who we are:

Based in Khaz Modan, the Battlestein Company leans heavily on Dwarven culture; however, we openly welcome all races who share our home! We begun as a humble crafting and trade company, but have grown quite a lot over the years. We currently employ artisans, adventurers, and service providers that often find themselves in or around Dwarven lands.

We host a diverse catalog of arms and armor, siege weapons, runecrafting, jewelry, and more. We even host several breweries with weekly tavern nights! With many of our members coming from martial backgrounds, we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty to get a job done right.

What we do:

RP: We run weekly RP events, including but not limited to, d20 campaign story-lines, one-off RP missions, TRP3 extended quests, social events, and two tavern nights that are open to anyone on Fridays and Sundays at 6PM.

For d20 events, we utilize the addon DiceMaster. We have our own custom system called Traitforge D20. We have helpful guides that are expertly constructed complete with occasional tutorial events for new players. This ties into our crafting Roleplay, as members will be able to craft incredibly useful items and tools to aide them along their RP journey! Our system even includes rare solutions to player classes, pets, mounts, and vehicles. You can see what our system is all about here:


Want more details? You can check here!


Currently, we are recovering from the blow dealt by the recent scourge invasions of the Eastern Kingdoms. A new adventure awaits us starting in early January and this post will be updated with the details! Prepare for action and intrigue as we explore the new Alliance garrison in Exile's Reach. Don't think that this is all: Shadowlands is also fresh on our minds, so look out for that as well!

Points of contact: Bathildis, Amilisa, Losk, Modarin, or Draithen

Good luck with the guild Bath. Fer Khaz Modan!!!
Ye need Beer? Gear? or yer enemies, kicked in the rear?

Well, lads 'n' lasses. tha's why we're here!

Recent recruit, loving the environment and community here. Looking to stay for some time! Two thumbs up.
Thanks lads and lassies, for the invite.
03/02/2018 01:40 PMPosted by Huldorn
Ye need Beer? Gear? or yer enemies, kicked in the rear?

Well, lads 'n' lasses. tha's why we're here!


A warrior and a poet --- behold the Dwarven Bard!

And while we are "tight knit", some may be more "loose" knit then others ...
The best guild around!
Join us for our first Market Night! Sunday March 25th at 6pm in Stormwind Harbor! Come visit our trade caravan. We've got blacksmiths repairing and selling arms and armor, siege engineers taking commissions for mad machines of war, relic-hunters bartering their curios, tons of great food, and plenty of ale!
Heck. Yeah.

Market Night was awesome! Can't wait for another one!
Hey our tabard!?
Don't know what you're talking about?! >_> *Innocently looks at date.*
Hasn't our tabard always looked like this?
We've got some great booths for you at the Ironforge Craft Fest! Come and check out our wares! Finest goods in all of Ironforge!
The Fest is getting closer! Can't wait! Tons of exciting events in the meantime, too! Come and join us for some RP, and of course we'll be at the Steel Pub on Sunday!
Hey Bath! /wave
Oh hai Lucy!

Get pumped! So much to do! Come visit the Ironforge Spring Craft Fest and check out our booths on Saturday, April 21st at 6pm. Drink at the pub with us any Sunday at 6pm in Anvilmar. Come out and join Tyrman and Co. for "Gone Fishin'" on Thursday, April 26th at pm!
Join us in Paw'Don Village, Jade Forest, Pandaria this Sunday at 6pm! We'll be hosting another Market Night, including a handful of great vendors, and our Travelin' Tankard version of the Steel Pub! Hope to see you there!
Market Night is tonight!

Also, be on the lookout. Battlestein Company is hosting May's Moot! Gonna be a good 'un!