The Unofficial Stonemaul Ogre Playable Race Discussion Megathread!

It’s good to see you again! As you can see, we’re still at it with the playable Horde Ogre support. It even seems like we’re growing in popularity slowly but surely.

It’s still a shame we don’t have playable Horde Ogres still, let alone that we haven’t really seen anything of the Horde Ogre clans in-game at all. There is a little hope to see something with Dragonflight, since the MU Stonemaul Clan at least has some history with dragons and could really use some good ole fashion revenge bashing on evil dragons. Then again, the Horde Ogre clans missed the entirety of BfA’s faction war, so who knows?

I also recall the rumors of a dragonkin race of some kind considered for Cataclysm, likely an Alliance race at the time. Since Ogres were heavily considered then, a part of me hopes that we’ll see them considered again. Whatever the case, I march on still for playable Horde Ogre support.

I don’t really see any new clan of Ogres on the Dragon Isles, and if we do, they’d likely to be enemy mook clans than friendly ones. I think the best to hope for might be some of the Horde Ogre clans, mostly the MU Stonemaul Clan, helping in the area and to fight off evil dragons.

9.2.5 is having some events to possibly show how Azeroth is doing since the undead threat that occurred while we were in the Shadowlands. Rumors are blazing of at least one new playable race tied as a preorder bonus, which is mostly being rumored to be Darkfallen (hopefully with San’layn representation if true). Can’t say Ogres have much of a chance, though we could see the Horde Ogre clans pop up again perhaps. Moreso if they have any role in Dragonflight.

Also, if I understand correctly, the classes and their specs may be getting revamped since there is going to be a new talent system. Likely, this will occur with the Dragonflight prepatch, which would be good to get our characters situated and ready for when Dragonflight actually launches. Might be something to look at if you’re looking for something refreshing with class gameplay.

We’ll see what happens when it happens. As I said before, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen, I’ll always continue to march in support for playable Horde Ogres!

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Maybe the Titans left an ancient device that accesses other timelines? Would tie in real nice with Nozdormu turning evil later on. The Titans could’ve built it as a failsafe against that possibility. Maybe we have to go save the MU Stonemaul Ogres from whatever he unleashes.


Wowhead posted an article mentioning that the latest 9.2.5 build on the PTR is now a release candidate. The significance of that is that it shouldn’t be too much longer before we know what all is in 9.2.5, as well as its actual release date.

Article here:

I know there are suppose to be several events in-game to go over how some things are going since we’ve been in the Shadowlands. So far, the datamining has been focused mostly on stuff going on in Tirisfal Glades, so it’s unclear where else we’ll see events occur.

Much as it being a good time as any to bring the MU Stonemaul Clan back into the picture, I don’t know what the chances are for that. If they play a role of some kind in Dragonflight, it’s a possibility to at least see them again, though the focus on events happening in general seems like it could cover a number of things going on around the world (of Warcraft!). Not to mention the datamining focus so far seems to be in Tirisfal Glades, so it is unclear where else we could see events.

The rumors of early access to new playable races as a preorder incentive for Dragonflight are also intensifying. While it is up in the air whether we are getting new playable races or not, it seems like it would be a good incentive to get preorders. So far, the rumors point to Darkfallen (hopefully with San’layn among them) being a potential candidate.

While it would be cool to see Ogres become playable, given all the work they would need, I don’t really see it as a high possibility for what could be a smaller patch of sorts. Especially since Dracthyr are going to require a lot of focus to design. I suppose anything is possible, however.

If we are getting new playable races of some kind, my hope is that they’ll be ones people have requested for a long time. We’ll see what happens if it does happen, though a part of me will always hope for playable Horde Ogres. And even if nothing Horde Ogre related comes in this next patch, we’ll continue marching in support for playable Horde Ogres.

Expectations will be tempered, but hope will never die!

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Blizzard mentioned in an interview something about the factions creating new docks, and well Ogres were established as ship wrights in War2… so while the odds are low that the Stonemaul will help in the creation of these new Horde docks, one can hope.


9.2.5 was just announced to come out May 31st:

Wowhead has a couple of other related links with more info:

Going through the info currently as I post these in my megathreads. No new race announcements, though the rumors mentioned they were tied to Dragonflight preorders, so we’ll have to wait to see when they are available before we can see if the rumors are true or not.

I know there were suppose to be different events of some kind, so I’ll keep an eye out for anything Horde Ogre related to report back here. Not really sure what the chances are, as fitting as it would be, but you never know!

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


I saw this on the community council regarding some of the race request megathreads and wanted to share it since this megathread got mentioned in it and they wanted a link to it. Post is here:

You can always give Community Council posts in that section a like even if you aren’t part of the community council.

And if the OP of that thread happens to be reading this, I wanted to also link to a list with links to the race request and customization megathreads on the forums that Fallynn of the San’layn megathread has been keeping track of here within the San’layn megathread:

I’m happy to see such a post on the Community Council, but I would like to request that all voices get heard somehow. That link right above will help make sure everyone gets representation on there.

Thank you for bringing up the race request megathreads on the Community Council! Hopefully, it’ll get read by Blizzard with an open mind as they see all the passion we’ve had for various NPC races that we’d love to see playable, as well as customization options we’d like to see as well.

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Are the Stonemaul ship wrights? I’m guessing not all ogres’ clans are ship wrights so was just wondering since I saw Gornur mention it.

If so, I never considered them or other ship wright Ogres being from an island, mysterious ogre continent, nor remember if it is in this forum’s explanation of the Stonemaul Ogres. Would open up more possibilities of introduction if they are ship wrights.

And are Stomemaul Ogres High Ogres? Was looking up the Gorian Empire and noticed they were called High Ogres. Seriously? They’ve been watching the WoW forums too much with all the HE threads and now they think they are High Ogres, lol.

I should’ve looked up High Ogres but I’m guessing it just means they are either the superior Ogre race or that they are like the purest of pure Ogre breeds or some such thing.


That’s fantastic.

Nothing about the Stonemaul being ship wrights was confirmed, though it would make sense to me if they were. When the Stonemaul split, the ones that went to Kalimdor had to get their someway, so to me it would just make sense for the Stonemaul to have ship wrights who got the ships going for them to make the move.

I just figure the Gorian Empire referred themselves as high ogres to feed their ego and as a boast to keep the other ogre clans in line or something.


According to World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3, the MU Stonemaul Clan that left Eastern Kingdoms sailed across the ocean. So there is official confirmation that they know how to make boats (I don’t see them stealing already made human boats or something to transport and support the weight of a whole clan of Ogres) and traverse the ocean. I imagine other Ogre clans are ship wights as well, given that there are several other Ogre clans on Kalimdor and all the Draenor denizens arrived on Eastern Kingdoms during the Warcraft RTS games, which is where the Ogres come from, if I recall correctly.

It’s highly likely they would still be considered shipwrights if they became playable. After all, Orc ship designs came from Ogre ship designs. At the very least, the AU Stonemaul Clan would be ship wrights, so they can always fill in that part of the playable Ogre faction in general.

Regarding new docks, I don’t know if the Horde Ogres will be involved in that. It would make sense for them to help some with that, especially in Dustwallow Marsh, but seeing as the Horde Ogre clans were MIA during that huge war with the Alliance in BfA, an expansion that had a heavy naval theme to begin with, I wouldn’t expect it unfortunately. We’ll see what happens, though.

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Which is a real shame because their ships look awesome. Some official Warlords concept art gave us this beauty

Which was very likely inspired from the Ogre Juggernaut in WC2

Some WC3:Reforged concept art of the same thing


I miss those old Juggernaughts.

Also OMG! That COULD HAVE BEEN IN WOD!? Blizzard… you missed a big chance to make something awesome.


With a few minor changes, it did make it in.

^ Shattrath port.

The real crime here was not using it more in Warlords or since, especially in BfA. The Iron Horde carrier made it briefly into BfA, you see if during the Nazmir assault Horde side. Alliance side you just sends bombs up from a submarine.

I wish Blizzard would emphasize orc engineering more. Historically they’ve been incredibly quick to adapt technology from other races, especially goblins (hence all Iron Horde technology) but with their own aesthetic twist. It always ends up looking really cool.


Yes then finally y’all can play the characters most of y’all smell like

Oh hell I always thought that was just one of their regular boats modified minorly.

It really is just a thinner dreadnought.

Best boats.

All of this. I love how Orcs make their tech.

I hear I smell or ozone…


That Ogre juggernaut would’ve been interesting to see in naval combat in BfA. Moreso if we had ship battles and got to board and take over enemy ships. Maybe we could see something like that in the future.

Maybe if we got to see the MU Stonemaul Clan come into the picture again, we could see Ogre ships like that at the docks of Dustwallow Marsh. Not too sure where it could be. I mean, the remains of Theramore aren’t really being used, so that could get revamped as Horde docks there. I’m sure the Alliance wouldn’t be amused, but when are they ever happy with the Horde? It isn’t like the Horde wants an Alliance outpost so close to Orgrimmar, anyway.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Oh god…does this mean we’re getting Void Ogres?


I noticed you have giant boars as their mounts. Wouldn’t they ride something a little beefier like a clefthoof or something? Could even give us Gronn but then that would imply that our Ogres are the masters. Wait, we are the masters of Gronn.

They could just give us a giant boulder that we kind of run on top of. Could even rip it out of the ground as our mounting and throw it away or kick it on dismount, lol. Ogre strong. :japanese_ogre: :muscle:


It’s entirely possibly the AU Stonemaul Clan could ride Clefthoofs, but I had boars on there since there is in-game evidence of Ogres riding them at least in WoD. It’s possible they could be used if we assume the AU Stonemaul Clan brought some with them, which is also possible given all the beasts the Mag’har Orcs brought with them and utilized in some of the BfA areas when an area was under attack by the Alliance.

The main question would be whether Blizzard would remember and expand the AU Stonemaul Clan as part of the playable Horde Ogre faction, which they should. If it’s just the MU Stonemaul Clan and only the MU Stonemaul Clan, with no AU Stonemaul Clan integration, then it remains a question of what would be their mounts.

Best case scenario would be that the AU Stonemaul Clan would join with the MU Stonemaul Clan, as that would give Draenor options in transmogs, building and vehicle design, mounts, and other things. The more options for those interested in RPing, the better. And including the Dunemaul Clan would also be great, though I don’t know how they would get treated if they were remembered to begin with.

So Clefthoofs would be a good choice as a mount, but I haven’t seen evidence of it in-game compared to boars. But if anyone has anything shown in-game or mentioned in official works somewhere, I can take a look and consider it.

Ultimately, the question is what clan or clans would be part of the playable Horde Ogre faction, but if we have both the MU and AU Stonemaul Clan at least, we could have quite a few options for them!

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I feel the level of unamused would be what a Horde port at the Ruins of Theramore would be called. Like considering follow:
New Horde Horde base name: Unamused.
Theramore: Seriously unamused.
New Theramore: Extremely unamused at our cheek.
The Horde base created over the ruins of Theramore is run by Derek Proudmoore: Stunned into silence by the sheer audacity.

I would be perfectly fine with playing a Void Ogre.

Considering how Dustwallow Marsh has natives crocodiles, I would think it would be pretty cool if the Stonemaul tamed them as mounts.


A crocolisk mount wound be neat, though I don’t know if they would be an Ogre racial mount. They wouldn’t strike me as being big and tall enough to support Ogre weight in canon, so it’s a bit hard for me to imagine them as a racial mount. I do consider crocolisks as a possible Hunter starting pet for Ogres, though. Just my own personal opinion, of course.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre: