Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

maybe they could make a separate classic server for just that purpose. that would solve the issue quite nicely.

This should never happen, ever. Hardcore Classic players should not have to compete for loot against retail players who do not need the item or will use it in the game. They are completely separate games.


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5 million on Live with 10k deposit on Classic

yeahhhhhhhhh… NO!


This is also a concern.


I hear a rumor that the people there don’t have phones.

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Like it was stated at BlizzCon there will be no crossover in rewards between Retail WoW and Classic WoW. I don’t think there is any need to change that stance but I appreciate the post OP.

I think its fair to ask for an opportunity to earn those rewards again however I don’t think it should come at the cost of diminishing the rewards that players earned years ago and cherish. I think the opportunity to earn and have them exclusively on Classic is fair because its staying on Classic itself. I think any more crossover than that could be damaging and lessen the value or prestige of those rewards.

It’s a pretty solid philosophy at the moment that there will be zero crossover of rewards.


Is there anything “on the radar” in terms of getting some of the more “important” answers that the community is looking for? I.E. any timeframe that we’ll begin to get some more answers?

I assume there’s not much to report right now, just not sure what the plan is on communicating down the road, I think it’d alleviate some people’s frustrations (for about 5 minutes)


We don’t want crossover rewards… ever!


Very happy to hear Blizzard’s stance on this hasn’t changed. I believe Classic and Current should be as separate as possible.


Classic didn’t have achievements per se… so I don’t expect it to have any this time around either. Achievements weren’t introduced until 2008… I should know most of my achievements are from around that period.


i’m perfectly happy having my Retail WoW achievements, mounts, etc. being only on my Retail toons, while my Classic WoW mounts, pets, etc. are exclusive to my Classic toons.

i started playing 10 years into the story, and missed a LOT of things (like what Azeroth looked like before Deathwing broke half of the planet) so having Classic will be a chance to see that content.

do i want those mounts, achievements, etc.? heck yes!
would i be upset if i got them when BC was current only to have some newbie who was in diapers back then get them from a “side game”? i’d like to say no, but i probably would be a little annoyed.

so i have no problem with things earned in Classic staying on Classic. though the idea of Retail achievements (“Feat of Strength” more likely) related to completing things in Classic (like the FoS for having the Collector’s Edition of SC2: Wings of Liberty) sounds good to me.

my only concern is this:
If WoW Classic comes out 15 years after WoW’s original launch so that late-comers to the game can have the classic WoW experience, what happens in another 15 years when there’s yet another generation of new-comers looking to answer that question “what did I miss?”


Short term I don’t want any cross rewards.

Longer term… we can discuss it once the first run of classic is over… in a years time when that top tier guild is working on KT while a lot of other raids are wiping on Razorgore, then we can decide if pets/mounts/transmogs can carry forward into retail.

While this first classic “season” is going lets leave it defaulted to no.

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They’ll play Classic, presumably.

That’s the entire point of making Classic eternal.

Blizzard’s treating classic and live as anything more than two entirely separate entities is just begging for trouble.


No. Keep them completely separate. Dont touch my servers with any of your new bonus content ideas.


I don’t recall there being an achievement system in the orginal Wow. Wasn’t that something that came out in BC?

As for pets and mounts, short of the black battletank from the opening of AQ, what mounts could there be that arean’t already available to everyone who plays the regular game? Same for companion pets.

Nah I think things which required effort in Classic should stay classic. Partially because no matter how much Classic is replicated, it’ll still be easier now than it was back then because there are so many more resources, people are way more familiar with the game. Things which weren’t discovered until much later are now common knowledge.

That being said, the only thing I would like to see return are a few quest rewards or items that used to drop off mobs which had their level changed or were just completely removed from the game in Cata. Things that didn’t really take any effort to get back then. They were just run of the mill green drops. Then transmog hit in Cata and a lot of those items had been vendored by many people. It’s a good thing I’ve always been a hoarder but I should’ve hoarded more!

Re-adding some of those transmogs would be great, BUT still not necessary to have them transferable from Classic, re-adding a system like the salvage yard from WoD which had random chances to get some of those would be great. Even if I forked over 250,000 gold for a Foreman Vest, It would be great if I wouldn’t have had to. Some way to introduce just a few back in the economy so that the AH price is more around 60k - still rare but not “you’ll never have the dino AH mount if you keep buying low res brown vests” rare.

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No just no, it would undermine the current rewards from classic players from all that time ago. Want the rewards play the classic version and get them yourself.

Classic is its own entity and should be. A hardcore version if you must. I’m all for what the devs have shown, outside of sharding and the other common complaints. But devs have shown that they want to keep an authentic classic and I couldn’t be happier with that.

I can’t wait till summer 2019
all aboard the hype train


Wrath of the Lich King.


Zg mounts and potentially og unarmored epic mounts.