Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

Mounts and companions you get in classic SHOULD NOT be usable across multiple characters on the same classic account, however, you should be able to have these rewards in retail. This will increase the longevity of classic.

While I can fully understand the argument for “people will just play classic for the achievements/mounts/companions instead of classic itself and the people who want to play” that is not in and of itself a bad thing. Some people only still play retail for mounts/companies/appearances such as me. While I would be playing classic for the gameplay, getting things I can use on live as well would be an added bonus and would encourage me to use the servers more.

I can understand the concerns for a slippery slope, which is why I think they should only, solely, and be nothing other than one way. Classic appearances, mounts, companies -> retail.

Unique rewards might be something to consider, such as special sets, pets, or mounts for completing raids and dedicating time in classic. Someone who only wants the rewards and wants the single player experience won’t be able to get those rewards and will be forced to immerse themselves in the community if they do, similarly to how if you wanted to raid you had to immerse yourself in the community. Except now you have raiding and something you want in retail. This will help to solve the problem that’s in the community right now of silence and single player experiences with other people around by reminding them what its like to be part of a realm-wide community in WoW.

This is for the longevity of the game, to make people play both classic and retail. You don’t have to make the items the exact same appearance but something that will make retail players go to classic for an extended period and something that will make those who play classic try retail.

The “people will just do it for appearances/mounts/pokemon” argument is sophistry.
Imagine someone joins a mythic raiding guild with the intent of just getting the mount from the last boss of the tier. They still have to prepare for raids, integrate into the team and follow the raid mechanics, they won’t just /gquit after they get the mount either. How is this any different from that?


Hell no. This would reinforce bad behavior and we will have plenty of that already.

Classic’s sole purpose is not to be a side game for retailers. It’s a game in and of itself.


Oh god please no. Last thing anyone wants is to see this. It will encourage ninja looting.
Also - you help a guild priest/hunter get their new staff/bow and poof they disappear forever.


It could very well happen at the end of Classic’s life.
In any case, I hope they do because they added a way to get the Defias set in Legion and I lost my special snowflake status. Being as bitter as I am, I wish for everyone from Vanilla to feel that. >:(


Yes, it is. This will alter player behavior in a negative way


Good thing no one has ever said this because it won’t be happening.

Great troll post OP.


I concur.

If this were to happen It would probably go down the same way like any form of classic charter transfers probably would. It would have to be after the last AQ40 gate is open on the last classic server and most likely after Naxxramas is on farm. This way It will let players enjoy classic without all players who are just there to get their classic rare loot for retail.

In any event only time will tell if this ever happens because who can say what blizzard’s stance will be in a few years. I mean after all it was not long ago that they “spoke for all players” and said “You think you do, but you don’t”.

Honestly though I am just happy I get to play classic through a company who is not a third party developer. So until I get to play through too WotLK I can live without all my rare goodies in retail. If retail is still around by then, we will probably have seen or see some change in this police. If not, I will still have the first three ex-packs!


You need to understand and accept that it’s a different game.


Classic does not need an influx of tourists only interested in rewards for live wow.
Those players wouldn’t be interested in classic, only in live


I vote no.


You made what I consider a reasonable and well thought out argument than most but I would have to politely disagree with you. For instance mount acquision and the gold required to get said mounts did play into the overall economy. Back when the riding was cheap and the actual epic mounts were expensive (they later flipped it) I got exhalted with av since the epic ram was like 25% cheaper than a same speed tiger, hence influencing player behavior.


I remember that. And when they flipped it, they messed up for at least a day and both were cheap.


You know I forgot all about that…you are right but I had grinded Tyrs hand for my epic mount money by then.

Definitely not. Encouraging tourism would have negative effects.


I feel that doing this will create ninja loot issues.
And I agree with the no changes crowd on things of this nature.


yeah i don’t believe that retail and classic should be connected or even used in the same sentence unless comparing how different they are.


They’re not doing that, though. Someone asked about this at Blizzcon, and was told “No.”


There should be no link between Classic and modern. You don’t want a situation where players feel forced to play the other game to get something in the game they actually want to play.

You also don’t want to play with people who are only in Classic because it gives them something in modern.


Classic is the reward. The games are separate and should stay that way.


Blizzard themselves have said no to this and a big no at that. You don’t want players coming into a really community centred game just for unique items. They are only there for said item meaning they wouldn’t care how they got it or who they went through to get it.