Transfer from Classic to current (I know I’m not alone here!)

I think he’s talking separate servers for those who want to progress past Classic.

I advocate this as well. Leave your Classic server alone, but let people server transfer off into BC and possibly Wrath servers, if they choose.

This would allow you to keep playing Classic if you want, but give those that enjoyed a later expansion the opportunity to move on to the content THEY enjoyed.

I enjoyed myself up until Cata. The game systems were still fun and familiar as far as I’m concerned (some stuff was better, some was worse).

I’m just pulling for TBC because I can’t sit in Classic for 5+ years.

If they would make Classic+ or WoW 2, I’d probably prefer that, but I just don’t think it’s as likely an option.

Vanilla is not a dying game, in case you haven’t noticed.

This will never happen, as they do not want players being able to get certain achievements from this classic re-launch or obtain time limited items, etc, and then carry those into current retail.

What they are doing is creating an entirely new game in a sense, and will be managing 2 versions of WoW.

If you play in Classic, all your achievements, items, etc, will be restricted to the Classic side. Even once they release BC separate, you will only be able to transfer your Classic characters to the new BC and not into retail.

I can’t recall who in the dev team stated such things but fairly certain this is the way it will be.

It wouldn’t be fair for retail players who have been playing all this time to suddenly see “new retail” players that transferred over with new or special achievements or time limited items that they got from Classic flaunting them around when you never obtained this before during the original launch or retail expansions over time.

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I didn’t like TBC because it started to take away faction identity with giving Horde the option to start rolling Paladin. Made no sense at all and their lore reasoning for doing so also didn’t make sense. This is where the game started to die off, for me.

The rest of TBC was actually good in terms of content.

I would completely support a Classic+ or better yet, a WoW 2 with all the lessons learned, but yeah, a pipe dream right now.


This has previously been discussed by both the players and by Blizzard.


They should stop at a re-release of Wrath of Lich King. Cataclysm kinda killed things for me. I don’t think i’m still over it. lol I can’t wait for Classic. :heart:


There were some things I loved about TBC. There were other things I loathed, enough so that I quit WoW forever about halfway through. But still, there were some things I loved about it, enough so that I still have fond memories. (I am listening to the Nagrand ambient music as I type, in fact.)

I’ve since gone to try several other MMOs, and they’ve all been very mixed. Nearly every MMO I’ve tried required me to run through its awful, scripted, railroaded “story”. I’m tired of classes being changed with every expansion, especially when they remove things and give them to the “new” classes. Etc. etc.

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Nope; this is what he posted:

If Classic were active today, OP wants the option to jump to BfA – the “current” expansion – when he’s through with Classic. No misunderstanding whatsoever. If that’s not what he MEANT to say, he needs to come back in and correct that part of his sentence.

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That’s his first option. His second desired option is to move from Classic to “current expansions” (i.e, if today, to BfA), as he stated in the original post:

People need to quit reading what they WANT to be written there and read what OP actually wrote. You can’t address an issue if you can’t see the issue.

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If they release BC servers, I’d be fine with them letting you got from Classic to BC but Classic (and BC if it happens) should be completely separate from Retail.

Connecting them would harm Retail by allowing old time-exclusive items to be obtained indefinitely and it would harm Classic by having a bunch of ninja looters roll in Classic just to get some transmog item that isn’t in retail anymore.


I mean… I think they should have you relevel from 1-70. For tbc. That would also help the longevity of it since people would have to relevel. But I imagine they will do some paid transfer option because all they care about is money these days.

If the subscription number increases due to people returning for Classic, there is no doubt they will use those funds to keep that playerbase staying and continuing that subscription revenue.

Whether that means TBC, making new content for Classic, or whatnot, it has yet to be seen. We will have to wait and see.

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Wouldn’t work without MASSIVE reworking of the TBC code to take Hellfire Peninsula mobs down to lvls 1 - 10, Zangarmarsh 11 - 20, etc. Can’t have a new lvl 1 toon fighting lvl 58, 59, and 60 mobs from the git-go. Or they would have to somehow merge Classic and TBC into one game, and that’s the road that led us to the current configuration of the game. Plus, if they merged them, you’d have to do the Classic content all over again to level up to the point you could do Hellfire Peninsula.

And people said the same thing about classic, now don’t you feel like a hypocrite diving into the ‘‘wall of no’’ camp? you should.

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I want fresh every time no character transfers.

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Bro… You’re thinking way into this. I mean fresh toons from 1-70 LMFAO like elwyn and barrens again :rofl::rofl: what you just said would be stupid. You’d spend 1 month played in 5 zones lol.