Unobtainables in Classic

The most unobtainable thing in Vanilla: Trying to get your ghost to go underwater to reclaim your corpse in BFD.

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Let’s all point and laugh at the transmog addict.



Classic likewise doesn’t exist to be held over the heads of Retail players like some sort of badge of honor.

If you really want OP to see your way of thinking, at least say it in a way that’s not so indignant.

If anything, the players who did stick around in Retail are the only reason Classic is happening in the first place, if many more had left, then WoW itself would have been completely over.

Retail is a mess but we should at least acknowledge the need to be one community, not Vanilla Players>Retail Players.


or they would’ve dropped the garbage game they created sooner and worked on classic years ago.


That’s what I said. They’re exclusive. Derp.

Let me help:


Prepare to be disappointed. They won’t be.

If you want to play Classic then play Classic for the sake of playing Classic. If you can’t appreciate that then you’re not welcome and you can just stay in retail land.


I thought you meant there was a chance store items would cross over?

Create an innocuous and positive post about Classic in General Discusion and see what happens. Go ahead. Foster this unified community you seem to to think we need.


I’m just calling the guy out for being rude.

I played Vanilla too, but that doesn’t exactly make me Rosa Parks just because someone in GD doesn’t like Classic.


Uhuh, sure you haven’t.

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Here’s something a little more definitive for any doubters out there. Straight from the horses mouth. :horse:


If only there were a really simple and quick way to search the forums to see if anyone else had asked this question and if it had been answered.

If only there was a really quick and simple way to the internet in general to see if this question had ever been asked and answered.

If only there were videos of Q and A panels from Blizzcon that people could watch to see if this question had ever been asked and answered.

Oh, well. I guess we’ll just have to wait for someone to invent those things. We could even call them “forum search tool”, “google” and “you tube”.

If only people wouldn’t be facetious in responding…


Most of us are treating “retail” players with the same kindness they have shown us the past several years. Just because they don’t like the taste of the medicine doesn’t mean they wont be getting several large doses.


That’s what makes both communities garbage. Try rising above that…be the better person.


Here is a bettet idea, put teise items back on loot tables and as quest rewards in retail. Problem solved.

Also. To say we owe it to retail players for Classic being created is laughable. If blizzard were to die, private servers would be in full force. Vanilla fans are die hard, which is why Blizzard is playing this smart.

Okay so should I be able to get overwatch skins in WoW? Probably not, they’re two different games and blizzard has said the same. It’s not a badge of honor, it’s not wanting our game that we love to be a side show for a game we no longer wish to play.


Apparently being a Vanilla player means never having to grow up.

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