Transfer from Classic to current (I know I’m not alone here!)

I’m shocked the OP used an alt character with 0 posts to make this troll thread.

It was YOUR idea; I was responding to YOUR post.

I dont think the system should exsist. I think it makes the devs look to Groupings of armor like we have in BFA since they just expect people to Transmog the gear to what they want to wear. Even the clown suits in TBC were intersting compared to the collection meta that has come about with transmog. To that end i do despise the system, however, since im not going to get it changed and its not going to go away i used it to my advantage to change the gear i have to something better.

Call my a hypocrite but im not into fighting the machine for a change they arent going to make

OP is a troll, don’t feed him, down vote and move on. The question was raised and vehemently shot down.

This will not be happening.

TBC was not limited to Outlands.

TBC included all of the vanilla world also.

Context … context. The conversation was about moving a Classic character to TBC, meaning Classic and TBC servers would be stand-alone servers, not connected except by a character transfer service, paid or unpaid. The idea was proposed to have a character start at lvl 1, and that won’t work on a stand-alone server without a massive re-write of the code to either adjust TBC mobs to allow a noob character to stand a chance against them, or bring Classic code into the TBC code, which would kill Classic since no one would want to repeat the same content back-to-back having just done it in Classic.

You’re just retarded if you think burning crusade servers are a good idea. Burning crusade introduced the features people hate most about WoW.

As I said, TBC United the vanilla world as well as Outkands.

Or, would you rather have TBC without the parts that existed in Azeroth, such as Karazan, the Blood Elf areas, ZA, the Draenei areas, etc.

Classic to whatever comes after it, if there is anything I think is basically a settled fact that you will be able to. Classic+ or Classic TBC for example.

Classic to retail, almost definitely not. Blizzard has a long history (in my opinion) of emphatically saying no, only to recant later and allow things they swore would never happen. So… possibly?

My question is why would you want to?

Being blunt, the amount of work to get all that cool stuff from the game (Classic) that was removed is going to be withering. There might be 5 players that get it all in total.

Blizzard will NEVER make TBC servers

Those areas would still be in Classic, as would your original toon that you were allowed to copy/paste from Classic into Classic:TBC. You just wouldn’t be able to run them with a lvl 70 character instead of a lvl 60 character. That’s if both were stand-alone servers, which would be my preference.

If you merge them, and the developers were somehow able to rewrite the code to do that without screwing up both for the next three years, they’d still be available. And you could “superhero” all the Classic raids with your lvl 70 character. I just don’t see the developers being able to merge them without rendering the completed project totally unplayable.

I’m sure they’ll sell you a transfer.

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This is just my opinion.

I would imagine that the Classic “vanilla only” servers would continue to exist as they are.

The Classic “TBC” servers would exist as they existed when TBC was released–including nmot only Outlands, but also the entire world of Azeroth, including those parts of TBC that were located in that world.

So YOU would be willing to do the Classic content all over again from lvl 1 just to get to Outland, Eversong Woods, Ghostland, Azuremyst Isle, and Bloodmyst Isle? You’re going to be in TBC a long, long, long time …

This is a great idea to keep transmog from classic. People will still need for mogs though.

Of course I would be willing to do the vanilla content again.

How else would I, or any other player, be able to level a Blood Elf or a Dreanei?

I did not say that should be the only option, however.

Again, this is just my opinion, but I would have no objections to players being able to choose to make a free one way transfer from their Classic server to a TBC server. This would be entirely voluntary. Players can choose to stay on their Classic server in Classic content or progress into and through the TBC content.

I do not believe that character copy should be an option, though, as that is far too easily abused and exploited, IMO.

No, that expansion began the downfall.

The game was worlds better before blood elves and flying.

Unless you really think Classic+/WoW2 is a possibility, I don’t really see a better option.

While I will certainly enjoy Classic, progressing to TBC sure beats 5+ years of farming the same raids and PvP titles.