My only fear for Classic

That’s what the no changes movement has always been about. Make the best wow possible from within the time of vanilla.

Blizzard even encouraged such a discussion


I wasn’t aware of that. Last I heard, we were getting 1.12, warts and all. Meaning we were getting all the bad stuff that came with that version of the game.

Do you have a link to that post? I’d like to use it in future discussions.

that was announced at blizzcon 2017. and blizzard said they were using 1.12 as the base of the game, not the game itself. if we were getting strict 1.12 whats with the staggered content? with the aq gate event?
whats with the cheap training but expensive mounts?

as for them asking about the stuff i mentioned

So, content-wise, it will be the same?

Brack: Content-wise it will be identical. Now, “identical” has a lot of nuance, [though], because WoW changed a lot in the two years between launch and Burning Crusade. One of the reasons we are talking about this as early as we are is to get the community’s opinions on which way we should go for certain things.

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I’m looking forward to the posts about how no one plays vanilla wow. If Blizz doesn’t add some sort of achievements for playing vanilla wow that apply to retail the game is dead on arrival. But I am glad the rose color glass people will leave retail and maybe we can actually get more stuff to do in retail.

Indeed, what Backagain and the other people who seem to think what he’s repeating is some kind of compelling point ignore, is that no one has ever, ever said “#NoChangesFrom1.12.”

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Oh well. Guess it’s gonna be DoA.



Man you sure are irrationally defensive about classic wow. Even one of the lead devs said he was unsure making classic wow was a good idea. I mean if it’s a success it’s a success. I’m just stating what a lot of people are already thinking.

Man you people sure are set on trying to change a game you don’t even want.

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No. Leave classic as classic. At first I wanted changes but it will not be the original experience plus they said they are already not doijng that. If servers start to die they’ll just combine servers. Maybe years and years down the road they’ll have to add things or something (kind of how OSRS did) but for now they should leave it as authentic as possible. It will be years until world first naxx clear anyway.

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If they release BC/Wotlk servers they should offer to COPY your character and keep servers separated so you can « max level » vanilla, BC or Wotlk and gave FUN!!!

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It would be refreshing if trolls would try to at least put minimal effort into thrir bait. I mean, that post is pathetic.

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Time out there fella.

I’ve been one of the biggest screamers for re-tuning, pre-Naxx threat, etc.

Why? Because it’s best for the health of the game. I want Classic to capture as much as possible, the “feel” of what Vanilla was. I want MC to take hours and hours. I want mana to matter again. I want threat to be a thing again. I don’t want raid bosses to die in 2 seconds. I want fire resist to matter again. I personally would like to see original scholo and strath, but don’t think it should be in Classic because the grind would be too much.

Vanilla meant that much to me. It was that large a part of my “not yet married, long distance relationship, partying in the city or working when not playing WoW” life. I played almost 70 hrs a week.

So, while it’s a fair generalization that people are using “for the good of the game” to further their own greedy agenda, I’m just going on record that the only reason why am such a vocal proponent of re-tuning and making things like authentic Vanilla, is actually for the good of the game. I want to know a large part of my life and enjoyment has been locked away somewhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Classic will be anywhere near what the Vanilla experience was. But that’s another story for another time.

I’ll be lucky if I hit 60 in 3 months. I probably won’t have time to spend the 2-3 hours in original scholo/strath. I definitely won’t have time to raid as I’ll be playing maybe 8 hours a week. And I definitely don’t have any unfinished business to be had when or if I do play Classic. (Maybe get the Orb of Deception? lol)

So yeah, there are actually some people out there that don’t only care about themselves and how it impacts them. Frankly, if Classic keeps its current course, I won’t play. Couldn’t care less. But, I care enough to post on these forums and on reddit for the sake Classic giving Vanilla a fair shake.

The worst thing blizz can do is add wow tokens for wow gold. It’s such a bad idea that a stack of copper ore will be 1000g just like it is in modern wow and it’s a blasted shame!

Care to explain this statement in more detail? A few specific reasons?

You aren’t talking about the totally-unfinished demo with broken textures and vestigial interface features that haven’t yet been removed, are you?

no i believe hes talking about, given his post history , how he feels like some elements from earlier in vanilla should be franken patched into the final product .

things like pre 1.11 shield slam being the norm until naxx comes out or some sort of aura that applies only when you are in naxx.

also 1.5 av? i think. or some other minor changes that happened IN the vanilla timeline 1.1-1.12

I don’t care much about shield slam and threat isn’t a dealbreaker (they can use any version of vanilla threat and it’s fine with me) but I’m a strong advocate of an early version for AV. The earlier the better, actually.

I can totally see this feature being abused. Transfer all your gold and crafting materials to one character, copy; transfer to next character, copy; so on and so forth.

This is assuming private servers are any indication - which is a big assumption, but the only thing we have to go by - given that 1.12 was around for only a short while before TBC.

For anyone that progression raided - MC as of 1.1 or around , BWL as of 1.6 or around etc, WoW was a completely different game than a private server. On private servers, bosses die in 2 seconds. Mage stack +spell power greens, spec arcane power, and miraculously don’t go out of mana. Back then, gear was garbage and so were the talents, so mana was a big problem. Contrary to popular belief, Tier 1 was useless but it wasn’t completely useless. Ony cloaks for a requirement for a good portion of the raid. Otherwise, healers would OOM healing people from the fire damage from Rag that actually hurt. That made MC a huge grind. Time was a factor.

There was no “raid Naxx every day while we do the other instances at the same week”.

Scholo/Strath etc took 2-3 hours. Not these 30 minute speed runs.

Now, with time comes a very different meta. Different BiS. Different challenges getting to the next raid tier. With time, you have to deal with guild turnover and splits.

When progression guilds got to Naxx, we were worn out and flat out tired. There was a reason why I burnt out early TBC. Just getting to Naxx alone was a challenge. 1.12 and on private servers, people stroll into Naxx “fresh” (pun intended). It’s a way different experience.

Now, I’m not saying my experience was the Vanilla experience, but something in between this and 1.12 would be nice. 1.12 is nothing but LFR and welfare epics.

Classic is following this path - the lazy path. 1.12 is just a fraction of what Vanilla was. Blizzard will eventually need to “translate” 1.12 numbers into Retail, and who knows what will happen. But Vanilla is officially gone. It has its own numbers. Classic after translation will have their own. And private servers will have their own.

At the end of the day, I’ll wait a few months - and see where the game is at. If MC is cleared in a week, and things like threat and mana management aren’t fixed, I’ll pass.

I agree.

IMO, it should be a transfer, not a copy.

Players did not get to progress into TBC content while keeping a “copy” of their character at level 60 to continue to in vanilla at level 60. Players had to decide whether to remain at level 60 and continue to do vanilla content at level 60 or to progress into TBC content.

Yepp 100% right, WoW devs know class balancing is a really touch subject for Classic players, myself included.

I’m OK with one class being slighly overpower, compared to other classes, for a short period of time. I like that rougues were so damn good at pvp (never played one, but you knew when you came accross one you were up for a good match)