Unlocking Unobtainable Appearances in Class for Retail?

this has been discussed before and it basically wouldn’t be good for the health of the classic community in the slightest.

you’re counter argument is that people did it in classic anyway after getting their TF or whatever.

the difference is that is natural. but what you are doing is taking the natural and increasing it.

let me put it in perspective.
people are going to steal stuff.
you try to offset this by making sure your doors and windows are shut and locked yes?
what you are basically proposing is keeping your doors and windows unlocked. and posting a sign saying as such.


I think blizzard themselfs discarded this idea somewhere.


A blue already said stuff like that is not gonna happen in classic, Classic and Retail are separate and won’t cross-contaminate each other.


The difference here is keeping your windows and doors permanently shut means death by suffocation.

My main counter is it’ll keep this game alive more so than not. Address that point.

Blues/Blizzard say a lot of things. No flying in WoD, no Zandalari pallies, no classic servers


I’d rather believe them over a random level 19 player.



Thank you Mergons, I was looking for that.

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Well, at least it’s not a sharding thread.


I fully agree that it should. There is no reason not to, has the original challenge has re-introduced itself that way it was meant to. No longer obtainables is a toxic marketing scheme only meant to keep a player playing. It’s not fair for those who can’t afford it, unaware of the game back then, or simply don’t have the time.

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That’s your perrogative. I’m just saying don’t take Blue posts as gospel. Or do. It’s more entertaining that way.


Thanks. It keeps blowing down every subsequent Blue post you throw at me. Keep doing so!

As noted this has already been discussed, and Blizzard said don’t bet on it happening.

On top of that, the problem is that it invites the wrong kind of person to play Classic: People who don’t really want to play Classic, but just want those super rare transmogs.

They’re going to resent having to put that much time into Classic for transmogs in BfA, and their “ugh, let’s just get this over with” mentality and intention to stop playing the moment they get what they want will make Classic players resent them being there.

If Blizzard wants to offer those appearances for transmog against I’m all for it, but it should be obtainable in BfA rather than making people play a different game they may have no interest in.


Such a good argument u got there!

Whatever keeps you comfy at night. I foresee someone is gonna be a sad rogue when Classic launches.

It’s a fair argument, has blizzard does change it’s opinion based on demand. If you can’t sate the customer, then the customer will spend their money elsewhere


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It’s a fair point. But the amount of grinding/leveling/etc you need to hit max and gear to obtain those sought after items equates to contributing to the community on their journey



If they are only here for the transmogs then let them come get it. They will put up the work required to achieve it. I rather have an actual community than one that will die from starved content

It’s not going to happen /thread


Classic is Retail, you will need to pay to play it.

Classic is an entirely different game than Modern WoW. It makes as much sense to get an achievement or appearance in Modern WoW by playing Starcraft Remaster as it does to include any kind of crossover in Classic to modern.

In other words, it’s a terrible idea because modern collectivists will feel as if Blizzard is forcing them to play Classic when they’re not interested.

This would be as ridiculous as expecting people to purchase a trading card game just to RNG luck out to get a BiS item for Classic WoW.

Absolutely no sensible person wants to play that way.

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