Will mounts earned in classic be usable in retail?

Players may want this, but I don’t think Blizz cares much. In fact, they seem to dislike mounts that were only available for a short time. The BMAH is further evidence of this.

Again, I don’t think Blizz dislikes this idea. I think it’s some of the players that do.

Still, both of these are fair points against the idea.

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yeah we only need one it wasn’t in vanilla it WONT be in classic


It’s all good. I’ll probably watch the whole thing anyway.

Thanks for the source.

But… vanilla mounts actually ARE usable in retail, so this argument makes no sense.

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Timestamp: 8:20

Not just Transmog but all transfer of items.



Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

Here you go man. Here is a blue post.


I was just about to link this, ty Tornos.

There are also a number of other blue posts in that thread regarding this and why this will not be happening in Classic. If you want to quickly see them, click on the “blue tracker” at the top of these forums, scroll down and read all the blue posts made in the thread Tornos linked.


But that’s not the same thing. Retail and Classic are going to be two completely separate clients. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other and it will be two completely separate games. Those mounts that are in retail that people obtained in Vanilla were obtained in the retail version, not the upcoming Classic version.


Allowing Classic items and accomplishments to be brought over to retail compromises one of the primary drawing points of WoW for most gamers: prestige.

Blizzard has deliberately eliminated items, titles, and content from retail so that people who obtained/experienced them when they were current feel special, and to punish people who leave when the game slows down.

It’s been a major component of Blizzard’s business model for WoW since the middle of TBC, and would basically cost them the rest of their retail playerbase if they did a 180 on it now.

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If you’re arguing that retail and classic are two separate things, then the argument fails on a different point: none of this would be in classic.

Here is another post from a blue in that same thread that Tornos linked.

" Sorry you feel this way but if that’s what you were hoping for then it sounds like Classic isn’t really for you. That’s okay though. I still encourage you to try it though!

It’s not throwing it away, its giving the community that wants Classic the most authentic experience we can provide. Adding any sort of reward carry over in either direction isn’t authentic and defeats the point.

Classic is there for those that will want to play it. Not just for rewards on their BfA license, which would be devaluing to those that earned those rewards that are no longer obtainable, and vice versa would be introducing things that were never there in Classic to begin with. Neither of which we want to do in this case. We know the community that has been asking for Classic for years doesn’t want either of those scenarios, and neither do we."

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Man, they’re out in force today.

OP does not bother to do any of their own research, but comes to the forums and expects sourced answers. If you want sources, get them yourself.


To be clear, this argument is technically false, because they are the same code base with minor modifications, and draw from co-located game data files.

The real response to:

Except for the ones that were removed during Vanilla, those mounts are still available in the game today. On a new account, I can go any buy a Saber from Darnassus and its the same item (ID and all) as it was in 2004. And Blizzard has never had a problem with temporarily available items, as shown in almost every pre-patch launch event. I still have my [Haunted Memento].

Don’t confuse the same item database for being the same games. Classic is intentionally siloed off because they want people to play Classic for Classic, not as a way to enhance a Retail character.


You seem to be searching for some type of justification for what you are wanting in Classic, but it just isn’t there honestly. They are two separate clients. The games will not link in any way. You will not be logging into retail WoW and choosing a Classic “realm.” You will be logging into a completely separate client (game) for Classic.

Classic is based on Vanilla WoW, the version of the game before any expansions. Not sure why you are misunderstanding this so much. Just because people played the retail version of Vanilla when it was live, myself included, and have items they obtained then, doesn’t mean those items will be there for me in a new client and version of the game as it was years ago. Again, two…separate…games.

Regardless, Blizzard has already said what you are asking for won’t be happening with a few people here in this thread posting their legitimate sources when this was said.

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If you make a claim, the onus is on you to back it up with a source.

I didn’t make a claim. I asked a question. I left the game in Cata and haven’t kept up, so I therefor had no idea that Blizz had weighed in on the issue.

Others corrected me. I politely asked for a source, and was provided with two. I thanked those that provided the source.

This is how forums are supposed to work.

If you don’t like that, you’re free to ignore the thread.

in classic there be NO

player character BEs
horde pallies
alliance shamans
gnome hunters
plate/mail armor until level 40
mounts until level 40
boat to SW from Darnassus “enjoy your wetlands corpse run”
rep tabards
level scaling zones
second AH in SW

etc etc

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They are separate clients Eloraell. You will not be logging into a Classic realm on the live client. That is the point I’m trying to get across. The OP keeps acting as if because they are both WoW, things should be able to be used across both clients.

I’m not talking about the technical side of things, just the simple facts that they are two separate entities.

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I don’t actually want mounts in classic to be available in retail, so your premise is incorrect.

And therefor the argument that “it wasn’t in vanilla so it shouldn’t be in classic” makes no sense. Your BFA characters aren’t in classic. Giving your BFA characters mounts and pets you earn in classic doesn’t actually change classic in any way.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t arguments against giving BFA characters classic mounts, but this isn’t one of them.

Which share the same data files. Half the content of Vanilla is still in Retail. The fact that the executables are different doesn’t change the fact that 90% of the code of those executables are the same. It’s not a justification for no overlap.

The justification is that Blizzard has said they want to make it this way, and intentionally siloed off the two games. There’s no reason they couldn’t link them since the two games will share a data cloud, it’s an active choice.

Nobody here is talking about anything you listed.