Unlocking Unobtainable Appearances in Class for Retail?

I have no issue with rewards, transmog, achievements, etc taking effect in retail for actions taken in Classic… just not vice versa

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Improvise, adapt, overcome.
If they can’t performe that challenge the way it was meant to be obtain then they don’t deserve it

Not my problem? Lol
Adjust. Adapt. Overcome. It works for everything.

I agree, leave classic things in classic. However doing things in classic for retail let’s you obtain items the way they were supposed to

Question was already answered. The fact that you’re basing your entire argument on the fact that Blizzard lied to us is icing on the cake.

Except they were never supposed to.


Well you can start a thread in GD on it. I’ll even support it for live. Give ya some love and maybe even a post or two.
Cause timewalking Vanilla dungeons would be cool! Imo.

The look on his face says it all!

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Most people get bored doing the same thing over and over again. If you want to let a game die then let’s just agree to disagree

Has history has shown, things can change. or Classic would not exist. You don’t have a real counter argument.

Taking bets on that thread getting relocated to it’s proper home :japanese_ogre:

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Has history shown though?

They wouldn’t?..even a time walking Vanilla idea for live? Hmmmmm
Honestly curious now lol

the whole point of classic though is to go back to what was. not to go back and then change it.
something something definition of insanity something something.

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Yes? Dreanor flying. WoW Classic. No Zandalri Paladins. No Kul’tiran Mages…

“A person has a different opinion than me, he must be stupid”

They did Molten Core somewhat recently.

Yea. 10th anny? It was…entertaining. lol. I’d like to see more!

13th I think it was.