Guild Banks Pt. 14

Man, you’re just a troll dude. It’s getting really obvious at this point. They said multiple times that changes were not definite, or even being considered but that the discussion around them was worthwhile to have.

I’ve really done quite well uncovering what’s really here with a lot of No-changers. Mogar claiming to want an absolutely authentic experience while asking for changes to all the Vanilla water to be completely opaque. Twidget using the Inky Black Potion on BfA, while claiming that was the authentic Vanilla WoW night and wanting Blizzard to aim for that level of darkness.

And many more hypocritical “No-changes except the ones I want” posters.


Take it up with Ion. He’s the one who said it.

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Not that hard to read the thread, i think you said he linked it, as for the tweets, just do a search around that same time for them, was a couple choice ones, so yah definitely pitchforks.

Oh yah the thread that is linked is not the original one like Tuathaa said. Also I am pretty sure the bad posts got removed as well, but you do have the CMs talking about the CoC in the last post.

LOL the same as people did with Ystheins in the CE thread? Newsflash some of what he said there was his opinion too.

yah there were just nothing but happy people posting postive things towards and about what the blues posted,lol.

Having a different opinion is not trolling, having a different pov on a subject is not trolling, sorry nothing I am saying is ‘trolling’ just because you do not like it, and of course you completely ignore where I also said

Wanted to add, to be 100% fair, I would not say it was all entirely one group that was doing all of that, people seem to like to find a hot topic and ‘pile on’ , so Im sure there was some of that going on too.

Yah that sounds like someone who is not saying it was all one group doing all the negavity that happened around that time to the blues, not ‘trolling’


Where did I even hint that I didn’t see the difference? Damn, you’re such a troll.

Ion was a raider. I’m sure he knows it, which makes his statement very baffling.

Do you mean these posts?


Yup though I need to change that to some of what he said was also his opinion, instead of what I said.

like that( lol stupid quote system, I just un retired you and gave you a job at Blizzard)

But besides all of that, attacking them whether or not they were speaking 'officially" or not was wrong, for whoever was responsible.

Did you forget this post from Ysthiens:

Which would seem to indicate that when Ysthiens said

he was speaking for the WoW team and not giving his opinion, since he used the word “we”.

Likely means an opinion not a fact., have fun at your new job, don’t let them forget to not use sharding more than what they have stated already!

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You might want to have a word or two with your vocabulary teacher.

“Likely” does not mean an opinion.

adjective: likely; comparative adjective: likelier; superlative adjective: likeliest

such as well might happen or be true; probable.
"it was likely that he would make a televised statement"
synonyms:	probable, distinctly possible, to be expected, odds-on, on, possible, credible, plausible, believable, within the bounds of possibility, imaginable; More
expected, anticipated, natural, prospective, predictable, predicted, foreseeable, ten to one, liable;
sure, destined, fated;
in the wind, in the air;
informalin the cards, a pound to a penny
"it seemed likely that a scandal of some sort would eventually break"
antonyms:	unlikely, impossible, improbable
apparently suitable; promising.
"a likely-looking spot"
synonyms:	suitable, appropriate, apposite, fit, fitting, acceptable, proper, right; More
reasonable, promising, hopeful
"it was a likely place for a romantic-minded young girl to frequent"
likely to succeed, promising, talented, gifted;
"what would I be needing money for with a likely lad like Tom here to support me?"

adverb: likely

"we will most likely go to a bar"
synonyms:	probably, in all probability, presumably, no doubt, doubtlessly;

Lol ok he is saying it could happen, he is giving his opinion of what he thinks COULD happen based on what he knows.

At least you gave up on the rest of the first post at least, but this line of discussion is going nowhere so continue it if you like.


Yes, it could happen, but the chances that it will are probably very small.

I could win the lottery tomorrow, but the chances are very small that I will. Therefore, it is likely that I will not.

Your bridge is waiting for you.

so anyone who disagrees with you is trolling, sorry, I already corrected you on that.

He was giving his opinion on that, if you see it differently, then good for you, you have that right, the same as I do to see it the way I do, and guess what? Neither is trolling, just DIFFERENT povs.


The individuals at question that blew up were no changers and flipped their lid when a blue said they wouldn’t mind a non classic change.
Yes they made it clear that it was their opinion but all folks see is blue text


Maybe focus on individual posters and not group up everyone into some arbitrary association. I’m responsible for my posts. As is each person.

I could just as easily say pro-changers are toxic and insulting the way a few people treated Ythisens when he posted his opinions (including ones shared by the devs). But I don’t because blaming and linking people together simply because they share similar views is childish at best.


Exactly it’s very likely blizzard has not in fact invented a time machine and despite how much people stamp their feet classic will not in fact be the same as vanilla.

Make it 2500g for 20 slots and maybe ill be ok with it.

I am perfectly fine with a high buy in price and a subsequent 500g increase for each tab.
That way it takes a guild to unlock. Also not opposed to setting membership requirements such as 10 unique accounts over level 10 to keep bank unlocked

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First, let me say that I am pointing no fingers at any specific posters.

Some people not only want their desired non vanilla QOL convenience change of guild banks, they also want Blizzard to devote time and resources into completely redesigning the guild bank system.

But, it can be as close to vanilla as orcishly possible.

That would include not having guild banks. Given the things they have specifically shot down, it appears that Blizzard is leaning much more heavily toward a truer classic experience than a watered down, bastardized classic +.

It appears that those who want classic to be made as far from vanilla as possible are losing that battle also.