New Player Friendly Guilds Check In Here!

If you're a new player friendly guild and willing to take new guildmates under your wing, then please post in this thread.

Guild Name:
Primary Focus: (PvE, PvP, RP, etc.)
Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild:
Guild Name: Dirty Deeds Inc
Realm: Feathermoon/ScarletCrusade
Primary Focus: PvP/PvE/Light RP
Best Contact: Any member sporting the ranks "Soldier, Made Man, or Capo." Though Valashel-ScarletCrusade or Keitenhelt-Feathermoon are your two best bets.

We're always looking to fill our members in a highly sociable and fun environment. Give us a shout if you're ever around! :D
Guild Name: <FriendshipLegion>
Realm: Cenarius
Faction: Alliance
Primary Focus (PvE, PvP, RP, etc.): All
Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Zelse

FriendshipLegion is the evolution of FriendshipMoose. I did a little write up on it here for anyone wanting to read what it is about -
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Guild Name: Warforged Legion

Realm: Emerald Dream

Primary Focus: PvP/ Light RP

Best Contact: Vaedron\Visibilities or Alitza.

come check us out <3
Guild Name: Stone Haven (Alliance Side)
Realm: Earthen Ring-US (RP Server)
Primary Focus: PvE/RP, Casual/Social Interaction
Best Conact: Anyone currently online

Happy to add anyone who is courteous towards others and is committed to having fun!
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Guild Name: Hopeless No More

Realm: Doomhammer (Horde)

Main focus: PVE--we love to get groups together for dungeons, raids, or anything you are finding difficult.

Best contact: almost anyone in the guild can invite, if you are interested in raiding the best contact is me-Lohao.

Our guild believes firmly in the fact that everyone has to start somewhere, we have all been new to the game at one point and we love helping our guildmates learn and grow.
Guild Name: Elysium

Realm: Suramar/Draka (Alliance)

Primary Focus: PVE is our main focus for coordinated events, but we welcome players to enjoy the game in whatever manner they like best!

Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: That'd be me! I can be reached on Twitter as @TamerLanurai. You can also reach out to me in-game, or find Madroth, Kyslar, Senbotsu, Fedaris, or Laeho. We'd all be glad to help you out!

A little info: We were formed over 10 years ago and are still going strong. Our guild has become more like a family, as many of us have been playing together for years now. Our goal is to create a positive environment for every player that joins, and you will find plenty of people willing to lend a hand as you learn about this wonderful World of Warcraft :)
Guild Name: Crazy Caught Up
Realm: Stormrage - Alliance
Primary Focus: (PvE, PvP, RP, etc.) PvE (raiding and dungeons)

Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild:

Please contact Mayples or send me in game mail. Alternatively you can contact any of our members by typing "/who Crazy Caught Up".

We are an adult focused guild which loves to raid and play together. We are not active during the week, we play primarily on weekends. Our guild is made up of professionals in the game industry/programming/IT and other large corporations. We do have active members on during the week but our most active time is 10pm est on Fri until 2am est and 10pm est until 2 am est Saturday.

If your interested or want to establish a contact or even cross realm raid/party you can reach out to me on Twitter @Mayples_ or in game!
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Guild Name: Knights Who Say Ni
Realm: Quel'Dorei (connected to Sen'jin}
Primary Focus: (PvE, PvP, RP, etc.) PVE
Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Azraela

We were founded in 2007 and are Quel'Dorei's realm first level 25 guild. Why's that important? We are dedicated to Azeroth and want our members to achieve the "impossible". We are mostly older players (mostly ages 30-60) and are casual raiders. We have g-rated guild chat so children and grandchildren of our members won't learn colorful phrases. We are also family friendly.
Guild Name: Something Pretentious

Realm: Suramar-Draka

Primary Focus: Mix of social/casual, lots of kooky helpful people, mature sociak guild, planning on pursuing mythics in Legion, 13/13H-HFC

Best Contact: Zulli, Aura, Leura

We love newbies or returning players! We're a tight knit bunch and always have a good time and fun events.
Guild Name: Raise a little hell
Realm: Moonguard
Faction: Alliance
Primary Focus: PvE, Social and Leveling Help, casual dungeons and raids
Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Anyone who is online can invite you or if you have any questions feel free to look for Alchair, Halstrom, Loclan, Gimilbert, Malach, or Andydna

We are a friendly guild who enjoys hanging out together and running any and all content. Members are on mainly in the afternoon/ evenings and all times on the weekend so feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need help with anything. Mainly a mature guild with members ranging in age from 20- 60. We all had to start somewhere so why not let us help you learn to love this game as much as we do!
Guild Name: Derp Masters

Realm: Ghostlands/Kael'thas [Horde], Stormrage [Alliance]

Primary Focus: PvE, questing, leveling, offering advice to being awesome

Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Myself or the guild mistress herself, Dorkalee.

We're just a small group of friends now, but always looking for new friends, especially with the coming expansion & the movie, hopefully bringing in new blood to a beloved game.
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Guild Name : Freaks of Nature (Alliance)

Realm: Eitrigg or Shu'halo (Connected Realms) PVE Realms

Primary Focus: PVE, Questing, Leveling, Dungeons, and Learning Raids (

Best Contact in game: Meirá-Eitrigg or Rosecloud-Eitrigg
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Guild Name: Dont Be So Serious (Horde)

Realm: Eitrigg/Shu'halo (Connected Realms) PVE Realms

Primary Focus: CASUAL Players welcome, We live, play and laugh together. And we do learning raids! (

Best Contact in Game: Mordecaí-Eitrigg or Llorta-Eitrigg or Lilneeky-eitrigg
Guild Name:Fey Mercurial
Realm:Dath'Remar/Khaz'Goroth a pair of connected Oceanic realms.
Primary Focus: PVE with normal and some heroic raiding as our main focus
Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Fairaday, Thumpet, Jemmy, Amberlin, Orthanos, Koyannis, (all those people are found on Dath'Remar) ask to speak to any member that is Amber initiative rank or higher.

FM is a family and new player friendly guild that raids current content. We're happy to help people to gear up and learn how to raid as well as take in returning players who are looking to return to or start raiding for the first time.
alea iacta est (AIE) on Earthen Ring.

We are a family friendly guild. We have several raid teams and some PvPers

We have 10 separate guilds in game, each starts with alea iacta est ...

We play several other games too :)
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Guild Name: Something Pretentious

Realm: Suramar / Draka

Primary Focus: (PvE, PvP) Raiding, Crafting.

Recruiting Officer or Best Contact for your guild: Tÿhr, Dnyd, Zulli, Eleley, Aura, or Leura. Although feel free to talk to anyone in the guild we're all really friendly!

Even though we have a raid team focused on progressing through Heroic / Mythic Content we have members of all walks of the game. All of our members are very helpful and have been playing for a long time. We can answer almost any question you have!

We also hold many mount give-a-way and gold contests for our members outside of the built in game activities!

Our officers and guild leaders are active virtually every day. Our most active times are 3pm-9pm PST.
Guild Name: Silent Altoholic

Realm: Dawnbringer/Madoran (Alliance side)

Focus: PvE and PvP. We run old raids for funsies, as well as the current tier.

Best Contact: Mceuan-Dawnbringer. If I'm not on, type /who Silent Altoholic in your chat window. You'll get a list of guildfolk who are online. One of them can direct you to an officer.

We're a well-established social guild where Rule #1 is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Our mission is simple: make the game better for out guild, faction and server communities. Part of our mission is helping new players, since people have helped us in the past. We have players from all backgrounds, and everyone is welcome here!
Guild Name: Cerberus

Realm: Mal'Ganis (Horde)

Primary Focus: PvE

Best Contact: Growth or Mindslyde. If neither of us are online, we are also listed in the Guild Finder! Our current listing is for people who would like to raid with us in Dragonflight, but we are always accepting socials.

About Us: Cerberus is a well-established guild spanning multiple games with a core of people that have played together for over a decade. We pride ourselves on providing an open and friendly guild environment where our members aren't just another number on the roster. We have very friendly players that focus on almost all aspects of the game and have been around for years, so we can answer almost any question you might have!

We raid Normal and Heroic semi-casually and you can usually find groups running all difficulties of dungeons throughout the week! We also have a Discord server that we use primarily for WoW but also for multiple other games. If you're chill and looking to have fun, come check us out! We'd love to have you.

--Updated on 12/15/22--
Guild Name: Dirt Nappers Inc

Realm: Borean Tundra/Shadowsong (Alliance)

Primary Focus: PvE, but some do PvP

Best Contact: Andelydah, Kenzar, Wensday (wensdayhiedy#1597 if no one else is on), myself (Syldinna, Foxx#1386 if I'm not on, usually I'm on the launcher) or Thoth (Ouroboros#1739).

About us: We're a laid back family run guild casually progressing through current raid content. Most folks are older so there's no drama. Skill level doesn't matter as we're very friendly and willing to help out all members. All of us have been playing for several years, some have been here since BC, so we can answer any questions you may have :).
We're pretty quiet until Legion launches but are still on regularly so chances are there will be someone on to make gear/enchants etc for you.