Looking for Skimpy? I've got you (Un)Covered!

I have an absolute passion for the beautiful Armorkinis and skimpy wear that this game has to offer, so much so that I went and made a list of every bit of skimpy piece of gear quite a while back. Thought it was high time to make use of this new forum’s features and do up the list again here, updated and with pictures and fancy formatting. :slight_smile:

So here is a collection of everything that shows a bit of skin, from your traditional bikini armor, to your super low cut tops, bare backs, midriff baring robes and cute cutouts. Of course, the skimpiest thing of all is to hide everything you can, but variety is the spice of life and options are great.

Everything is shown with matching top/leg and linked to full sets if available, and noted if not.


Ah, the classic Plate Armorkini. So wonderfully skimpy, and the thing that jumps first to mind when one thinks of skimpy or bikini armor.

Starting off with the fabulous Bloodscale, a classic Armorkini look in pink. The skin is also available with more filled in legs in the blue Ornate Mithril and gold Conqueror’s.

Here we have the skimpiest of all Armorkinis, the beautiful golden Glorious. This backless bra style bikini set also comes in the pale greenish Lofty and the blue Vanguard. Then we have a chest only version in black, the Warrior’s Embrace.

One of my personal favorite Armorkini styles here, the fantastically skimpy Saltstone. Along with the grey/purple version, we have the bright green/gold Jade and a soft bronze/red in the Tyrant’s.

Up next is the beautiful red sheen of the Warlord’s set. Bikini style legs with that unique bodice shape, what’s not to love?

Another favorite of mine is the Revenant in purple. The open across the upper thighs look of the leg is carried over with the blue/gold Templar set while more filled in versions appear in the green/brown Emerald, the red Thorium and the red/blue Runic. Chests retain the same open side stying between all sets.

More Platekini fun with the burgundy Darkcrest and bronze Bloodfist. The top is also available in a silver with Truesilver Breastplate, but we have no matching set leg.

These sets do not have a bikini style leg, but are a bit low slung in the front. The tops are very interestingly cut and revealing.
Enchanted Throium is elegant and beautiful in black, gold and silver. Commander’s is a lovely pink and warm, rosy brown. Then we have the fiery orange/red of Hyperion and the silver/purple/red of Imbued.

Here we have a few sort of no-nonsense, un-ornamented bikini looks.
The Grimscale in a silver grey, then two looks in gold with slightly different chestpiece shapes, Shattered Hand modeled by the Goblin lass and the Khan’ish the Vulpera lady is wearing.
Then Talonguard in grey with some blue and gold accents and a knee-length bikini leg.

A set with a full leg here, but the tops are midriff baring with a little bit of cleavage showing and are quite cute. Available in the dark, purplish grey Chromite, in blue with Jouster’s, the pewter Field Plate, and the soft orange of Embossed.

These sets look deceptively full from the front, but have a delightfully strappy exposed side and lower back. Matching set legs are full coverage. Many colors to choose from, we have it in green, in red and grey, in a grey blue, in gold and grey, in a darkish gold, and in a top only purple and grey.

Here we have a lovely, jagged style skimpy chest. The legs of the set are all full coverage.
The black/gold is the Exalted, the brown is the Brutish, we have blue in the Warleader’s, and the black/grey is the Enchanted Adamantite set.

Up next is a fantastic plate hot pants style. No matching set tops, but they look great with a variety of pieces from other sets.
We have the fiery gold and pinky red of the Legplates of Blazing Light and the silvery white and bright gold of the Cloudkeeper Legplates.

Two more styles in bikini leg here, we have your classic Armorkini look in the silvery Elemental Rockridge Leggings, and a short leg with fur and thigh guards in the purple and blue Cobalt Legguards.

Here we have a few styles in skimpy chestpieces, with no matching sets.
The Blood Elf has on the dark gold Barbaric Iron Breastplate with it’s cute chain fringe. The Tauren gal is modeling the bright yellow gold Phantom Armor, a lovely scalemail half shirt. The Draenei is wearing Durotan’s Battle Harness, a bikini style with chain accents, and we have the Human in the Leonine, with it’s interesting cut and metallic gold sheen.

This questing set features a half shirt and a full leg. While the tops have a tad more coverage than other half shirt styles, they are in a nice variety of colors to mix and match with.
Available in purple, in brown, in green/gold, and in blue.

Another set here with a full leg and a little bit of a belly-baring top. We have it in blue and gold, in purple, in red, and a in a blue and white top only.

Up next are a few set-less chestpieces. These are all midriff baring styles with nice scale mail accents and textures.
First we have the Human in the purple and copper of the Breastplate of the Dragon Slayer. The lovely Orc lady is modeling the blue and brown Jessera’s Fungus Lined Hauberk. We have the Panadaren wearing the greyish white An’telas Plate Shirt, with the Blood Elf wearing a repeat of that skin in the copper Ravager Chitin Tunic. Then we have the Worgen modeling the Flameseared Carapace.

These tier set lookalikes feature a lovely midriff baring half shirt with a waistband accent. The pants to the set are knee-length.
In blue and red.

Another look-alike set with a nicely bare midriff and full leg. We have it in blue and gold, in dark blue, in light blue, and in red.

More belly-baring goodness and full legs in look-alike sets here, we have the Human in the Cataclysmic Chestguard, the Tauren in the Ghoul Commander’s Carapace, the Dark Iron Dwarf in the Carapace of Imbibed Flame, and the Blood Elf in the Shining Carapace of Glory.

These look-alike sets have a lovely band of bare along the ribcage, and a full leg. In purple and in red.

This plate dress has a fairly skimpy upper styling, a bit of bareness in the sides/back area. The attached skirt is a high-waisted style with a dip in the front, leaving a cute, mostly midriff baring dress.

These BfA questing sets are a fantastic mini-dress type bikini style.
The top has open upper sides and back, with a little cleavage cutout, while the legs are a short miniskirt style with thigh and knee guards in front, and bare save for a few straps in the back.
Available in red, green, and black.

Finishing off Plate with this greenish black World Defiler’s set that brings us a multilevel cut shorts leg, hitting the knee on the outer thigh with a higher line on the inner. The top has some wonderful ribcage type cutouts along the midriff, leaving that section of skin mostly bare.


Mail shares quite a few skins with Plate armor, a few in colors unique to this armor type. A variety in elegant or savage designs, and some interesting textures make for many fantastic skimpy looks.

Kicking off the Mail section with a reskin of a plate look, we have the warm, rosy brown of the Brigade set with a filled-in leg, and the classic skimpy bikini style of the Plate Bloodscale armor is available here in Mail with the leg only, in the pink Firemane Leggings.

Here is another Plate reskin available in one piece only, the beautiful backless bra top style of the Energized Chestplate.

These two wonderfully skimpy Plate reskin tops do have partial sets, but pants are not included in those. We have Sandstalker in bright green and gold, and Spitfire in a soft bronze and with red accents.

A classic Armorkini look with a beautifully shaped bodice, there are three colors to this set. The wonderful red sheen of the Hero’s, the gorgeous soft gold of the Lord’s, and the glowing amber of the Radiant.

We have another fun Armorkini style here with this burgundy Chief Brigadier set.

Here are two sort of no-nonsense bikini style armor sets.
We have the Knight’s Mail in a steely grey and the Maurader’s Mail in a soft bronzey color.

Even more reskins of Plate looks, these skimpy jagged style tops are available with a full leg in black, and then we have chest only versions in green, and brown

This super adorable hot pant style set with scale mail textures is available in two colors.
We have the black, red, and gold of the Blood Knight/Battleforge set, and the bright gold and red of the Glimmering set.

These beautiful sets feature a very interestingly cut and elegant top, with a bit of a low slung, knee-length pant.
Ornate in silver and gold, Engraved in an orangey amber, and Masterwork in a glowing honey color.

A bit of a more savage look in scale mail and fur, these sets have a midriff baring tank top with arm bands, and a skimpy fur bikini bottom with hip guards.
There is the Bloodspattered in the siver/black/red, the War Paint in green/red, Outrunner’s in purple/blue, Grunt’s in black/gold, Spiked Chain in purple/black, and the Human on the end there is wearing a slightly more furry version in green with no matching set, the delightfully-named Woollies of the Prancing Minstrel.

This Hunter set look-alike has a nice hi-lo shorts leg to it, while the top has chainwork around the midriff area. A panel covers the front of the chainwork, but the sides and back are left bare for a bit of skin peeking through the chain.

These sets feature an interesting collar around the neck, and two of them have a wonderfully skimpy leg. In the gold and green Captain’s and the white and brown Combat Mail. The red and silver Wrathfin comes with a full coverage shorts leg and the dark grey and black Dark Iron has no leg to it at all.

Now we have a lovely shorts set, which has a cute dangling chain fringe look to it.
In silver with the Sentry’s, and in purple with the Steadfast.

This unique Ravager’s set features open sides all along the chestpiece and the legs.
It’s also made up of loosely stitched together panels, so it’s pretty much peek-a-boo skin showing throughout the entire thing.

This set has a lovely half shirt with an entirely bare back for the top, then shorts for the leg which hit the knee on the outside, but are open all the way up on the inside of the thigh.
In an ivory with the Ancient and yellow with the Sparkleshell.

Another shorts set here with a midriff baring top, in a honey color with Triumphant, in a fiery red/orange with Magnificent, and in white with Bonelink.

One of my favorite bikini leg styles on this set here, they are great to mix and match with other sets. The chests, while lovely, offer a bit more coverage.
Available in the black Ebonhold, the bronze and red Mercurial, the white and brown Myrmidon’s, and the silver Jazeraint/Crusader’s.

These sets mostly have a full leg pant design, with one featuring some skimpy shorts. The tops remain the same midriff baring design between all the sets.
Defender is in white/purple, Burnished is in a bright gold, Skettis/Netherstalker is in pink, Sundered is the purple/white set with shorts, and Green Dragonscale is in green.

Here is an itsy-bitsy, yellow polka-dotted bikini top in the black Heavy Scorpid, and the brown Tough Scorpid. The matching legs to this skin are full coverage, knee-length shorts.

Next up we have the wonderfully skimpy Protector Mail set. A classic true Armorkini style with a unique design and texture in a lovely green color.

This is a fantastic set, with two colors in a bikini leg style and tops with slight differences that remain cute and belly button-baring across the board.
We have the soft orange Merciless bikini, the blue Formidable has the leg with the more filled-in look, and we have a return to skimpy in the silver Impenetrable.

These sets have teeny tops with chainmail fringe, while the legs are full coverage, but with an interesting chainmail/cargo pant look to them. Der’izu is in green, Marshcreeper is in an orangey red, Fortified is in brown, and we have a top only in black with Double Link Tunic.

These sets offer a top that’s midriff-baring along with a full coverage leg in a variety of colors. In purple, in brown, in green and in blue.

Over here we have an adorable halter-style scalemail shirt, while the matching legs are full coverage. The Rough Bronze is in bronze, Fenclaw is in green, Lambent is in gold, and Ironspine is in iron grey.

This lovely purple recolor of a Shaman set has a nicely skimpy top with chain details and has a long skirt for the matching leg.

This strappy chestpiece has nice higher cut in the front, dropping a bit lower on the sides and back. We have the Charger’s in grey and brown, War Torn is in bronze and red and this set also has extra cutouts in the hip area of the leg for a nice peek-a-boo effect. Then we have the Brackwater in green.

This Warsong Armor set leaves some nice bareness around the ribcage and lower back, and the matching shorts have a hemline of varying length, from mid-thigh to quite high in the back.

Here we have a nice questing set with a half shirt and full leg. This is accented with a bit of scalemail that has a lovely metallic sheen to it. Available in green, in red, in brown, and in white.

This Shaman look-alike set has nothing but a few feathers strategically placed around the chest and back areas. Quite a lovely design, it is available in a full dress, or chestpiece only for versatile looks.
In blue, orange, and green.

These sets feature an interestingly textured midriff-baring tank top in some fun colors. The matching shorts to the set are full coverage. In green/purple, in purple/black, and in bluishgrey/white.

Here we have more belly-baring cuteness and matching full leg. The red version has a quite skimpy top, while the yellow and green versions add in a bit more material to the chestpiece while still leaving nice midriff exposure.

Nearing the end of the Mail section, here are a few one-off skimpy pieces for Mail.
Our Kul Tiran lass is wearing a reskin of a Leather set. The cute top resembles a vest not quite closed over a teeny bikini top, leaving a strip of openness down the middle of the chest.
The Orc gal has on another leather reskin, a blue top with a deep, deep V neckline.
The Tauren lady is modeling the Enduring with it’s cute little tank top.
The Human has on Fierce Britches in all their strappy openness, and the Night Elf is wearing the Darkmoon Breastplate half shirt.

Finishing off this section with the fabulous Dragonrider set. The chestpiece is just a strip of cloth around the breast area and a bunch of tattoos, quite unique and lovely. Matching pants to the set are knee-length shorts.


One thing Leather lacks is the classic sleek bikini style leg that every other armor type has, such as the Black Mageweave Leggings. It does have a bountiful amount of skimpy tops and harnesses, a few short shorts and oodles of fur.

Starting off with furry underwear and strappy harnesses!
We have your Barbaric/Ceremonial set featuring the beloved Warbear Woolies on the Human model. The Orc gal is in the brown Grizzly Garb, with it’s buckles and breast bands. Our lovely Dwarf lass is in the red Feral Garb and the Blood Elf in the green Primal. The Feral and Primal have nice strappy tops, and the matching shorts feature a few rips across the hip area for a little skin peek-thru.

Next up is another style in skimpy, strappy harness, while the matching shorts have full coverage. There is the Headhunter’s in yellow and purple, the Murkblood in tan, and the Raptor Hide in brown with the matching pant in brown and green.

More fur is featured in these colorful short shorts sets, while the chests aren’t particularly skimpy but do have an interesting studded texture. In yellow with Pridelord/Chieftan’s/Scorpashi, in red with Praetorian/Cabalist and in green with Jadefire/Keeper’s.

Another set with furry looking short shorts here, this one with an orange accent around the thigh and a harness top. We have the Sentinel/Warden in tan, and the Peerless in dark brown.

A teeny-weeny polka dot bikini top graces these sets, while the matching leg is full coverage and knee-length. Heraldic/Potent is in brown, Serpentskin/Indomitable is in green, Nightshade is in black, and Supreme is in purple.

This skin has a very interesting neckline and a mostly open back with a few straps. Only one color has available set pants, which are shorts with some openness on the inside of the leg. There is the Huntsman’s chest in green, the brown Insignia with set pants, and the pretty purple Abyssal chest.

Next we have two halfshirts, reskins of a Mail model. Murloc Scale Breastplate in white, and Thick Murloc Armor in a pinky purple.

This questing set features a cute top that looks like a vest not quite closed over a teeny bikini top, leaving some nice openness down the middle of the chest. Legs are available for most of the colors, but are full coverage pants.
In red, in white with no pants, in a dark bluish grey and in green.

Here we have a deep, deep V neck with abundant cleavage in a variety of colors. Matching set pants are full coverage. The Imposing is in red, the Dervish is in green, the Nocturnal is in dark brown, the Dokebi is in light brown, and the Trickster’s is in blue.

These sets have a nice half shirt in some fun colors, with a bit of string ties across the cleavage area. Matching pants are available for the red, yellow, and grey versions, with yellow and grey adding in an extra panel to the top for a bit more coverage. Green has no extra panel, and no pants.
(Sidenote: The red version’s pants match the others, but was showing in the model viewer as some super cute booty shorts. I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up with non-existent booty shorts, so the model is pictured pantsless)

More fun half shirt and pants sets here, these with some nice detailing in white on one color, and in gold on the other three colors. We have the tan Wild Draenish, the purple Primalstrike/Raging Spirit, the red Primalstorm, and Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving in blue.

Two styles in pretty, open-sided robes are up next. There is the Big Voodoo Robe in purple and green, featuring open sides, a strap at the waist area, then a small cutout at the hip. That skin is repeated in the skirt only Windscale Sarong in teal and brown.
Then we have the lovely Flamestrider Robes in orange, with the side openness extending all the way down to the knee. Also available in green separates, with the Jinxed Hoodoo Skin and Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt.

Here we have the Thunderlord Garb, a savage short shorts and harness set featuring fur and a few strategically placed straps.

This Druid look-alike set has a cute little vest over a bikini top and an attached waistband that rises to cover the belly and lower back, but leaves nice exposure around the ribcage. Matching pants are full coverage. In blue, in yellow, in brown, and in green.

A couple set-less half shirts here, we have the Draenei in the purple and orange Vest of the Dragon Slayer, the purple and orange carries over to the Battle Seeker’s Chestguard the Blood Elf is wearing, then the Void Elf picks up that skin in shades of blue with the Sky Staker’s Tunic.

These questing sets have a nice bikini top, with straps around the sides to a carved medallion in the back. Nice exposure all around in the chestpiece, while the set comes with a full leg. In grey, in green and gold, and in purplish red.

Two pretty skirted options here, the Troll is wearing Shorebreaker Robes with it’s bikini top having straps down to the attached skirt in front, leaving peek-a-boo skin there and bareness in the sides and back. The Night Elf is in the Wildheart separates, with it’s interestingly cut skimpy top and full skirt.

This beautiful Demon Hunter look-alike set features an extremely skimpy bra top, and the matching full leg has a ripped and torn appearance, leaving a bit of skin peeking through. In green and white, in dark blue and brown, in blue and green, and in red.

Another look-alike set here, this one with a teeny bikini top with fur and an attached necklace that gives a nice dangling ends of a bow tie impression down the upper back. We have green, rust and brown, and tan and white with matching skirts, then red and blue with pants.

Next, we have a nice half shirt. No matching set available for red, but the purple does have pants.

A few odds and ends over here as we finish up this section.
A pretty brown and black set with a deep, plunging neckline on the Pandaren lass, Warhide. The little Gnome lady is modeling a half tank top with an interesting texture in green, Green Whelp Armor. Then we have the Orc gal in some strappy shorts, the Savage Leggings.

Finishing off Leather with this nice Frostwolf Garb set, with it’s open sided top and varying shorts length and fur. Available for Horde races.


Cloth has some lovely options in bikini legs for an elegant variety in outfits, along with an abundance of cute half shirts and a plentiful supply of midriff-baring robes.

Starting off Cloth designs with the beloved and classically skimpy mageweave Armorkini! With the chest and legs worn together, it resembles somewhat of a leotard with thigh-highs, while mixing the legs with other pieces make for many versatile skimpy looks.
In black with Black Mageweave, in a glowing purple blue with Wanderer’s, in red with Cindercloth, and in gold with Elegant.
It was also available as just the black bikini bottom with legbands, but 8.2.5 broke the Pants of the Naaru and gave it yellowish legs with green ankle bands, as pictured. I’ll adjust this post when the skin is returned to it’s previous glory.

Now for some wonderfully revealing and brightly colored robes, these feature a bikini top and ornate gold details, along with a skirt with cutouts down the hip. We have the pink Vestments of the Shifting Sands, the blue Robes of the Guardian Saint, the orange Robes of the Battleguard , and the green Robes of the Triumvate/Robes of insight.

Here is a cute fuzzy bikini bottom and open front vest combo set. Available in the purple Barbaric, the brown Aboriginal, and the green Ancestral.

A robe style here with open sides all the way down to the knee. We have the red Embersilk, the orange Silksand, the blue Sage’s, the purple Raincaller, and the green Vital.

Another robe here with open sides, this one not cut down the leg quite so very much. In green with Brightcloth, in fiery red with Sanguine, and in purple and green with Darkmist.
(Sidenote: The Sanguine skin apparently changed with the launch of WoD to have the cleavage area covered up, and side panels placed making that upper gap smaller. It previously matched the other two colors perfectly and those weren’t changed at all. I’ve tried to position the model to show the differences.)

One more side-baring robe style here, this one with sleeves and a full skirt, the simple Brown Linen Robe.

Up next is a style with a bit of fabric covering the chest and upper back area, leaving everything else bare down to the attached skirt. In the green Beaded Robe, the tan Ancestral Robe, and the purple Mystic’s Robe.

Here is an interesting robe with gold and colorful details, a midriff style cut high on the sides, and with a cutout on the thigh of the attached skirt. In brown with bright blue as Windchaser’s, in brown with dark blue as Gaea’s, and in brown with purple as Highborne.

Another robe here with fabric draped about the upper area, leaving a lot of skin exposed down to an attached skirt. Two colorful options, the turquoise and red Aboriginal Robe, and the purplish pink and blue Barbaric Cloth Robe.

Then we have a pants set with a chest that’s not particularly skimpy, being a tank top style, but the legs to the set have a nice cutaway at the hip to leave that area bare. Set chests come with sleeves or without, except for the Sanguine which only has sleeves. In the dark red Sanguine, in the brown Thistlefur/Geomancer’s, in the green Vital/Watcher’s, and in the grey Stonecloth/Ghostweave.

Up next are three styles of robes with interesting closures, the Blood Elf is wearing the Ritual Shroud in red with it’s chain detail, and the Kul Tiran lass is wearing the strappy Stonecloth Robe, and the Tauren lady has on the Nethekurse’s Robe of Contempt in the dark, burnt red with more chain details.

Here is a dress with a cute bikini top, and a high-waisted attached skirt that leaves a bit of bareness around the ribcage. Moonshroud in blue and glod, Ebonweave in purple and silver, Spellweave in red and grey, Robes of Hoarse Breaths in green and pewter, and Chronoscryer in white and bronze.

This dress leaves the midriff area bare, and has some nice gold details. In the purple Imbued Netherweave, and the red Scarlet Sin’dorei.

This skin features a nice low neckline, an open back, cute criss-cross detailing on the arms and a spider design. Available in three dresses and a top. We have the green Hibernal/Venomshroud, the teal Arachnidian, and the orange Chan’s Imperial Robes in dresses, and the red and black Watcher’s Tunic as a shirt.

Here we have a robe style with a deep, plunging neckline. Available in the light brown Resilient Robe, and the dark brown Thistlefur Robe.

This shorts set features an open-front top, held together by a couple string ties.
In blue Mystic’s, in green Beaded, and in red and dark grey Ritual.

An adorable halter-style top here, the red Simple Blouse has matching shorts, the green Willow Vest has matching pants, and the purple and red Death-Speaker’s Tunic has no pants at all.

These cute open-front vests do not have any matching sets to go with them. We have the red Red Linen Vest, the green Green Woolen Vest, and the brown Foreman Vest.

Next up is two styles in skimpy top, we have the Draenei lady wearing the Farmhand’s Vest, an adorable purple shirt with a panel in front and just a couple strings in the back, and the Troll gal is wearing the Witch Doctor’s Beads, a strappy harness with some beadwork decorations.

This half shirt skin is carried over from the Leather section and is available in three colors. Imbued Netherweave in purple, Windchanneller’s in blue, and a top only in red with Flameheart Vest.

Over here we have a sweet, off the shoulder strapless style. A purple, white and blue top in the Soulcloth Vest, a blue and gold top with sleeves in Jessera’s Fungus Lined Tunic, the blue and gold is repeated in a slightly midriff-baring dress form in the Robe of the Dragon Slayer, then a pink and white dress with the Astralaan Robe, and a brown, blue and purple dress with the Fur Covered Robe.

We have some fantastic bikini style legs here in some beautiful, rich colors.
Cournith Waterstrider’s Silken Finery is in black and red, Cloudscorcher in orange and purple, and Subversive Leggings in burgundy with a blue sheen.

Shout out as well to the robes that match these pants, with their wide, cleavage-baring neckline and built-in delicate necklace. In navy and red, in orange, and burgundy blue.

Can I get a yarrr for skimpy pirate shirts? There is a sleeveless blue set, a sleeveless red set, a red set with sleeves, and a white set with billowy sleeves.

These sets offer up a little bit of belly-baring top for a more reserved look. In brown and blue.

This look-alike Priest set has a nicely bare midriff design with a full skirt.
In blue and purple.

This savage questing set has but a strip of cloth over the chest area, a bare back and a full skirt. In blue and grey, in green, and in brown and dark blue.

Another questing set here, an elegant style with a halter top and full skirt, in muted pastels with a soft sheen. In blue grey, in off white and slate, in pink, and in purple.

Here we have a midriff-baring robe in three colors. In brown, in white and dark grey, and in light grey and red.

This lovely robe style has a bikini top, with a small fabric shawl draped over the front and back, then a high-waisted attached skirt with a dip in the front.
In teal and red, in green and black, and in red and green.

Ending with the Shadowmoon Robes, a nice purple and brown robe with open sides at the top.


A small selection of things that every armor type can wear (with one faction restriction), with shirts, Holiday wear and cosmetics.

First up, we have pirate shirts, Yarr!
Available in black, red, and white.

Here we have bandage tops, a few strips of cloth wrapped around the chest and arms. In the darker Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing and the brighter Wound Dressing.

A half shirt in green with an interesting texture, the Brucehide Jersey.

Two cute halter tops here, available in the black Selis’ Silk Shirt, and the olivey Neophyte’s Shirt.

Next we have the Spring Robes with it’s bit of fabric draped about the upper chest and back, and bare sides and midriff. Available during the Noblegarden event.

Lovely Robes over here! A beautiful dress with a bare back and sides and a heart-shaped cutout in the front. In black, in blue, in red, and in purple. Available during the Love is in the Air event.

Some skimpy Winterveil fun here with Winter Clothes. Available in green and in red.

Ending with the Orgrimmar Set, a cosmetic version of a nicely skimpy Leather design. Available to Horde races only.

If there is anything I have missed, an alternate color or a revealing design I have overlooked, please let me know about it and I will happily add it in!

I do hope you have enjoyed looking over this guide, and perhaps you might find a new shiny to add into your wardrobe rotation.
Happy transmog hunting! :sparkling_heart:

A version for the Gents can be found over here, done up by the fabulous Feldrick.


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I would love for some of these sets to be complete, and updated to boot!

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Updates … not likely. Sadly. But completed, yes, that would be awesome. I mean, if you look back on a lot of tier sets, the biggest weakness in an otherwise well designed set is usually lack of boots.

And when you have a very specific design like often came with Tier gear, finding boots that match is nigh impossible.

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Ok, Leather fixed? I think I fixed it.

This is why color dying should be a thing. I know it’s not because of some stupid, but in a 15 year old game it really should be.