Skimpy male armor? Where? I'm trying so many things and it isn't working

In particular looking at Kul’Tiran.

So I tried to find something and I found these ancestral woolies.

I can’t share links apparently but it’s awful. It’s not great at all. There is no shape, there’s nothing to it. It’s not even revealing. There is no shape to the glutes at all. It’s the most awful texture.

Same with firemane leggings on males. Looks as I’d have expected on female models. But soon as you put it on a male model it looks ridiculous.

Are there no male thongs? Help please.

There aren’t that many mankinis, and all but one are really, really old models.

Cloth, we have those Ancestral Woolies, in a few different colors.

Leather has Cabalist, also in a few colors. Sentinel in 2 colors, and Warbear.

Mail has this Warpaint set in a variety of colors. Sentry’s is pretty skimpy in silver or purple, also Ravager’s.

Plate has Cobalt Legguards and these World Defiler’s shorts.

That’s pretty much it for brief briefs for men. There’s a few more shorts with a tad more coverage than what’s listed, and a couple of full pants that sit at the hips instead of the waist.
I was thinking about making a thread on skimpy men’s wear, like I did for all the bikini gear women can wear, but it would be a pretty small thread and most of it chest pieces.

We really do need more mankini gear.


I know it’s super duper incredibly late. But sincerely thank you for this post and the detail! I’ve now collected a lot of these items!

Sorry, I just realized I never replied and here I was back referencing it again for my worgen transmog!

Much appreciated!


Have you seen this thread?


OH MY. Checking it out now! That’s excellent!


Happy to help!