[GUIDE] Need Something Skimpy? MALE EDITION!

I present to you the guide that you didn’t even know you wanted!

There’s plenty of well known skimpy transmogs for female characters. But what about all the males out there who want to show off some skin (or fur)?

No worries! I got you covered! …Or shall I say UNcovered!

Here’s a collection of everything I could find that exposes the most skin on males. Skimpy legs and chest pieces galore! Everything will be shown with the matching chest and leg pieces and I’ll provide links to the full sets as well. This guide isn’t class-locked either, so only class raid tier sets with look-a-likes will be shown. All pieces shown here are still obtainable as of this posting.

For males, what will qualify as “skimpy” for chest pieces will be anything that shows the midriff, back, or things that are sleeveless. For Legs, anything that is above the knees.


Probably the most lacking armor type for truly skimpy sets. But plate does offer some pieces that aren’t afraid to show a little skin. True warriors don’t need full coverage afterall.

Starting off we have nice little set that shows off some belly buttons as well as some lower back. Comes in 3 colors. From Left to Right we have the Ornate Mithril Plate featuring no sleeves. Conqueror’s Plate in gold and Bloodscale Plate in pink for the truly courageous.

Like tank-tops and arm bands? Look no further than Alabaster Plate set and it’s recolors! From Left to Right. Alabaster Plate in White, Valorous Plate in pale yellow, Gothic Plate in brown, and finally the Heavy Lamellar Plate in a sickly greenish/yellow color.

Next up is a TBC set with a breast plate only held on by thin straps. In gold there’s the Bloodfist Plate, while in dark purple is the Darkcrest Plate. For silver there’s the Truesilver Breastplate but no pants for that set unfortunately.

Who needs a full breastplate when you have rock solid abs! In dark metallic there’s Chromite Plate, in silver Field Plate, in blue Jouster’s Plate, and lastly red in the form of Embossed Plate.

Here’s some stuff that really shows off the mid section. From left to right, we have Exalted Plate, Brutish Plate, Warleader’s Plate, and a dark blueish/indego Exalted Plate recolor.

Show off your six-pack with this set! In blueish gray there’s the Grimscale Plate. Shattered Hand Plate in gold. The Khan’aish Breastplate on the Worgen offers a slight variant on the Shattered Hand set. And for guys who like harnesses, there’s the Talonguard.

I believe there’s some sort of proverb saying that the armor of god has no back, well this set is no different! While front might look like full coverage, the back is no more than a simple vertical plate strip with straps connecting to it. There’s 5 colorations of it, from left to right Heroic Plate, Darksoul Plate, Heroic Plate (gold recolor), Earthforged Plate, Fel Iron Plate, and sadly only the chestpiece which is Thick Obsidian Breastplate.

Here’s a set that show’s off the lower back as well as some armpits. In a standout blue and red is the Zandalari Vindicator Plate. For a more darker blue look there’s the Deathbone Guardian Plate. There’s the heavily metallic recolor of Deathbone Plate. And lastly only a simple breastplate in the form of The Exarch’s Protector.

These next 2 sets seemed to have been designed with females in mind. But for those in touch with their feminine side, there’s the Revenant Plate set and it’s recolors. In purple Revenant Plate, Templar Plate in blue and gold, Emerald Plate in green, Runic Plate in red and blue, and lastly Thorium Plate in sort of a maroon and red color.

For those who like aggressive cod pieces and a sleek feminine breastplate that really shows off the back. (From left to right) look no further than the Imbued Plate, Enchanted Thorium Plate, Commander’s Plate, and the Hyperion Plate.

Here’s a few standalone plate sets from the Pre-Wrath days that deserve some mention. On the human on the far left is the Heavy Plate Leggings matched with the Tunic of the Dragonslayer. Giving you a nice tank top and short shorts look. There’s a nice looking corset look on the Bloodelf with the Warlord’s Plate. Our friendly Kul’Tiran is sporting the Bogslayer Plate featuring a nice tank-top. The Tauren is ready for battle with the sleeveless Warbringer’s Plate

Here’s some plate version of a mail set. Features a revealing breastplate with a nice lovely harness strapped over it. Comes in Blue and in green just the breastplate Elekk Rider’s Plate

Here’s some pieces of incomplete sets that fit the skimpy bill. Most are bits from mail sets. We’ll start from left to right and top to bottom. The orc on the upper left is showing off his strappy Barbaric Iron Breastplate. The troll has on the An’telas Plate Shirt featuring his midrift. The dwarf sports the sleeveless Carapice of Tuten’Kash. Our green orc is wearing Durotan’s Battle Harness in honor of the orc for which it’s named. Our fiesty Vulpera friend likes to show off his middle section with the fiery Flameseared Carapace. Is he a Warrior or Shaman? The Tauren shows off his pits with the Plate of the Shaman King. The Worgen has on the Ravager Chiten Tunic.
Next up is the Jessera’s Fungus Lined Hauberk from a mail set. And in gold is the Phantom Armor

The troll is wearing probably the most skimpy plate legs you can possibly wear on a male. The Cobalt Legguards

Goodluck trying to find stuff that matches to it, but i think i did alright.

That does it for all the TBC and Vanilla stuff. But now the armor starts to get a little more resolution and detail.

First up is the sleeveless versions of the Wrath questing sets. From left to right: Cobalt Battlegear, In green, and a Lighter Brownish color.

With the Cataclysm revamp, we have nice plate questing set that shows off that midsection. Comes in mail as well. In Brown, Blue, Red, and Green

The Cata questing plate is also quite nice, featuring a harness look that shows some chest. Left to right. Gateshattering Battleplate, Direforge Plate, Copper-Trimmed Recolor, and a more Blueish variant.

For Cata-crafted gear, you can enjoy some nice tank-tops. Pyrium Battlegear and Ornate Pyrium Battlegear

If there’s one good thing that came out of WoD, it’s this rugged plate tanktop! (Left to Right) Crystal-Plated Battlegear, Crystal-Plated Battlegear (recolor), and Goldsteel Plate.

Feeling demonic? Try out the World-Defiler’s Plate, featuring a strappy chestpiece, and short shorts with hip pads.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the Zandalari Empire for giving us this next set. Fully exposes your chest, and puts the character in a skimpy loincloth with strappy legplates that leave your behind almost fully exposed. It’s the Zandalar Quest Plate! From left to right he have: Nazmani Recolor, Exiled-Veteran Recolor, and Rastari Recolor.

There’s even a Zandalar plate robe that shows off your belly. Groggy Brawler’s Chestplate.

With Island Expeditions we get the Vrykrul inspired Bloodwake Set. The trousers stop above the knee. The chest is the most interesting part. It’s a sort of a skimpy harness-like shirt that leaves the sides completely exposed and even adds some tattoos!


More skimpy options than plate gear. Let’s hear those chain-links jingle as those buff guys show off their skin!

Starting off we have a nice corset style torso plate that shows off some back. Also comes with a nice secure codpiece for crotch, if you’re into that. In sort of a reddish and purply color is the Hero’s Set. In soft metallic and gold is the Lord’s Mail. And in bright gold is the Radiant Mail

Next up is some recolors of a plate set. Great for showing off your lower back and abdominals. Comes in a dark and metallic look with the Black Dragon Mail. In green you only get the chest piece with the Fel Iron Chain. In a brownish-maroon color you get a unque sleeveless version of the chest piece with Bloodsoul Breastplate

On the subject of Plate recolors, here’s some full sets that come in both mail and plate. It’s a nice questing set that shows off that midsection. In Brown, Blue, Red, and Green

Another popular skimpy plate option opts for a more battle ready look that show’s off your abs in a nice window. The Dwarf has on the Kight’s Mail. While you get a cool strappy harness look with Maruader’s Mail.

Here’s a couple of sets that give you that nice chainlinks look while showing some skin.

Below we have the Fenclaw Mail featuring nice fine chain links while showing off your mid section. In green is Fenclaw Mail. In gold is Lambent Mail. If you want silver instead, try the Ironspine Mail. In copper, you get a sleeveless version of the chest with the Rough Bronze Mail

Next up is a set that is similar in nature to the Fenclaw, but this time with more of a scales look. In gold Burnish Mail, in blue Defender Mail, in pinkish purple Netherstalker Mail, and in green is the Green Dragonscale Mail with the chest and legs

Yet another set that follows a similar principle of showing the midsection is this set. All of them feature the same metal for the chain links but have different colored coverings. For red it’s the Marshcreeper Mail. In tan Fortified Mail. In green Der’izu Mail. And only the chestpiece in blueish dark grey Double-Link Tunic.

Here’s a fairly skimpy set. Features a loincloth with hip pads, and a nice tank-top chest piece with arm bands. Good for a barbaric look. In green and red there’s the War Paint Mail. In silvery black there’s Bloodspattered Mail. In blue, on the Tauren, is Outrunner’s Mail. In bright yellow, featuring black underwear is the Grunt’s Mail. Our human friend has on the Spiked Chain Mail. And we some standalone pants without the scaled texture on the hip pads in the form of Woollies of the Prancing Minstrel.

While this set is much skimpier on females, you still get some nice belly button action with this one. In an earthy brown and tan is the Combat Mail. For gold and green is the Captain’s Mail. For a more reddish look try on the Wrathfin Mail. For black and metal only the breastplate Dark Iron Plate.

Like ornate looking tanktops? Got you covered with the Blood Knight Mail in gold, red, and black. For a more golden look there’s the Glimmering Mail

Here’s some less ornate tanktops. Starting with the gnome who has on the Mercurial Mail. Our jawless undead sports the Myrmidon’s Mail. For a more metallic look, the LF Draeni has on Jazeraint Mail. If you like dark colors, you’re in luck with the Ebonhold Mail.

For a more classic look, this tank top features belly buttons and some shoulder plates that still leave the armpits exposed. In Green and purple you get the Unyielding Mail. In Light metallic the Infantry Mail. And in dark blue Warrior’s Mail.

Here’s a rugged looking tank top with the Wicked Chain Mail in a darker color, and the Enduring Mail in a lighter bluish color.

Here’s an ornate looking set that almost doesn’t qualify as skimpy, but it still shows some midsection, so i included it. In Silver and Gold is Ornate Mail, in rose-gold is Engraved Mail, and in straight up gold is Masterwork Mail.

This set is nice an rugged looking. Providing a harness look as a well as a breastplate that leaves the mid section exposed. In green is the Brackwater Mail. The red and brown version worn by the orc is unique from the other recolors. It leaves some exposed skin below the sides of the waist, giving off somewhat of a leathery loincloth look War Torn Mail. In an dark earthy green is the Charger’s Mail.

Here’s an odd set that has all sorts of small pockets of exposure in it’s web-like chest piece. The legs even leave the kneecaps exposed as well providing a nice underwear like codpiece. In fiery red and yellow is the Magnificent Mail. In white, the Bonelink Mail. And in gold, the Triumphant Mail

Sentry’s Mail in silver and Steadfast Mail in blue provides a nice skimpy chestpiece with thins chains holding it together. The leg pieces are short shorts the stop above the mid thigh.

This ornate looking set might not look too skimpy on the surface. But the leg pieces leave the inner part of the legs completely exposed up to the loin. Good if you still want proper protection while feeling the nice breeze between your legs. In Gold you get Sparkleshell Mail, and in more of a silvery metal is the Ancient Mail.

Here’s a few unique stand out sets for you.

First up is the Ravager’s Mail. It’s basically no more than some copper plates with red strings holding it all together. The pants are pretty much a brown loincloth with the web of plates, leaving lot’s of skin exposed. Think of it like wearing a net.

Here’s a recolor of a Hunter set look-alike that features some nice shorts and a comfy looking leg harness. Giantstalker Armor Recolor.

This set is more on the leather side of things, but even mail wearers can enjoy the feel of leather with the Heavy Scorpid Set in black, and Tough Scorpid Set in maroon, which loses the armbands.

Next are some stand alone recolors and mail versions of plate sets. The Draenei on the left wears a recolor of a popular female skimp mog set, featuring exposed midrift, the Brigade Mail. Our Worgen wears the dark looking Chief Brigadier Mail.

Finally here’s some incomplete sets that fit the skimpy bill. Most of them being pieces of leather sets. The Vulpera is wearing the Marshwarden’s Vest. The worgen has on the feral looking Feral Vestment. Next are some hot pants that look more like leather Fierce Britches. And our Gnome friend has on the Darkmoon Breastplate tank top.

If you want a more simple look than all the fancy mail gear. Try on the Phase Three Leggings. These snazzy looking shorts go above the knee.

If you prefer a more robe look, there’s options for you.

Here’s a recolor of a Shaman set, The Ten Storms Recolor. Features kind of a chain-like harness look that leaves some parts of the torso exposed to the elements.

Next we have some look-alike pieces of another Shaman raid set. It’s a rugged look that also shows off those chest hairs. The chest piece on this one has both a shirt only version and robe version for ALL of them. In Green. In Blue. And in fiery Red.

This set can obtained through the WoD Garrison system. It has some nice furry looking shorts. Warsong Armor.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Dragonrider Set. The pants go above the knees. And the chest piece leaves your entire upper half naked, save for those sweet tats.


Leather is a treasure trove of skimpy gear for guys. Plus it just straight up feels good to wear. Here’s some leather gear for manly studs who aren’t afraid to strut their stuff.

This armor type tends to have a lot of harnesses. Which certainly isnt a bad thing.

First up we have the ultimate in male skimpiness. The Ceremonial Leather Garb. You get a nice tribal looking harness the leaves your upper body exposed. For pants, you get a nice loincloth with leather thigh bands. Not sure what else to say, other than, may i have some more!

Speaking of harnesses here’s another set. Unfortunately, no loincloth but the chest piece still speaks for itself. Grizzly Garb

There’s another style of harness as well. With the Feral Garb in red, and the Primal Garb in a greenish tan. There’s even some tears in the pants below the waist that provide some subtle exposure down there.

More harnesses! You get tattered pants with straps, while your upper torso is wrapped like a nice manly present. This set comes in some fairly vibrant colors. The worgen has on the Murkblood Garb, the Blood Elf wears the Headhunter’s Garb, and our small gnome friend has on the Raptor Hide Harness with matching pants.

Here’s another pretty skimpy option. You get a nice loincloth look as well as a sweet tank top. From left to right, in red is the Cabalist Garb, in yellow is the Pridelord Garb, and lastly the Jadefire Garb in green.

Here’s a nice looking rugged set. You get some nice fuzzy shorty shorts, as well as a nice X-shaped harness. On the left is the lighter Sentinel Garb. Comes in a darker shade with the Peerless Garb on the right.

Guys in tight leather? Yes please! Get rid of those pesky sleeves and put on some strappy tight leather clothing. From left to right we have Serpent Skin Garb, Heraldic Garb, Nightshade Garb(with included arm bands), and the Supreme Garb.

This set is pretty unique looking with it’s studded leather. Features a strappy looking chestpiece that leaves your entire neckline bare. And the pants are nice and short with leg straps. In brown we have the lovely Insignia Garb. And sadly only the chest pieces for the other two recolors. In sickly green the Huntsman Garb, and in pale purple the Abyssal Leather Garb

Here’s a nice dapper looking outfit that sports an open vest. Comes in navy blue, red, green, and missing the leg pieces in white.

Next up we have some savage looking sleeveless V-necks. The Vulpera has on the Nocturnal Garb. In green the Dervish Garb. The worgen sports the Dokebi Garb in light orange. Comes in blue with the Trickster’s Garb. And lastly, in red, is the Wolf Rider’s Garb.

Here’s a set that looks like it was stitched in some tribal tent somewhere. Features some nice fur and most importantly, sleeveless-ness! In white, there’s the Ghostwalker Garb with some nice extra fuzz on the shoulders. Comes in tan/brown with the Lupine Garb. And in a sickly green, the Hunting Garb.

Now we have some low cut sleeveless shirts with a rugged look to them. Comes in Black, and just the vest in green.

Providing a similar look, is this set. Features torn pants that go above the knees! In green we have the Gypsy Garb. And in black is the Prospector’s Garb.

Here’s a nice little set featuring a sleeveless white shirt with a harness buckled over it. The harnesses come in different colors. We have the Bandit Garb in black. The Bard’s Garb in red. And the Clefthoof Garb in blue.

This set features a sleeveless top with some minor hip exposure. Comes in green with the Living Armor. And in red with the Inferno Hardened Garb.

Here’s a unique looking set. You get a sleeveless top with arm bands. And the pants have a sort of bandaged look to them that even leaves some gaps about mid-thigh. The one on the left is the Heavy Clefthoof Vest combined with the Heavy Clefthoof Leggings. And sadly only the top for the other one with the Omenai Vest.

This leather set from Northrend features a nice rugged looking fur-lined tank-top with armbands. Comes in a Silver, Red, blue, and Green color.

Next on the guide are some leathery robes that provide a bit of exposure.

First we have some robes that leave the sides of your torso nice and exposed. Comes in red with the Flamestrider Robes, and in green with the Jinxed Hoodoo Skin and Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt combined.

Next up is the Stormheart Raiment a look-alike of a druid set. Leaves the sides of your upper body exposed with gaps of exposure on the front. And your backside almost completely open.

Yet another look-alike version of another druid set. The Oathclaw Garb. From left to right we have the Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Versions. Gives you almost a shirtless look.

On the subject of Druid look-alike sets, we’ve got this gem. Which has a nice looking harness. From left to right are the LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic look-alikes.

Here are some random pieces that don’t seem to have a set.

First are some chestpieces that are leather versions of mail sets. The sleeveless one is the Murloc Scale Breastplate, while the pink one is Thick Murloc Armor

Green Whelp Armor next, with it’s tank top look.

Here’s a set of fuzzy looking vests. From left to right; Vest of the Dragon Slayer, Battle Seeker Chestguard, and Skystalker’s Tunic.

We got some nice skimpy pants as well Savage Leggings

And this is a stand alone pair of Nice Shorts that go above the knee.

This set is pretty skimpy. It’s basically a fuzzy loincloth with harness straps on the thighs and chest. You can get this one from WoD Garrisons. Thunderlord Garb.

(HORDE ONLY) Join the Frostwolf Clan by donning their Frostwolf Garb. Features a nice warm looking loincloth, and a shirt that leaves the sides exposed.

Put on a nice sleeveless jerkin with the Warhide Armor

Go mostly shirtless with this look-alike of a Demon Hunter set! From left to right we have the LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic versions of the set.

Zandalar shoots it out of the ballpark once again with the Zandalar Quest Leather. You get a nice ornate looking harness and tattered capris. From left to right: Jambani, Ritual Flayer, and Scorching Sands recolors.


Most of the sets here are more modest by design. But still plenty of stuff that shows some skin. Lot’s of scandalous robes here for the more naughty magic users out there.

Before we dive into all the robes, here’s some non-robe stuff.

Up first we have some fantastic fuzzy loincloths and open vests. It’s the ultimate in showing off your muscular body. Comes in reddish brown with the Aboriginal Regalia. On the orc, in white, is the Ancestral Regalia. In indigo, there’s the Barbaric Regalia. And just the Barbaric Linen Vest in light brown, no loincloth sadly (or at least one that’s obtainable).

Continuing on with the barbaric/tribal theme, here’s a set with a deep v-neck sleeveless shirt. Even has a little exposure above the waistline. From left to right there’s, Sanguine Regalia, Watcher’s Regalia, Stonecloth Regalia, and the Thistlefur Regalia.

Here’s a couple of sets that will give you that nice ragged pauper look.

First we have this set. The pants are torn up above the knees. And the shirt is nice and open, allowing you to show off some chest and abs. In blue is the Mystic’s Regalia. In green, Beaded Regalia. And in red, the Ritual Regalia.

Next up, a sleeveless shirt with armbands. The Vulpera has on the green Willow Regalia. In red there’s the Simple Regalia. On the troll, we have the Death-Speaker’s Tunic with more unique designs.

This set will give you a nice shirt that’s held open, allowing for some good belly exposure. From left to right we have: Darkmist Regalia, Embersilk Regalia, Twilight Regalia, Resilient Regalia, and the Silksand Regalia.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more regal. There’s the Cindercloth Regalia. While this set model is much more revealing on female models, the red version of this set is sleeveless on males. Good for that skintight spandex look.

Here’s some revealing chest pieces that don’t have any matching pants.

A couple of vests for you. We have the Red Linen Vest, Green Woolen Vest, and in light brown the Foreman Vest.

These are some miscellaneous pieces without a set. In purple, the Soulcloth Vest. And next to it is the only cloth harness, the Witch Doctor’s Beads.

Next we have robes, robes, and even more robes!

Here are some robes that will give you the more tribal or rustic look. Great for those beginner magic users who don’t have a whole lot of disposable income.
Coming in some very vibrant colors, we the Aboriginal Robe on the left, and the Barbaric Cloth Robe on the right.

This one looks like something that a druid would wear. Gives you almost maximum torso exposure. In green, the Beaded Robe. In light tan, the Ancestral Robe. Lastly, in dark blue, the Mystic’s Robe.

These 2 robes give you a nice rustic look. Though a bit more modest than the previous ones, you still get no sleeves and a deep V-Neck. Comes in light brown, Resilient Robe. As well as a dark reddish brown color with the Thistlefur Robe.

I’m pretty sure these are just straight up dresses. But they don’t have sleeves and some in some very vibrant colors. Eye-catching for sure. We have the pink Vestments of the Shifting Sand, the cyan Robes of the Guardian Saint, the yellow Robes of the Battleguard, and the green Robes of the Triumvirate.

Speaking of dresses… This is the Astralaan Robe. Cuts out the sleeves of the shoulder area, so gives a semi-sleeveless look. Also turns you into a pretty pretty princess.

This robe will leave the sides of your entire upper half exposed to the winds. Comes in red Embersilk Robes, orange Silksand Wraps, blue Sage’s Robe, indigo Raincaller Robes, and in green Vital Raiment.

These robes follow a similar principle of leaving your upper half’s sides exposed. The human has on the Brightcloth Robes. Our Goblin wears the red Sanguine Robe. In purple there’s the Darkmist Wraps.

Here’s a cool robe for you. Has an almost Egyptian style look. Leaves a large portion of your backside exposed, in addition to showing a lot of your frontside off. Left to right, it’s the Windchaser Robes, Gaea’s Raiment, and the Highborne Robes.

The robe from this set is sleeveless with armbands. The texture makes it almost look like plate armor. Left to right is Moonshroud, Ebonweave, Spellweave, Robes of Hoarse Breaths, and the Chronoscryer Robe.

These robes share a similar model but with very different looks. In red, we have the more ornate looking Ritual Shroud. Next the rugged looking Stonecloth Regalia. And on the right is the unique Nethekurse’s Robe of Contempt from a warlock set.

With this robe, you may as well not be wearing a shirt at all. It’s a questing set that comes in 3 colors. In Green, in blue, and the Tauren has on sort of a dark turquoise version.

Here’s another questing set with robes that give you a nice midriff view with sort of a rustic look. Left to right we have the Ravendown Regalia in dark green. The Windswept Regalia in red. And the Sunscryer Regalia in a very dark blue.

Looking for another skimpy robe? Try on the Shadowmoon Regalia. The robe on this one gives you some great side exposure. Looks comfy to wear as well.

The robes on set are sleeveless with upper arm bands. All of them have a cool looking metallic texture. This legion questing gear comes in blue, green, red, and all metallic with purple.

The Zandalar questing cloth gear has a nice ring of exposure all the way around your upper torso. From left to right the recolors are the Loa Speaker Recolor, Lastwind Recolor, and the Zanchuli Recolor.

Yarrrr Har! Shiver Me Timbers! Here’s a piratey set with a very deep v-neck for some good chest exposure. The Kul’Tiran pirate is sporting the Buccaneer’s Regalia. Our little Vulpera vandal has on the sleeveless blue Azure Regalia. The human has on the sleeveless red Crimson Regalia. The orc has a sleeved red version of the shirt with the Corsair’s Overshirt.

Couple of covenant cloth sets in Shadowlands you may want to get your hands on.

The Necrolord cloth set has a decent sleeveless shirt with some arm bands. All in dark colors fitting of Maldraxus. Going from left to right. There is the campaign set Bladesworn Conjurer’s. From the Abomination Factory minigame you get the greenish Stitched Conjurer’s Set. The Duty-Bound Conjurer’s Set also comes from there. Finally, from the renown quartermaster, the Prime Conjurer’s Set.

The Night Fae cloth set is also sleeveless but with no armbands and more of a brighter look than Maldraxus. In blue there’s the Faewoven Set from the campaign. The purple Night Courtier Set comes from the renown quartermaster. Though the orc is wearing the robe version of the set, all sets do have both a pants and robe version for each color. The green Conservator’s Regalia can be obtained through the Queen’s Conservatory. The final set in silvery blue is the Winterborn Regalia from the Court of Night subfaction.


Here’s some stuff that any class can wear, regardless of their armor type. Mostly holiday clothes and shirts.

We’ll go ahead an get the shirts out of the way. Thanks to the new transmog system, you’re now able to hide chest pieces and show off some of these lovely pieces of clothing.

First up, here’s some pirate shirts featuring a nice deep v-neck. They come in white, black, and red.

Here’s a couple of vests. On the left is Selis’s Silk Shirt. And on the right with some armbands added is the Neophyte’s Shirt.

Here’s a wide assortment of sleeveless shirts with all kinds of different designs. The human has on the dapper looking Sleeveless T-Shirt, inspected by Earl Z. Moade of course. In bright yellow is the Bold Yellow Shirt. The orc is wearing the Deckhand’s Shirt, featuring some mesh fabric around the middle area that does show a little skin. Tough guys wear pink, gain Precious’s affection with Precious’ Ribbon. If you’ve got some style, try on the Fashionable Undershirt in green.

This one isn’t even a shirt at but rather your shirtless body with some bandages wrapped around it. The clean looking one is the Wound Dressing, while the bloodied one is the Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing.

Lastly, on shirts, here’s a wide collection of shirts from the Brawler’s Guild that fit the skimpy criteria. I’ll start left to right then hit the bottom row. Having a green mail armor texture, the Brucehide Jersey shows off the midriff. The goblin is wearing the Boomshirt, which has sort of an overalls look to it. The human has on the Last Season’s Shirt with an almost completely open vest look. The worgen is wearing the sleeveless Hide of the Murderaffe. The sleeveless Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler feature some nice bloody bandages on the arms for that Bad-A gentleman look. If you like the color black, put on the sleeveless Undisputed Champion’s Shirt. Last, but not least, we have a nice revealing harness with the Croc-Tooth Harness.

Now that the shirts are out of the way, now onto some actual cosmetic sets and pieces.

On the subject of the Brawler’s Guild, here’s an entire set. Features torn pants that go above the knees as well as some mesh in the sleeves. There’s an Alliance version. And the Horde version.

Here’s all the holiday pieces. Transmogification limited to their appropriate holiday of course.

Firstly, the Brewfest clothes. The Brewfest Regalia features some nice short shorts. Or could equip the Brewfest Dress if you want to.

This one is just a straight up dress. Features some good belly exposure with it’s heart-shaped hole. If you’re more in touch with your feminine side, it comes in four colors. Lovely Black, Lovely Blue, Lovely Purple, and Lovely Red.

The Spring Robes feature a nice tribal-looking robe and leaves a lot of your upper half exposed.

Enjoy summer time with this sleeveless robe. It’s the Midsummer Reveler Set.

This set is Horde only. It’s the Ogrimmar Set. Has the fuzzy short shorts. And thick harness for the chest area. Lot’s of great exposure. Sorry Alliance.

Finishing off the guide, here are some notably skimpy heritage armor sets. Of course they are limited to their respective race.

Starting off the Horde races. We have the Mag’Har Orc Heritage Armor. Comes in 3 colorations, but all share the same model. The main feature being the nice X-Shaped harness that leaves a lot of the upper body exposed. From left to right we have the Blackrock Recolor, Warsong Recolor, and the Frostwolf Recolor.

Both of the Tauren races made out like bandits when it comes to skimpy heritage armor. The Highmountain Tauren Heritage Armor features some great looking shorty shorts. And the chest piece is a revealing harness with big totems strapped to the back.

The regular Tauren get the Ancestral Chieftain Heritage Armor. And this set is fantastic! The leg piece is literally just a loincloth. Doesn’t get much better than that. Their upper bodies are left very much exposed as well with an almost shirtless look. Those Tauren really know how to skimp out!

The little foxy Vulpera get a set with a mostly shirtless look. It’s the Vulpera Heritage Armor. No more than a piece of cloth wrapped over 1 shoulder and under the other.

The Zandalari Trolls also get a very nice set with their Zandalari Troll Heritage Armor. Their pants are nice and very short. While the chestpiece is almost no more than a large necklace, leaving lot’s of good upper body exposure.

Last on the team Horde, the Goblins get an honorable mention with their sleeveless state-of-the-art X-52 Goblin Heritage Armor.

When it comes to revealing heritage armor, the Alliance got pretty skimped (no pun intended). But there’s still something at least.

The Void Elves pretty much get to go shirtless with their Ren’dorei Heritage Armor

If you want to get technical, the legs on the Mechagnome Heritage Armor are literally just a metal crotch plate. But, then again, anything in the leg slots for Mechagnomes is just a crotch plate.

Patch 9.1 brought us some cosemetic Covenant sets of note.

Finally a truly skimpy set in Shadowlands. This cosemetic set from Kyrian covenenant rewards is simply great. Features a toga-like design, with lots of leg showing and no sleeves. Perfect for the ancient greek or angelic look. We have the Aspiring Aspirant’s Regalia in white. The Devoted Aspirant’s Regalia in a bluish white. And the Battlefield Messenger’s Regalia comes in a very pale green. Finally in black there’s the Foresworn Aspirant’s Regalia from quests in Korthia.

There is also a robe version of this cosemetic set for all recolors as well.

The Night Fae bring in a nice sleevess tunic with a lovely belly window. There is the silvery Garb of Pure Spirit. Garb of the Azure Dusk comes in a nice blue. You can get the Garb of Fall’s Promise in green. Lastly there is the Garb of the Twilight Grove in purple from certain Korthia quests.

The Venthyr are a bit more modest than the other Covenants here. But with this set, they are going sleeveless! From left to right is: Sinful Inquistor’s Vestments), Court Inquisitor’s Vestments, Renathal’s Field Inquisitor Vestments, and finally the Redeemed Inquisitor Vestments.

If I missed anything, feel free to let me know. Hope everyone enjoys!

Heavily inspired by Lull’s guide HERE. Consider this guide to be the male version of that guide.

Happy Transmog Hunting!

EDIT: Finally updated for 9.1


Yay for Mankinis! :kissing_heart:


Great job on the guide! Thanks for the work you put into it.

I don’t have many male toons, but more options for transmog is always welcome.

Though I do have my Zandalari Troll Druid as uncovered as I could get him. Who needs all those pesky clothes in the way when you are trying to shift, lol. Plus it just seems to fit his primal nature better.

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Just wanted to add, not sure if it’s mentioned in any of the sets, but there are a few belts that make amazing pseudo Codpieces.

Demonbuckle Sash of Argus with nothing but a Loincloth underneath, Ooh la la!


You got my favorite Battle Seeker Chestguard, but not the

that are even more revealing than the top. Awesome guide–thanks!


Very good find! Went ahead and added it to the guide along with a few others i missed in the Leather and Mail sections. Thank you for your contribution. :smiley:

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Thank you for that. I think I need to get my night elf some ceremonial leather garb…

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It’s a MUST have leather set. :wink:

Finally updated the guide to include Shadowlands sets. Should be up to date as of 9.1

If I missed anything, feel free to left me know. Otherwise enjoy!

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