More Changes Due to Lawsuit

Good. We don’t need another billion people on earth. Abort early. Abort often.


Of course you were reported. No one wants to hear facts that are unpleasant. Better to just call you a bigot and flag, am I right?

If that is true, why did you report the post?

Who said I did ya little green eyed sissy Mary? Shouldn’t you be preparing for some shirtless all male rave or something?

Well, now all doubt is gone.

And for male characters:


I’ll riot if that happens.

The removed references they speak of though, so far it is changing items and NPCs named for Alex Afrasiabi into things not honoring him.

I’m still keeping an eye on my beloved Armorkinis, but I don’t really think they will be altering those appearances.


I can’t believe they’re going to take the pandering not only in game but retroactively applying it to WoW classic. They didn’t even make classic, many of us are playing it largely because of that. Not everyone is American, bringing their politics into classic will kill it for me. If I wanted that I’d play retail.


Ask the feminists.

On topic, and I will say this as someone who vehemently opposes all groups of mentally ill sjw’s out there, I have always been greatly annoyed by the concept of impractical armor in every single game I have played.

But we all knew Blizz would go out of its way to try and virtue signal to the aforementioned groups of mentally ill people after what happened; it’s California, after all.


no, then we’d be pretty and pretty females are apparently unrealistic (pretty guys though, is okay. hehe)

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I agree. Exalted rep should reward a banana hammock.

Exactly, what is this joke.

Dang, wish I was one of the lucky ones. Instead I was born into this nightmarish capitalist dystopian hellscape filled to the brim with religious and/or misogynstic buttholes like yourself. Sucks to suck man.


She’s not gonna see this, man.

Turn off Fox News. Go outside.


Out of touch boomer for $600 please

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Hopefully the white supremacist dog whistle “Sneed” will be taken out of Dead Mines. I start tearing up every time I see him.

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Johnny, tell the man what he’s won!


I don’t listen to the biased news media, I leave that to people like you.