Best class for most xmog choice?

Was curious which class would provide me with the most options as far as xmog choice? I’ve heard warriors can xmog a good amt? Any other classes? Going to make a sexy female Draenei and wanna be able to mog as much as possible.

Each class has it’s own advantages in the “sexy” arena, although plate and cloth wearers seem to have the most options, at least as far as I can tell…

If you are looking specifically for the sexy gear for your new Draenei, I did up a visual list of all the Armorkinis and skimpy wear.

You can browse the transmog options there, and pick an armor type that appeals to you the most for easy alt class choosing. :slight_smile:


For males, leather wearers can look very sexy :smirk:

Plate hands down. Clothes have some good options, but robes overall look pretty bad imo. I always prefer “shirts” that allow a full tabard and to see the legs.

My choice is either going to be a Warrior or Mage. Just have to decide which I want to play lol.

Both have some good mogs, depends on the race though.

Example, trying to find a helmet for Worgen is like trying to pull teeth with the screen door and fishing line. You can do it, but it’s way more effort than it’s worth.

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Was going with female Draenei for sure.

You’re in luck then, they look good in both.

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The correct answer is Human Male Paladin.

Meh, I can make anything work, it’s my curse.

Warriors have the most options because of weapons, they are the class that can use the most weapon types. So if you want a class that you can use to farm the most amount of transmog then Warriors are the best. Second best is Hunters in that regard.

As for actual sexy armour, they are no different from the other two plate clases.

Mage & Paladin.

I’d say Mage over Paladin tbh, Mage has a stupid amount of good T-mog.

Edit: Shaman & Priest are good picks as well. Priest especially.

Warning, if anyone says Hunter they are trolling. :slightly_smiling_face:

Up to your preference. Some races look better in certain gear in others (Taurens and KTs look great in mail/plate but poo in cloth)

Excuse you. I look amazing.

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Maybe so… but are you using any of the Hunter tier sets?

No, your using the Nelf inspired Aspirant set. Which is 10x better then most of the hunter tier sets.

Which is quite sad tbh… :pensive: Blizzard doing the hunters dirty. Even Shamans have better T-mog and they share a good portion of sets as well. :sob:

Let’s be honest shaman has the best. Plate is… ok I guess but shaman always look great

Hunter armor look amazing on female dwarves, i would show you mine but i made hallow’s end costume transmogs for my chatacters and she’s dressed as a robot right now :rofl:

Don’t worry, they can look at me instead. Though, guess I don’t wear any old class sets.

Oh well, don’t t-mog a hunter anyway. We can’t use weapon enchant transmogs. Lame.

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Warlock without a blink.