Lack of Male Plate - Slutmog

I have an idea, a bright colored neon male thong cosmetic :drooling_face::underage:


What do you expect, a chainmail Bikini?!?

i beg to differ. there’s like, three leggings, and a couple of chests and that’s it. and nothing close to recently updated, they are all the flat, pixelated, gross textures of vanilla and tbc gear. cenarion thicket legplates, the tyrants legguards, and the warriors embrace from sunken temple are the main ones off the top of my head. they’re all so lo-res it’s just gaudy and gross.

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something along the lines of the ultra skimpy top and loincloth worn by the cat druid in the original wow trailer would be pretty cool, and they could just leave the top off for males. and it could be adapted for cloth, leather, mail, or plate, quite easily.

i spent the entire duration of my time in legion with my face glued to illidan’s chest. he asked me if i needed anything but i told him im just looking

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I think we should get a replica of Sting’s winged speedo from Dune.


Oh hey! That really old bikini thread I linked you a bit ago? I went and did up a new version here, if you’d like to give it a browse. :slight_smile:

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If you charge into battle with a plate bikini on your man fur may get singed if you stand in fire.

Real men go shirtless.


Maybe if you weren’t a plate class. Your best option is just hide chest and use a shirt instead.

I’m an advocate for seeing more near naked men out there bashing each others brains out. Blizz, lets get on this, snap snap.


… that’s nothing to say that male characters have the option to wear the following:

  • Have the option to hide literally every single gear slot with the "Emperor’s New " glamour pieces that actually do hide it all. Weapons can be toggled to be hidden when sheathed as well.
  • Leopard print speedos, which is skimpier than the default underpants.
  • Playboy bunny outfit (originally female only, changed a few patches ago)
  • 2B’s outfit from Nier Automata (added with the patch today… let’s just say it’s a dress with a VERY short skirt).

Yes, I said MALE characters.

… and if I’m being honest, it sits somewhere between absolutely hilarious and utterly horrifying.

Then there’s this guy

I’m genuinely not sure if the WoW community could handle it.


Oooo awesome thanks for the ideas!

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Godbert is human perfection and would solo the Legion no sweat.

Excuse you.


This whole thread is filled with heresy. Trust me, my male human paladin senses were tingling.

This is a good thing considering what the male models look like in this game.

I try to include more women in the bashing.

You know, more inclusion kinda thing.