Skimpy male armor in plate? Human or Draenei males?

So I love the warbear woolies and “thunderlords leggings” for leather.

Is there anything like that for plate?

I want to be the skimpy armor wearing paladin buff beast. Shame Kul’Tiran can’t be paladins so Drainei will need to do.

Or I heard male Tauren get literal thongs, but I can’t find that either.



I feel blind, I literally don’t see anything that is a thong for males :S

I opened them all in the model viewer and it’s so bad…

I know these pants are pretty revealing on males.

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Gaze upon my beauty…


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Here is the visual Gent’s Mankini guide.

Or, if it is easier, I have a short list of the skimpiest of male pants in this link here.

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Woot woot thanks :smiley:

Oh Draenei men will due just fine >.0